Galakrond, the Unspeakable

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Galakrond, the Unspeakable is a legendary priest hero card, from the Descent of Dragons set.

How to get

The Regular copy of Galakrond, the Unspeakable is uncraftable. It has special unlock requirements and cannot be crafted, disenchanted, or opened from card packs:
CraftingCraft a Golden copy for 3200 Dust.pngGolden1
Custom Own a Descent of Dragons pack and go to the Open Packs menu starting from December 5, 2019.[2]Regular 1

Ban lists

Galakrond, the Unspeakable is in these ban lists:

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Play▶️I am beyond imagination! Succumb to madness.
Play stinger▶️<music stinger>
Attack▶️<attack sound>
Death▶️<death sound>
Thinking▶️<VO sound>
Thinking▶️What if...
Almost out of cards▶️I am running out of cards.
Out of cards▶️I am out of cards!
Error: Need a weapon▶️I need a weapon. Or claws.
Error: Not enough mana▶️I need more Mana for that.
Error: Minion exhausted▶️That minion already attacked.
Error: Hero already attacked▶️I cannot attack again.
Error: Minion not ready▶️Give that weakling a turn to get ready.
Error: Hand already full▶️I have too many cards.
Error: Too many minions▶️My board is too full.
Error: Can't target Stealthed minion▶️That minion has Stealth.
Error: Can't play that card▶️I cannot do that.
Error: Not a valid target▶️I cannot target that.
Error: Must attack Taunt minion▶️I must attack the minion with Taunt.
Error: Generic▶️That is impossible.
Emote: Greetings [Lunar New Year]▶️Happy New Year.
Emote: Greetings [Holidays]▶️Happy Feast of Winter Veil...
Emote: Greetings [Happy New Year]▶️Happy New Year.
Emote: Greetings [Fire Festival]▶️Fireworks. I love those...
Unused: Greetings [Pirate Day]▶️Yarr! Galakrond be raidin' the skies.
Emote: Greetings [Happy Halloween]▶️Hallow's End... My favorite.
Emote: Greetings [Happy Noblegarden]▶️Noblegarden... I detest it.
Emote: Greetings▶️I see you...
Emote: Well Played▶️I approve of this insanity.
Emote: Oops▶️Oh, the horror...
Emote: Threaten▶️Your mind falters...
Emote: Thanks▶️Your madness... is pleasing.
Unused: Sorry▶️Sorry. What was I thinking?
Concede▶️I give up. Enjoy the silence.
Start▶️The whispers... They speak to me!
Running out of time▶️What? Time is running out!
Selection in Choose Your Hero▶️Turn their world to madness!
Start [Mirror]▶️...and ME alone!
Emote: Wow▶️That was... imaginative!
Emote: Greetings [Mirror]▶️Who said I was hiding?


Warcraft Wiki icon.pngThis section uses content from the Warcraft Wiki.

Galakrond was a massive proto-dragon, who is known as the "progenitor of dragonkind". He was a threat which five proto-dragons of varying colors united against. It is said that from him the Titans created the Aspects, but this is a rumor the Aspects actively encouraged so as to keep the truth about Galakrond a secret from the dragonflights.

His size alone was greater than all of the Aspects combined, large enough that the only possible being Galakrond could be compared to was himself. His roar could be heard from miles around, and the flap of his wings generated powerful wind. As he continued to consume the life-energies of his fellow proto-dragons, Galakrond grew hideous mutations all over his body (such as limbs and even eyes) and his skin started to decay, almost as if he had become an undead like his victims. Galakrond was not always this large and he used to have a smoother, more streamlined appearance. His mutations were caused by cannibalizing on other proto-dragons, and as a by-product of his absorption of the proto-dragons' life essence his victims came back as undead, called the not-living.

This version of Galakrond is one of five forms he takes in Descent of Dragons, each catering to a League of E.V.I.L. member. This version was reanimated by  Madame Lazul and the power of the Old Gods. Thus, Galakrond the Unspeakable is covered with the tentacles and additional eyes that signify their corruptive influence.

His other forms are as follows:


  • Galakrond the Unspeakable's title may be a reference to one of the old gods from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, Hastur the Unspeakable.



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