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You might be looking for one of these cards: Charge (Classic), Charge (Puzzle Lab).

Charge is a free warrior spell card, from the Legacy set.

Other versions

How to get

The Regular and Golden copies of Charge are uncraftable. They have special unlock requirements and cannot be crafted, disenchanted, or opened from card packs:
LegacyUnlock Wild formatRegular, Golden2

Previous availability

Charge used to be obtainable through these means.

Custom Level up warrior to 23 until March 30, 2021.Golden 1
Custom Level up warrior to 26 until March 30, 2021.Golden 1
Custom Unlock warrior until March 30, 2021.Regular 2


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  • The entire enchantment is permanent and remains after the first turn in play.
Example: If the affected minion is copied by  Faceless Manipulator on a later turn, the full enchantment is copied, allowing the copy to attack on its first turn in play.[1][2]


Charge saw various incarnations over the course of the game's alpha and beta. Its earliest known form had the text "Give your minions Charge this turn." and cost 0 mana. This version saw many players using it as a one turn kill combo on later turns: they would play several high-Attack minions from the hand, followed by a 0-mana Charge, allowing for huge amounts of face damage in a single turn. In this respect it was similar to the version of  Unleash the Hounds in play at that time (1 mana, "Give your Beasts +1 Attack and Charge."), which was changed around a month before Charge.

This version of the card not only proved highly frustrating for opponents but ran contrary to the developers' intentions for interactive gameplay, and was changed shortly before the game's full release to read "Give a friendly minion +2 Attack and Charge", and its cost increased to 3. Despite its potential for finisher combos, this new version saw very little play in most game modes, save for one-turn kill combos such as the infamous "OTK Worgen" deck.

In October 2016 the card was changed again, reducing its cost to 1 and giving it the new text "Give a friendly minion Charge. It can't attack heroes this turn." This change finally provided a solution to the developers' concerns around the card's ability to grant Charge, and was one of the last stages of their previously announced plan to reduce the presence of effects that granted Charge, as seen with the earlier nerf to  Warsong Commander (previously granting Charge to any friendly minion with 3 or less Attack). The new version's restrictions prevented it from being used for finishing combos, thus opening design space for future cards, while still retaining the card's core design.

While relevant to numerous subsequent releases, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan's Grimy Goons theme of buffing cards in the player's hand was later cited by Ben Brode as a reason for changing Charge.[3]

With the introduction of the Core and Legacy sets, Charge was changed again, reverted back to the version seen in October 2016. With the high power level of Wild format and the ability to freely remove or reintroduce the card in Standard as the card pool allowed, the original effect would no longer be an issue.


Charge is an early ability learned by warriors in World of Warcraft. It allows the warrior to quickly dash to their target and root it while also gaining Rage to fuel further attacks.


  • The artwork for this card comes from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game "Heroes of Azeroth" series, for the card Charge.
  • This spell's effect from late 2016 to early 2021 was nearly identical to the Rush keyword, which was introduced on certain cards in The Witchwood.
  • Charge was removed for selection in Arena on September 15, 2016[4] but was reinstated on December 9, 2018.[5]


Patch changes

  • Forged in the Barrens logo.pngPatch (2021-03-25):
  • Rastakhan's Rumble logo.png Patch (2018-12-19):
    • No longer banned from Arena drafting.
  • One Night in Karazhan logo full2.png Patch (2016-10-03):
    • Now reads: "Give a friendly minion Charge. It can't attack heroes this turn." (previously: "Give a friendly minion +2 Attack and Charge.")
    • Now costs 1 (Down from 3).
  • One Night in Karazhan logo full2.png Patch (2016-09-15):
    • Banned from Arena drafting.
  • Hearthstone logo.png Patch (Closed beta, 2014-1-16):
    • Now reads: "Give a friendly minion +2 Attack and Charge." (previously: "Give a friendly minion Charge.")
  • Hearthstone logo.png Patch (Closed beta, 2013-12-10):
    • Golden card unlock requirement is now: "Unlocked at Level 23." (previously: "Unlocked at Level 24.").
  • Hearthstone logo.png Patch (Closed beta, 2013-10-02):
    • Flavor text now reads: ""Guys! Guys! Slow down!" - some kind of non-warrior minion" (previously: no flavor text).
    • Unlock requirement is now: "Unlocked at Level 1." (previously: no special unlock requirement).
    • Golden card unlock requirement is now: "Unlocked at Level 24." (previously: no special unlock requirement).
  • Hearthstone logo.png Patch (Alpha, April or May 2013):
    • Added.
    • Now reads: "Give a friendly minion Charge." (previously: "Give your minions Charge this turn.")
  • Hearthstone logo.png Alpha patch (unknown date, pre-May 2013):
    • Now costs 3 (Up from 0).[6][7]


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