Grand Archivist

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Grand Archivist is an epic neutral minion card, from the Kobolds & Catacombs set.

How to get

Card packsThe Regular version can be opened from any of these packs:

Kobolds & Catacombs
Regular1~2 (random)
Card packsThe Golden version can be opened from any of these packs:

Kobolds & Catacombs
Golden Wild
Golden1~2 (random)
CraftingCraft a Regular copy for 400 Dust.pngRegular1
CraftingCraft a Golden copy for 1600 Dust.pngGolden1


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  • The spell chosen by this minion will be cast and then removed from the deck. It works similarly to put into battlefield effects that target minions in your deck, such as Recruit.
  • Grand Archivist only selects a spell that meets all preconditions for casting it (for example,  Mind Control will only be cast if the enemy controls a minion and your side of the board is not full). If there are no valid spells in the deck that can be cast at the time the effect triggers, nothing will happen.
  • When an unidentified spell (i.e.  Unidentified Elixir,  Unidentified Shield) is cast, it will only activate the base effect.
  • Spells that involve a choice, such as Discover effects, will choose a random option.
  • Eligible targets for spells that target a minion include the Grand Archivist himself.


  • ▶️ VO_LOOT_414_Male_Kobold_Play_01.wav Oh, what's this one do!
  • ▶️ VO_LOOT_414_Male_Kobold_Trigger_03.wav I try this.
  • ▶️ VO_LOOT_414_Male_Kobold_Attack_01.wav Fireball!
  • ▶️ VO_LOOT_414_Male_Kobold_Death_01.wav <death sound>


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