Flint Firearm

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Flint Firearm is a legendary neutral minion card, from the Showdown in the Badlands set.

How to get

Card packsThe Regular version can be opened from any of these packs:

Showdown in the Badlands
Whizbang's Workshop Catch-up
Regular1 (random)
Card packsThe Golden version can be opened from any of these packs:

Golden Standard
Showdown in the Badlands
Golden Showdown in the Badlands
Golden1 (random)
CraftingCraft a Regular copy for 1600 Dust.pngRegular1
CraftingCraft a Golden copy for 3200 Dust.pngGolden1
RunComplete an Arena run.Regular1 (random)

Previous availability

Flint Firearm used to be obtainable through these means.

Bundle Buy the Diamond Flint Firearm Bundle (Rank 1 of 2) in the Shop from November 14, 2023 until December 5, 2023 for $49.99 or 5000 Runestone.pngRunestones.Diamond 1

Generated cards

Flint Firearm uses these card pools to generate cards:


  • ▶️ VO_WW_379_FlintFirearm_Goblin_Emote_Play_01.wav Time to light a fire under this town.
  • ▶️ WW_379_FlintFirearm_Stinger.wav <music stinger>
  • ▶️ VO_WW_379_FlintFirearm_Goblin_Emote_Attack_01.wav Hot dang!
  • ▶️ Wildfire_FireBoosh_sound.wav <underlay sound>
  • ▶️ VO_WW_379_FlintFirearm_Goblin_Emote_Death_01.wav <death sound>


Flint Firearm is original to Hearthstone.


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