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Signature  Void Virtuoso, featuring unique art.

Signature is a special quality of cards, rarer than golden cards but more common than diamond cards. Signature cards can be of any rarity, and card sets starting with March of the Lich King usually feature multiple signature cards.

Like diamond and golden cards, signature cards are purely aesthetic, and there is no difference in gameplay or behaviour on the battlefield, and signature cards do not allow you to circumvent the 2-per-deck (1-per-deck for legendaries) card restriction.

Signature cards feature different artwork compared to their regular versions along with unique color hues or art themes. There are also 3 unique borders: one for March of the Lich King, one for all signature cards released during the Year of the Wolf, and one for all signature cards released from the Year of the Pegasus onwards. Signature cards are also animated like golden cards, with the exception of the signature cards from March of the Lich King.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Signature cards from Festival of Legends onwards do not feature card text on the card itself
  • Signature cards are uncraftable: They cannot be crafted but can be disenchanted for the same arcane dust amounts as golden cards.[1][2]
  • Because signature cards do not display their usual class colors, they feature an additional ribbon at the bottom bearing the color of the card's class.
  • Signature cards do not feature the expansion watermark.
  • Signature cards that generate cards can only generate signature cards if they have it, otherwise they only generate golden versions of them.
  • In card packs, signature cards only replace regular common cards, which means they do not take the place of a potential golden card. This also effectively increases the rate of legendary cards in card packs compared to before their addition.[3]
  • From Festival of Legends onwards:
    • A signature card's rarity is displayed as a gem on the top of the card.
    • The card text and minion type of a signature minion are displayed as a tooltip when hovering over the card.

How to get[edit | edit source]

All signature cards are uncraftable, but have a variety of ways to earn them:[4]

  • Signature legendary cards can be opened in card packs from expansions with signature cards, Standard and golden Standard packs, as well as class packs[5] at the same rate as golden legendaries (see Card pack statistics).
  • Event Tracks or Rewards Tracks may contain non-legendary signature cards of varying rarities.[6]
  • Signature Golden card packs, which were only used for March of the Lich King, could contain signature legendary cards at an increased rate of a 15.1% chance to get a signature legendary card[7].

List of cards with signature versions[edit | edit source]

As of, there are a total of 114 cards that have obtainable signature versions. Below is the list of Signature cards, separated by card set.

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EX1 573 Premium3.png
EX1 383 Premium3.png
Curse of Naxxramas
Curse of Naxxramas
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FP1 009 Premium3.png
FP1 030 Premium3.png
Goblins vs Gnomes
Goblins vs Gnomes
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GVG 085 Premium3.png
The League of Explorers
The League of Explorers
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LOE 076 Premium3.png
LOE 077 Premium3.png
LOE 079 Premium3.png
LOE 011 Premium3.png
Whispers of the Old Gods
Whispers of the Old Gods
Swipe left or right to see the cards.
OG 312 Premium3.png
OG 280 Premium3.png
OG 133 Premium3.png
OG 042 Premium3.png
OG 134 Premium3.png
Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
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CFM 637 Premium3.png
CFM 621 Premium3.png
CFM 685 Premium3.png
CFM 902 Premium3.png
The Witchwood
The Witchwood
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GIL 692 Premium3.png
GIL 826 Premium3.png
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CS2 235 Premium3.png
TOY 102 Premium3.png
TOY 101 Premium3.png
TOY 103 Premium3.png
TOY 100 Premium3.png
LEG RLK 085 Premium3.png
Swipe left or right to see the cards.
CORE GVG 085 Premium3.png
CORE TOY 102 Premium3.png
CORE TOY 101 Premium3.png
CORE TOY 103 Premium3.png
CORE GIL 692 Premium3.png
CORE TOY 100 Premium3.png
CORE EX1 573 Premium3.png
CORE EX1 383 Premium3.png
CORE GIL 826 Premium3.png
Path of Arthas
Path of Arthas
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RLK 713 Premium3.png
March of the Lich King
March of the Lich King
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RLK 924 Premium3.png
RLK 572 Premium3.png
RLK 542 Premium3.png
RLK 608 Premium3.png
RLK 820 Premium3.png
RLK 215 Premium3.png
RLK 832 Premium3.png
RLK 653 Premium3.png
RLK 029 Premium3.png
RLK 706 Premium3.png
RLK 539 Premium3.png
RLK 593 Premium3.png
RLK 659 Premium3.png
RLK 592 Premium3.png
RLK 803 Premium3.png
RLK 913 Premium3.png
Festival of Legends
Festival of Legends
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ETC 081 Premium3.png
ETC 103 Premium3.png
ETC 410 Premium3.png
ETC 101 Premium3.png
ETC 339 Premium3.png
ETC 121 Premium3.png
ETC 371 Premium3.png
ETC 329 Premium3.png
ETC 078 Premium3.png
ETC 836 Premium3.png
ETC 386 Premium3.png
ETC 409 Premium3.png
ETC 541 Premium3.png
ETC 526 Premium3.png
ETC 395 Premium3.png
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TTN 920 Premium3.png
TTN 754 Premium3.png
TTN 835 Premium3.png
TTN 713 Premium3.png
TTN 907 Premium3.png
TTN 842 Premium3.png
TTN 487 Premium3.png
TTN 466 Premium3.png
TTN 481 Premium3.png
TTN 071 Premium3.png
TTN 857 Premium3.png
TTN 940 Premium3.png
TTN 752 Premium3.png
TTN 462 Premium3.png
TTN 811 Premium3.png
Showdown in the Badlands
Showdown in the Badlands
Swipe left or right to see the cards.
WW 333 Premium3.png
WW 001 Premium3.png
WW 324 Premium3.png
WW 399 Premium3.png
WW 394 Premium3.png
WW 337 Premium3.png
WW 417 Premium3.png
WW 091 Premium3.png
WW 359 Premium3.png
WW 375 Premium3.png
WW 430 Premium3.png
WW 815 Premium3.png
WW 401 Premium3.png
WW 415 Premium3.png
WW 026 Premium3.png
WW 825 Premium3.png
WW 382 Premium3.png
WW 373 Premium3.png
Whizbang's Workshop
Whizbang's Workshop
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TOY 866 Premium3.png
TOY 821 Premium3.png
TOY 913 Premium3.png
TOY 504 Premium3.png
TOY 651 Premium3.png
TOY 515 Premium3.png
TOY 376 Premium3.png
TOY 524 Premium3.png
TOY 355 Premium3.png
TOY 383 Premium3.png
TOY 806 Premium3.png
TOY 531 Premium3.png
TOY 812 Premium3.png
TOY 356 Premium3.png

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