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You might be looking for one of these cards: Battlegrounds/Snake Trap, Snake Trap (Classic), Snake Trap (Core).

Snake Trap is an epic hunter spell card, from the Legacy set.

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Card packsThe Regular version can be opened from any of these packs:

Regular1~2 (random)
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CraftingCraft a Regular copy for 400 Dust.pngRegular1
CraftingCraft a Golden copy for 1600 Dust.pngGolden1

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  • Each player can only have 7 minions on their side of the battlefield at any time. If this Secret tries to summon Snakes beyond this limit, any excess Snakes will be lost. It will not trigger if the board is full.[1]
  • Snake Trap triggers on the same step in the attack sequence as  Freezing Trap,  Misdirection,  Explosive Trap, Forgetful effects, and several other Secrets. Therefore, all such effects occur in order of play.
    • For instance, if Snake Trap is played before Freezing Trap, its Snakes will be created first and may activate a  Knife Juggler which kills the attacker, preventing Freezing Trap from activating after all.[2]
  • Unlike Misdirection and Freezing Trap, Snake Trap will activate normally even if the attacker is neutralized by another effect before Snake Trap activates.
    • For instance, if Snake Trap is played after Freezing Trap, an attacker might be returned to the hand but still cause the snakes to be summoned. If those snakes trigger a Knife Juggler, the knives cannot hit the returned attacker.


Snake Trap is a glyphed hunter ability which places a trap at the target location. When triggered, it releases several venomous snakes which will move toward and attack nearby targets, applying a Crippling Poison that reduces movement speed. The snakes last for up to 15 seconds before expiring.



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