Gul'dan's Gift

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You might be looking for one of these cards: Gul'dan's Gift (Core).

Gul'dan's Gift is a rare warlock spell card, from the Event set.

Other versions

How to get

The Regular and Golden copies of Gul'dan's Gift are uncraftable. They have special unlock requirements and cannot be crafted, disenchanted, or opened from card packs:
Custom Own a Whizbang's Workshop pack and go to the Open Packs menu starting from June 17, 2024.Regular 1

Previous availability

Gul'dan's Gift used to be obtainable through these means.

Event Track Hearthstone 10 Year Anniversary Free Track, level 5
(from May 21, 2024 until June 11, 2024).
Golden 2
Custom Log in to Hearthstone starting from February 13, 2024 until June 17, 2024.Regular 1

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Patch changes

  • VAC Logo.pngPatch (2024-07-16):
    • Unlock requirement is now: "Earnable after opening a Whizbang's Workshop card pack." (previously: "Unlocked after completing Apprentice.").
    • Now reads: "Discover a Temporary Mortal Coil, Siphon Soul, or Twisting Nether." (previously: "Discover a temporary Mortal Coil, Siphon Soul, or Twisting Nether.")
  • WW Logo Adventure.pngPatch (2024-02-13):
    • Added.

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