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A temporary card is a card that is removed from hand at the end of the turn.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Temporary cards are similar to Echo cards in that they are removed from the player's hand (not discarded) at the end of the player's turn.
    • Though unlike Echo, the temporary effect can be applied to other cards.
  • A temporary card is typically represented with a blue or red glow around the card.
  • No card by itself is temporary, but the wording "temporary" is used for cards that generate other cards to specify that the generated card is removed at the end of the turn.

Cards that make cards temporary[edit | edit source]

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GIFT 12.png
GIFT 04.png
REV 938t.png
GIFT 07.png
GIFT 11.png
GIFT 08.png
GIFT 02.png
GIFT 10.png
GIFT 03.png
TOY 307t.png
GIFT 06.png
DMF 225.png
GIFT 05.png
GIFT 09.png
TTN 742.png
TOY 916.png
TOY 307.png

Patch changes[edit | edit source]