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 Garrosh Hellscream ready to attack using an equipped  Fiery War Axe
For the equip ability, see Equip

Weapons are special cards which can be equipped by heroes. Each weapon has an Attack value and a Durability value. Each hero can only equip one weapon at a time, and equipping a new weapon will destroy the old one. Equipped weapons are displayed to the left of the hero's portrait.

While a weapon is equipped, the hero's Attack will be increased by an amount equal to the weapon's Attack during their turn, and attacking while a weapon is equipped will reduce its Durability by 1. When a weapon's Durability is reduced to zero, the weapon is destroyed. Weapons are the main way of allowing heroes to attack other characters.

Weapons can be equipped in several ways. The main source of weapons is from playing weapon cards. Some spells and minion Battlecries and Deathrattles grant players weapons through the 'equip' ability, as does the rogue Hero Power  Dagger Mastery. As well as equipping weapons, some cards offer weapon synergy, improving or drawing strength from them, or even destroying the enemy's. Pirate cards have a strong weapon theme.

Strategically, weapons are useful for removing enemy minions, as well as dealing damage to the enemy hero. They can be used as tools for board control, or as additional burst damage for reaching lethal. Unlike spells or Hero Powers that grant Attack to the hero, the Attack of weapons persists, allowing the player to pay their Mana cost in advance and benefit from the weapon later, and unlike minions, enemy weapons can only be taken off the board with specific counters such as  Acidic Swamp Ooze.

Notes[edit | edit source]

A sheathed weapon. Note the Durability is still visible.
For information on attacking in general, see Attack.
  • Weapons are only active or 'unsheathed' during the possessing hero's turn.[1] At the end of the possessing hero's turn the weapon is 'sheathed', and covered visually to indicate that it is no longer active. To see the Attack value of a sheathed weapon, mouse over the weapon with the cursor.
  • While a weapon is active, it grants its Attack value to the possessing hero, and the hero is considered to be wielding the weapon. This Attack bonus is lost when the weapon becomes inactive at the end of the possessing hero's turn.
  • If a hero with an active weapon attacks another character, the weapon will lose 1 Durability. However, if a hero with an active weapon is attacked by another character, their weapon will not lose Durability. The latter case generally only occurs through special effects, such as  Misdirection. Inactive weapons are not involved in combat, and will not lose Durability through any kind of combat.
  • Weapons can be destroyed through running out of Durability; being replaced by another weapon; or specific destroy effects like those of  Acidic Swamp Ooze and  Harrison Jones. Regardless of the means, the effect is the same, and any Deathrattles on the weapon will be triggered.
  • As of now, there are no ways to silence weapons or otherwise nullify weapon card text without destroying the weapon outright.
  • Weapons serve to increase the hero's Attack, but this can be increased further through effects such as  Shapeshift and  Heroic Strike. The damage dealt by the hero's attacks is equal to their total Attack value, not just the Attack of any weapon equipped.
  • Weapons are the only enduring source of hero Attack; all other sources (e.g. Shapeshift,  Seal of Light) are lost at the end of the turn. While weapon Attack is 'sheathed' at the end of the player's turn, it is automatically regained next turn.
  • On golden weapon cards, class is indicated by the color of the vertical band running down the center of the card.

Classes[edit | edit source]

Rogues, paladins, demon hunters, death knights and warriors have the largest range of weapons, with rogues and warriors also having the greatest weapon-synergy cards, while hunters and shamans have limited weapon choices. Druids, mages, priests and warlocks do not normally use weapons, although warlocks can obtain  Blood Fury through  Lord Jaraxxus.

All heroes can equip weapons, and even weaponless classes can obtain them through certain neutral cards or mechanics that allow them access to other classes' cards. Players can also use use copy or mind control effects to benefit from weapon-granting abilities on the opponent's cards, such as  Malkorok's Battlecry, or  Tirion Fordring's Deathrattle. Currently only three neutral cards directly provide weapons:  Blingtron 3000,  Medivh, the Guardian, and  The Lich King.

Kobolds and Catacombs gave each class a legendary weapon, even for classes that normally do not have access to weapons. The legendary weapons for non-weapon classes like priest and mage do not have an attack value, but have a triggered effect attached to them. Since then, further Legendary weapons have occasionally been added, such as  Ancharrr and  The Fist of Ra-den. Scholomance Academy featured the first ever collectible neutral weapon,  Sphere of Sapience.

United in Stormwind gave most classes 0 attack weapons that trigger when certain things happen. They're the first Mage, Warlock, and Priest weapons that were not Legendary.

Weapon cards[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Weapon/Wild format.

Collectible[edit | edit source]

Collectible weapons can be collected by players and added to decks.

Swipe left or right to see the cards.
WW 412.png
ETC 084.png
ETC 312.png
CORE KAR 063.png
TTN 736.png
ETC 521.png
CORE CS2 106.png
DEEP 014.png
JAM 015.png
TOY 358.png
CORE BT 922.png
CORE BT 921.png
ETC 423.png
UPCOMING 100539.png
ETC 317.png
ETC 813.png
ETC 518.png
CORE RLK 012.png
UPCOMING 106444.png
TOY 604.png
TTN 467.png
ETC 405.png
ETC 832.png
ETC 520.png
CORE RLK 740.png
TOY 810.png
DEEP 016.png
CORE GIL 672.png
CORE GIL 672.png
UPCOMING 101953.png
TTN 725.png
ETC 388.png
TOY 641.png
TOY 522.png
UPCOMING 105512.png
CORE RLK 086.png
CORE DMF 238.png
JAM 011.png
TTN 088.png

Uncollectible[edit | edit source]

Uncollectible weapons cannot be collected by players or directly placed into decks. However, they can be obtained during play through the effects of other cards.

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TOY 604t.png
ETC 078t.png
TSC 937t2.png
ETC 078t2.png
AT 132 ROGUEt.png
TTN 060t.png
CS2 082.png
JAM 015t4.png
JAM 015t3.png
JAM 015t2.png
JAM 015t.png
EX1 323w.png
DMF 521t.png
TOY 373t.png
TTN 092t.png
EX1 383t.png
TTN 060t1.png
WW 010t.png
TTN 060t2.png

Cards that generate weapons[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Weapon/Wild format.

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YOG 511.png
UPCOMING 105499.png
HERO 03bp.png
ETC 098t.png
HERO 03bp2.png
UPCOMING 105516.png
CORE GVG 061.png
TOY 604.png
TTN 751.png
TTN 714.png
WW 010.png
ETC 078.png
TTN 092.png
TOY 373.png
CORE EX1 323.png
CORE EX1 383.png

Related cards[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Weapon/Wild format.

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TTN 092t2.png
TTN 092t1.png
TTN 092t3.png
TTN 415t.png
ETC 102.png
CORE CS2 074.png
DEEP 012.png
CORE CS2 146.png
UPCOMING 105564.png
CORE NEW1 018.png
ETC 717t.png
CS3 022.png
ETC 717.png
ETC 418.png
UPCOMING 100369.png
ETC 075.png
CORE TRL 124.png
CORE SW 072.png
CORE NEW1 022.png
JAM 035.png
ETC 400.png
ETC 026.png
TTN 092.png
TTN 415.png
UPCOMING 106580.png
JAM 016.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In March 2020, Chadd Nervig commented on Twitter that the Hearthstone team was considering making changes to weapon frames so that their classes would be more visually obvious.[2] This was finalized in Patch 18.0 when all weapons received new borders.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Card frames
Dual-class frames

Patch changes[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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