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Multi-class cards are cards that can be used by a specific set of classes. They have two varieties:

Tri-class cards, introduced in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan which feature a neutral card frame and a special flag under the mana cost to differentiate them.
Dual-class cards, introduced in Scholomance Academy which feature a split card frame of the two classes.

Also see Tourist, a deckbuilding effect from Perils in Paradise that allows one class to use cards from another.

Tri-class cards[edit | edit source]

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WON 331.png
CFM 321.png
WON 130.png
CFM 649.png
CFM 853.png
WON 332.png
CFM 852.png
WON 118.png
CFM 715.png
CFM 619.png
CFM 621.png
WON 137.png
CFM 685.png
WON 136.png
CFM 902.png

Dual-class cards[edit | edit source]

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SCH 427.png
SCH 514.png
JAM 017.png
SCH 617.png
SCH 509.png
DEEP 011.png
JAM 001.png
JAM 022.png
SCH 600.png
SCH 235.png
SCH 702.png
JAM 025.png
YOP 024.png
SCH 270.png
YOP 029.png
DEEP 012.png
SCH 524.png
DEEP 032.png
SCH 700.png
SCH 279.png
SCH 350.png
SCH 250.png
JAM 006.png
JAM 027.png
YOP 030.png
DEEP 023.png
YOP 021.png
JAM 013.png
JAM 010.png
DEEP 017.png
DEEP 008.png
YOP 015.png
DEEP 014.png
DEEP 018.png
SCH 701.png
SCH 537.png
SCH 538.png
SCH 523.png
SCH 521.png
DEEP 002.png
JAM 032.png
SCH 302.png
SCH 526.png
YOP 003.png
DEEP 001.png
DEEP 026.png
JAM 023.png
DEEP 015.png
JAM 031.png
SCH 607.png
DEEP 007.png
SCH 182.png
JAM 020.png
DEEP 029.png
DEEP 010.png
JAM 014.png
YOP 005.png
SCH 513.png
JAM 007.png
DEEP 019.png
SCH 126.png
DEEP 027.png
SCH 613.png
SCH 141.png
YOP 006.png
SCH 352.png
YOP 009.png
JAM 019.png
SCH 522.png
JAM 005.png
SCH 618.png
JAM 028.png
SCH 623.png
SCH 425.png
SCH 351.png
YOP 018.png
DEEP 004.png
SCH 273.png
DEEP 021.png
DEEP 025.png
JAM 002.png
SCH 244.png
DEEP 031.png
SCH 139.png
JAM 029.png
JAM 004.png
JAM 011.png
DEEP 005.png
SCH 612.png
JAM 016.png
SCH 533.png
SCH 610.png
SCH 703.png
SCH 140.png

Related cards[edit | edit source]

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SCH 199t23.png
YOP 018.png