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Different types of elementals.

This page lists cards with card art depicting elementals.

For the Elemental minion type, see Elemental. For plant-based beings that are often considered elementals, see Plant art.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Warcraft Wiki icon.pngThis section uses content from the Warcraft Wiki.
Elementals are manifestations of volatile energy - elemental spirits that have attained raw physical form with the spirit remaining as the core.
The exact origin of these innately chaotic entities is unknown, though some have been accidentally created when bits of magic seeped into coals, over the course of a few decades manifesting in a small elemental being of immense fortitude. Other elementals have been created by mogu sorcerers who prefer more solid companions over beastly familiars. Other elementals (albeit fel-corrupted ones) have been born solely from demonic magic. Elemental cores seem to retain some semi-sentient properties after being defeated.
Elementals are an incredibly varied group; Some are bound to distant realms known as the Elemental Planes and are usually servants of the powerful Elemental Lords that rule over each plane. Others are native to the world of Azeroth, bound to the state of their surroundings as representations of the elemental spirits. Still others appear independent from any greater master, acting as individual beings. The elemental forces are ageless and unchanging.

Elementals are chaotic by nature and once raged freely on primordial Azeroth until the Old Gods arrived and enslaved them. As servants of the Old Gods, the elementals were later defeated by titanic forces and banished to a specially crafted prison known as the Elemental Plane. Although most elementals remain in the Elemental Plane, they can be summoned to Azeroth by those who seek to use their power.
Over the millennia, some intelligent creatures of Azeroth have found ways to summon elementals and bind them to their service. Human mages are fond of summoning or creating Water Elementals for their brute force and imposing size. Ragnaros was summoned into the material plane by the Dark Iron dwarves three centuries ago, residing in the Molten Core until he was killed and banished to his home realm. Some shamans have demonstrated the ability to summon and control elementals. The Twilight's Hammer has used magical cages to create and control bound elementals
Of the four lords, only two remained under the control of the Old Gods: Ragnaros of fire and Al'Akir of air. Following the Cataclysm, these two sent their armies to attack Azeroth. Ragnaros laid siege to Mount Hyjal, seeking to destroy Nordrassil, but his armies were driven back by the Guardians of Hyjal, and he himself was killed. Al'akir attacked Uldum, joining with the Neferset tribe to destroy the other Tol'vir, and was also killed. While Therazane of earth and  Neptulon of water were no longer in service of the Old Gods, their realms became battlefields following the Cataclysm, as servants of  Deathwing invaded Deepholm and the naga invaded the Abyssal Maw. While the Earthen Ring was successful in fighting off the former,  Ozumat captured Neptulon, who is now presumably under naga control.

Elementals[edit | edit source]

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BG27 020 Battlegrounds.png
BG27 503 Battlegrounds.png
BG27 018 Battlegrounds.png
BG27 012 Battlegrounds.png
BG27 019 Battlegrounds.png
BG27 013 Battlegrounds.png
Core UNG 019.png
UNG 019.png
KAR 036.png
CORE KAR 036.png
LOOT 231.png
CORE LOOT 231.png
DED 517t.png
BT 735t.png
TID 713.png
ETC 521t.png
UNG 032.png
VAN EX1 243.png
EX1 243.png
CORE UNG 809.png
UNG 809.png
UNG 809t1.png
BAR 888t.png
UNG 205.png
CORE UNG 205.png
YOD 029t.png
BAR 854.png
NEW1 012.png
WON 031.png
VAN NEW1 012.png
SCH 271t.png
BGS 127 Battlegrounds.png
BGS 116 Battlegrounds.png
TOY 513t.png
DEEP 012.png
TID 078.png
YOG 524.png
TOY 375t.png
BOT 102t.png
UNG 211aa.png
DMF 100t.png
DRG 216.png
TOY 307t.png
TOY 000.png
DRG 107.png
WC 042.png
BGS 115t Battlegrounds.png
LOOT 117.png
AV 115.png
TTN 095.png
DAL 092.png
DRG 620t4.png
DMF 704.png
BOT 531.png
DMF 100.png
BGS 119 Battlegrounds.png
CFM 606t.png
TTN 862t4.png
TTN 840.png
BG26 162 Battlegrounds.png
RLK 083.png
DEEP 999t2.png
AV 258t6.png
DEEP 030.png
UNG 202.png
TTN 479.png
BG26 537 Battlegrounds.png
DEEP 023.png
ICC 068.png
YOP 021.png
UPCOMING 98744.png
AV 326.png
DAL 603.png
CFM 606.png
CORE CFM 606.png
DAL 748.png
EX1 616.png
BOT 533.png
CORE BOT 533.png
LOOT 517.png
BGS 120 Battlegrounds.png
WON 090.png
RLK 547.png
UNG 027.png
ULD 197.png
UNG 034.png
CORE UNG 034.png
RLK 907t.png
UNG 208t.png
DMF 044.png
ETC 742.png
ULD 158.png
YOG 521.png
BGS 115 Battlegrounds.png
DEEP 034.png
UNG 846.png
AV 260.png
TID 000.png
TID 707.png
TOT 334.png
UNG 818.png
DRG 238t14t3.png
ULD 003.png
OG 248.png
YOD 008.png
BGS 128 Battlegrounds.png
TB Baconups 203 Battlegrounds.png
BAR 545.png
BAR 045.png
REV 960.png
LOOT 398.png
TRL 059.png
DRG 104.png
ETC 369t.png
TSC 648t.png
OG 044b.png
BRM 010t2.png
BRM 010t.png
BOT 411.png
WW 428.png
GIL 677.png
BG25 041 Battlegrounds.png
DMF 248.png
BG29 877 Battlegrounds.png
DRG 060.png
NX2 007.png
AV 257t.png
DMF 062.png
DEEP 002t.png
UNG 938.png
CORE AT 092.png
AT 092.png
UNG 845.png
DEEP 035.png
EX1 335.png
CORE EX1 335.png
BG28 707 Battlegrounds.png
DRG 068.png
SW 031t8.png
DEEP 002t2.png
VAN CS2 118.png
CS2 118.png
BT 115.png
DEEP 002t3.png
TTN 729.png
WW 326.png
TSC 635.png
TSC 640.png
BG29 873 Battlegrounds.png
AV 282t.png
ETC 089.png
TTN 468.png
TTN 801t2.png
TTN 801t1.png
TOY 307.png
UNG 928.png
CORE UNG 928.png
OG 031a.png
EX1 258.png
VAN EX1 258.png
CORE EX1 258.png
TTN 833t.png
LOOTA 840.png
ONY 005tb13.png
NX2 003.png
BGS 126 Battlegrounds.png
JAM 024.png
ETC 357.png
SW 033.png
TTN 801t.png
TTN 801.png
BRM 014.png
BOT 604.png
WW 397.png
BG21 020 Battlegrounds.png
SCH 143.png
BAR 750.png
DMF 190.png
BGDUO 110 Battlegrounds.png
UNG 084.png
BRM 012.png
DEEP 027.png
DEEP 027t.png
DEEP 024.png
DEEP 024t.png
SW 032.png
ICC 097.png
REV 829.png
AV 127.png
TID 714.png
CFM 715.png
WON 118.png
BG28 556 Battlegrounds.png
LOOT 537.png
VAN EX1 335.png
YOP 008.png
BGS 100 Battlegrounds.png
DRG 620t5.png
UNG 963.png
CORE UNG 963.png
BG25 046 Battlegrounds.png
TID 712t.png
TID 712t2.png
UPCOMING 101873.png
TTN 480t.png
TTN 480t6.png
TTN 480t5.png
TTN 480t4.png
TTN 480t3.png
TTN 480t2.png
TTN 480t7.png
TTN 480t1.png
UNG 027t2.png
BG21 040 Battlegrounds.png
BG28 HERO 800 Buddy Battlegrounds.png
LOE 016.png
TOY 513.png
WW 375.png
DRGA BOSS 25pt.png
DAL 771.png
BGS 122 Battlegrounds.png
TB BaconUps 161 Battlegrounds.png
TOT 118.png
UNG 021.png
BOT 291.png
BGS 123 Battlegrounds.png
DEEP 999t4.png
WW 001t24.png
DEEP 999t5.png
WW 001t27.png
WW 001t26.png
WW 001t23.png
WW 001t25.png
RLK 604.png
RLK 604a.png
RLK 604b.png
BOT 407.png
TOY 370.png
TTN 475.png
REV 936t.png
BG26 120 Battlegrounds.png
CS2 033.png
VAN CS2 033.png
CORE CS2 033.png
TID 005t.png
TOY 376.png
BG23 HERO 305 Buddy Battlegrounds.png
BT 735.png
LOOT 130.png
DAL 548.png
GIL 645.png
ULD 293.png
DEEP 028t.png
DRG 223.png
ICC 450.png
LOE 053.png
EX1 250.png
VAN EX1 250.png
CORE EX1 250.png
PVPDR YOP MageT3.png
DMF 101.png
DMF 101t.png
UNG 079.png
BG26 534 Battlegrounds.png
YOD 029.png
OG 209.png
WON 336.png
BAR 848.png
WW 024.png
ETC 320t.png
DEEP 004.png
BG29 610 Battlegrounds.png
WW 429.png
ULD 292.png
GIL 156.png
CFM 060.png
SW 111.png
UNG 816.png
BT 114.png
BG29 879 Battlegrounds.png
TOY 375.png
DRG 104t2.png
SCH 245.png
UNG 208.png
YOD 041t.png
YOG 519.png
UNG 049.png
RLK 541.png
TRL 311.png
UNG 847.png
BG26 175 Battlegrounds.png
CS2 042.png
CORE CS2 042.png
VAN CS2 042.png
EX1 283.png
VAN EX1 283.png
BGS 121 Battlegrounds.png
TB BaconUps 165 Battlegrounds.png
DAL 554t.png
LOOT 358.png
DMF 238t.png
BAR 310.png
LOOT 150t1.png
DEEP 005.png
BG26 535 Battlegrounds.png
AV 255.png
DEEP 006.png
UNG 838.png
WON 092h.png
YOD 007.png
EX1 249.png
VAN EX1 249.png
CORE EX1 249.png
AV 257.png
BT 155t.png
BG24 001 Battlegrounds.png
UNG 211.png
Core UNG 211.png
GVG 042.png
TOY 503.png
ULD 178.png
CORE ULD 178.png
WW 026.png
CORE UNG 813.png
UNG 813.png
DEEP 036.png
NEW1 010.png
CORE NEW1 010.png
VAN NEW1 010.png
OG 120.png
EX1 187.png
CORE EX1 187.png
WW 025.png
GIL 119.png
TOY 703.png
DMF 104t.png
BGS 124 Battlegrounds.png
TB BaconUps 163 Battlegrounds.png
DRG 109.png
UNG 907.png
BAR 042.png
UNG 027t4.png
DRG 620t6.png
VAN EX1 298.png
WE1 037.png
TRL 316t.png
CORE EX1 298.png
EX1 298.png
OG 229.png
CORE OG 229.png
WW 440.png
TID 716.png
DAL 047.png
DAL 742.png
DMF 059.png
TID 077.png
AV 282t5.png
WW 382.png
UPCOMING 101162.png
AV 141t.png
TID 712.png
BT 155.png
ICC 090.png
EX1 105.png
VAN EX1 105.png
CORE EX1 105.png
EX1 620.png
CORE EX1 620.png

Elemental art[edit | edit source]

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TTN 862t3.png
BG24 017 Battlegrounds.png
TTN 862t1.png
AV 258t.png
UNG 211a.png
BG27 001 Battlegrounds.png
TTN 800t2.png
Core CS2 008.png
VAN CS2 008.png
BG27 012t.png
TOY 700t4.png
TRL 310.png
CS2 008.png
ULD 178a3.png
ULD 178a2.png
ULD 178a4.png
ULD 178a.png
UNG 030.png
GIL 836.png
DRG 324.png
CORE UNG 018.png
UNG 018.png
TTN 317.png
SW 031t.png
RLK 609.png
ETC 535.png
BOT 451.png
RLK 605.png
UPCOMING 99221.png
BOT 093.png
RLK 960.png
DRG 238p4.png
BOT 538.png
WON 092p.png
AV 282.png
TID 715.png
DEEP 002.png
DMF 248t.png
BRM 010b.png
BRM 010a.png
UNG 024.png
SCH 271.png
BAR 812.png
LOOT 364.png
UPCOMING 100287.png
DEEP 000.png
TTN 722.png
PVPDR YOP Active01.png
TTN 801.png
TTN 801t.png
TID 744.png
DEEP 013.png
TOY 377.png
TID 718.png
RLK 603.png
DEEP 027b.png
YOG 402.png
DEEP 027a.png
BOT 603.png
RLK 600.png
WW 001t26.png
TID 703.png
SCH 243.png
TID 005.png
ULD 292b.png
ULD 292a.png
ETC 362.png
BG21 036 Battlegrounds.png
TTN 841.png
TB BaconUps 201 Battlegrounds.png
BGS 104 Battlegrounds.png
UPCOMING 105500.png
AV 284.png
AV 282t2.png
DEEP 031.png
BOT 099.png
AV 107.png
TOT 313.png
TOY 506.png
BOT 102.png
EX1 577.png
VAN EX1 577.png
VAN CS2 201.png
CS2 201.png
TTN 480.png
BT 072.png
DMF 104.png
TTN 940a.png
AV 282t4.png
TID 949.png
YOD 041.png