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 Prophet Velen, leader of the draenei, and prophet of the naaru

The draenei are an ancient race hailing from the planet of Argus. Pursued across worlds by the relentless demons of the Burning Legion, the draenei have at last found a home on Azeroth among the orderly races of the Alliance. Highly spiritual and with an unusually strong gift for magic, the draenei are a peaceful race, but find themselves fighting not only to defend their new home, but for the survival of their very species.

Lore[edit | edit source]

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The draenei are a faction of uncorrupted eredar who fled their home world of Argus and settled on the Azuremyst Isles, near the west coast of Kalimdor. They join the Alliance in the Burning Crusade expansion. Their capital city is the Exodar.
Long ago, on the planet of Argus, the eredar race arose. They were extremely intelligent and had a natural affinity for magic in all of its forms. Using their gifts, they developed a vast and wondrous society. They were aided in this development by an ancient artifact known as the Ata'mal crystal, a triangular crystal whose origin was a mystery to the eredar, though their legends suggested it had been a gift bestowed upon them in ancient times.
At the height of their society, the eredar's three most prominent leaders, Kil'jaeden, Archimonde, and Velen, were approached by Sargeras, the Fallen Titan. Sargeras claimed he was impressed by the work of the eredar and wanted to supply them with even more power and knowledge in exchange for their loyalty. But while Kil'jaeden and Archimonde readily accepted the deal, Velen had doubts. After touching the Ata'mal crystal in its temple, he had a vision of the future that filled him with dread. He hastened to warn Kil'jaeden and Archimonde, but they dismissed his concerns and proceeded to profess loyalty to Sargeras. Together, the latter transformed a majority of their people into an insidious race of warlocks and later allied themselves with the Burning Legion.
Velen knew he and those who shared his concerns would have to flee Argus, but the impossibility of such a feat brought him to despair. At that time, the Ata'mal crystal started to glow and arose from its pedestal. A voice came to Velen and explained that it was one of the naaru, a race of sapient energy beings bent on stopping the Burning Legion. The naaru offered to take Velen and any other like-minded eredar to safety, and instructed Velen to bring the Ata'mal crystal, revealing that it had been a gift from the naaru in ancient times and a beacon by which the naaru would find Velen and his followers. Deeply relieved, Velen gathered the other eredar loyal to him on the appointed day; they numbered only in the hundreds. With Kil'jaeden and Archimonde hot on their heels, they barely escaped from Argus in the naaru ship Oshu'gun.
Naming themselves the "draenei", or "exiled ones" in the Eredun language, they hid among many worlds and explored much of the cosmos in their quest to find safe harbor. Still, a hell-bent Kil'jaeden would not give up his pursuit. Meanwhile, the enigmatic naaru race blessed the draenei with Light-given knowledge and power. The naaru explained that there were other forces in the cosmos that would stand against the Burning Legion. One day the naaru would forge them into a single unstoppable Army of the Light. Deeply affected by the naaru's words, the draenei vowed to honor the Light and uphold the naaru's altruistic ideals.
More than 200 years before the First War, Velen and his draenei settled upon a remote and peaceful world that seemed an ideal refuge. They named it Draenor, and there they quietly cultivated their society once again. In time the draenei met and befriended the shamanic orc clans that already lived in the tranquil southern grasslands of Nagrand. Aside from engaging in some limited trade, the draenei and orcs regarded one another with respect but kept mostly to themselves.
However, no amount of preparation could keep the draenei hidden forever. After confirming the presence of the draenei, Kil'jaeden asked for information regarding the other inhabitants of that world, particularly the orcs. Through his orc protégé  Gul'dan, he quickly succeeded in corrupting the shamanistic orcs. Smoothly manipulated from a state of wary acceptance into blind rage and blood lust, the orcs attacked the draenei. This bloody conflict lasted nearly eight years, but the orcs' triumph was unequivocal. The orcs killed over eighty percent of the draenei race and sent the rest fleeing for safety to the remote corners of the world. Draenei who had fought the Horde and survived found that they had been affected by the fel energies wielded so freely by the orc warlocks. These draenei have since mutated into lesser forms, resulting in a series of subspecies.
After coming to Draenor, the blood elves discovered the power of Tempest Keep and successfully seized it. To escape, the draenei came out of hiding and managed to wrestle control of a wing of the keep, The Exodar, and tried to use it to flee and find aid in retaking their home. Before they could, however, the blood elves managed to sabotage what is essentially the "engine" of the draenei's transdimensional travel.
When the draenei tried to planeshift, their sabotaged engine went haywire, and The Exodar ended up hurtling out of control through the  Twisting Nether until it crash-landed on a chain of islands, the Azuremyst Isles, off the western coast of Kalimdor. Their arrival on Azeroth wasn't pretty - they ended up tearing up the landscape over on Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isle. While they were of course concerned about their fellow survivors, they were just as concerned with what they'd done to the land and the creatures on it. As the surviving draenei salvaged what they could of their ship and tried to help what was left of their people, they began exploring this new world; contact with the night elves of Darkshore was imminent. Inspired by heroic tales of the Alliance and its victories against the Legion, the draenei sought out and pledged their loyalty to this courageous faction. Not long afterward, Velen and his noble refugees played a key role in urging the Alliance to invade Outland and disrupt the Legion’s nefarious activities. Armed with their unshakable faith in the Light, the draenei ventured to their embattled former home as steadfast members of the Alliance and defeated their ancient demonic rivals. The return to Outland offered many draenei a chance to reconnect with their brethren who had been left behind. While some of Velen’s race chose to rebuild their society in the shattered land, the majority of draenei remained on Azeroth, vowing to uphold their commitment to the Alliance.

Draenei[edit | edit source]

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BG23 350 Battlegrounds.png
BT 020.png
BG28 402 Battlegrounds.png
EX1 130a.png
TRL 363t.png
EX1 001.png
BT 407t.png
DMF 122.png
ETC 314t2.png
OG 221.png
EX1 405.png
CS2 101t6.png
BT 727.png
SCH 149.png
BT 702.png
TRL 501.png
ONY 022.png
BT 707t.png
MAW 017.png
UNG 926.png
AV 122.png
AT 094.png
BT 188.png
TRL 524.png
SW 444.png
BT 713.png
EX1 382.png
BG21 002 Battlegrounds.png
RLK 708.png
TOY 878.png
SW 069.png
BT 714.png
BT 710.png
SW 057.png
WON 053.png
YOD 028.png
BOT 103.png
AV 343.png
TOY 882.png
BT 423.png
EX1 591.png
CFM 610.png
EX1 093.png
AT 047.png
ONY 002.png
SCH 141.png
DAL 576.png
DRG 232.png
NX2 032.png
DAL 551.png
VAC 424.png
ICC 466.png
EX1 587.png
SCH 313.png
BAR 735.png
BT 026.png
BGS 110 Battlegrounds.png
LOOT 375.png
UPCOMING 100230.png
DRG 242.png
SCH 704.png
SW 433t3.png
BT 713t.png
ICC 245.png
DRG 322.png
CFM 760.png
BG28 551 Battlegrounds.png
GILA 826.png
DRG 231.png
EX1 350.png
VAC 421.png
DMF 241.png
AV 207.png

Draenei art[edit | edit source]

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PVPDR RLK Passive01.png
SW 462.png
DMF 004t1.png
EX1 244.png
GIL 836.png
OG 314.png
ICC 836.png
BOT 909.png
SCH 600.png
DAL 141.png
DAL 141ts.png
BG28 612.png
CS3 027.png
PVPDR AV Neutralt6.png
EX1 251.png
CS2 037.png
AV 330.png
SW 433t2.png
UNG 829.png
EX1 130.png
BT 252.png
EX1 379.png
TRL 363.png
AT 132 SHAMANb.png
CS2 050.png
SW 433.png
SCH 600t2.png
TOY 814t4.png
TOY 814t6.png
TOY 814t7.png
TOY 814t8.png
TOY 814t3.png
TOY 814t5.png
TOY 814t2.png
TOY 814t.png
EX1 409.png
BT 407.png
PVPDR DMF Roguet2.png
BT 707.png
JAM 006.png
BAR 314.png
BAR 314t.png
BAR 314t2.png
ICC 314t4.png
OG 104.png
EX1 619.png
AV 207p.png
AT 058.png
BT 025.png
DAL 568ts.png
DAL 568.png
SCH 706.png
ETC 338.png
TTN 851.png
ETC 320.png
ULD 728.png
GVG 003.png
AV 207p2.png
BT 257.png
SW 035.png
ETC 369.png
BG28 882.png
SCH 302.png
AT 048.png
RLK 015.png
ETC 528.png
DMF 086.png
DED 502.png
ETC 330.png
TRL 302.png
EX1 594.png
GVG 029.png
ICC 078.png
EX1 166b.png
ETC 316.png
SW 107.png
UPCOMING 105556.png
MAW 013.png
EX1 345.png
EX1 194.png
WC 014.png
EX1 365.png
BT 011.png
ETC 320t.png
SCH 273.png
BRM 001.png
PVPDR AV Neutralt5.png
ETC 314t.png
DMF 238.png
ETC 314.png
VAC 417.png
SW 443.png
BT 198.png
BT 024.png
DAL 724.png
VAC 558.png