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This page lists cards with card art depicting undead.

This page depicts various uncategorized undead. For more specific types, see Undead beast art, Undead dragon art, Forsaken art, Geist art, Ghost art, Ghoul art, Lich art, and Abomination art.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Warcraft Wiki icon.pngThis section uses content from the Warcraft Wiki.
The undead were once-living creatures, now animated by spiritual or supernatural forces. The term undead refers to all creatures or entities that function normally despite having terminated life functions. Most commonly known as zombies or ghosts, undead beings are most typically mindless, bloodthirsty fiends hostile toward any living thing that comes across their path.
The undead have appeared all throughout Azeroth, most commonly in nature as revenants or wraiths. They were used as a combat tool during the First War when the necrolytes of the Horde learned to animate corpses as skeleton warriors in their fight against the Alliance. Later, the studies of the necrolytes developed into necromancy, the form of magic used very heavily in the Third War when the Cult of the Damned spread the Plague of Undeath across Lordaeron.
In modern times, "undead" refers primarily to either the Scourge or the Forsaken, since nearly half of the human race have since become undead. According to the lore in most sources, the Forsaken share all the characteristics of standard undead. However, Forsaken player characters and NPCs are for most intents and purposes considered to be "humanoids" in World of Warcraft due to gameplay reasons and do not share all the characteristics of other undead.

Undead[edit | edit source]

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BG27 029 Battlegrounds.png
BG27 507 Battlegrounds.png
BG27 010 Battlegrounds.png
BG28 631 Battlegrounds.png
BG27 006 Battlegrounds.png
ICC 092.png
TOY 828t.png
RLK 503.png
ICC 220.png
RLK 538.png
RLK 650t.png
RLK 833.png
WW 368t.png
BG25 010t Battlegrounds.png
NX2 006.png
RLK 650.png
ULD 723.png
CORE ULD 723.png
RLK 079.png
RLK 061t.png
RLK 085t.png
PVPDR RLK Passive04m1.png
RLK 506t.png
BG25 001 Battlegrounds.png
BG25 013 Battlegrounds.png
ICC 903.png
RLK 912.png
YOG 300.png
NX2 024.png
PVPDR Sai T2at1.png
RLK 705t.png
RLK 958.png
ICC 026t.png
RLK 650t2.png
FP1 028.png
TTN 470t.png
TTN 812t.png
ICC 468.png
TRL 131t.png
FP1 001.png
NX2 006t.png
VAN EX1 012.png
EX1 012.png
CORE EX1 012.png
ICC 829t5.png
ICC 829t2.png
TTN 450.png
RLK 909t.png
BG25 008 Battlegrounds.png
ICC 094.png
ICC 407.png
ULD 266.png
BG28 302 Battlegrounds.png
RLK 511.png
ICC 829t4.png
FP1 004.png
TB BaconShop HERO 702 Buddy Battlegrounds.png
RLK 118t3.png
RLK 845.png
FP1 017.png
BG25 011 Battlegrounds.png
WW 324.png
RLK 572.png
REV 956t.png
REV 956.png
ICC 851.png
RLK 018t.png
SCH 710t.png
BG25 022 Battlegrounds.png
ICC 913.png
ULD 185.png
ICC 829t3.png
RLK 070t.png
UPCOMING 101264.png
REV 845.png
RLK 867.png
RLK 113.png
UPCOMING 106372.png
RLK 708.png
ICC 252.png
GIL 902.png
RLK 731.png
NX2 051.png
ETC 523.png
FP1 009.png
YOP 012.png
ICC 083.png
RLK 119.png
TTN 457.png
TTN 457t.png
AT 131.png
UPCOMING 100627.png
AT 129.png
RLK 833t.png
ULD 214.png
LOOT 534.png
BG29 120 Battlegrounds.png
ICC 801.png
LOEA16 5t.png
ICC 809.png
CORE ICC 809.png
ICC 852.png
TOY 823.png
BG25 003 Battlegrounds.png
NX2 035.png
RLK 226t.png
TRL 131.png
TTN 737t2.png
BG25 HERO 103 Buddy Battlegrounds.png
ICC 702.png
BG26 HERO 102 Buddy Battlegrounds.png
YOG 520.png
ICC 415.png
FP1 027.png
BT 126.png
RLK 552.png
ICC 408.png
ICC 067.png
RLK 532.png
LEG RLK 226.png
RLK 226.png
FP1 026.png
ICC 034.png
FP1 031.png
TB BaconUps 055.png
CORE FP1 031.png
BG FP1 031.png
REV 925.png
ULD 727.png
ULD 275.png
SCH 513.png
ICC 820.png
ICC 912.png
TOY 824.png
RLK 554t.png
SCH 126t.png
NX2 032.png
RLK 745.png
WW 357.png
BG28 309 Battlegrounds.png
TOY 893.png
BG26 361 Battlegrounds.png
BAR 540.png
RLK 831.png
ICC 853.png
ICC 204.png
ICC 025.png
LEG RLK 115.png
RLK 115.png
ULD 206.png
NX2 018.png
RLK 217.png
YOG 512.png
UPCOMING 99957.png
BG25 023 Battlegrounds.png
RLK 223.png
EX1 002.png
CORE EX1 002.png
RLK 057t.png
ICC 904.png
BG26 172 Battlegrounds.png
JAM 005.png
ULD 288.png
BG25 007 Battlegrounds.png
SCH 618.png
ICC 841.png
ETC 428.png
RLK 082.png
RLK 658.png
RLK 554.png
PVPDR Sai T6.png
FP1 030.png
BG28 304 Battlegrounds.png
REV 940.png
LEG RLK 752.png
RLK 752.png
RLK 550.png
RLK 535.png
ICC 025t.png
FP1 008.png
ICC 028.png
RLK 220.png
ICC 481.png
ULD 274.png
ICC 245.png
NX2 034t.png
GIL 805.png
BG25 050 Battlegrounds.png
BG28 634 Battlegrounds.png
ICC 828.png
REV 934.png
BGS 047 Battlegrounds.png
TB BaconUps 134 Battlegrounds.png
BG25 009 Battlegrounds.png
ULD 208.png
NX2 034t1.png
CORE RLK 505.png
RLK 505.png
LEG RLK 224.png
RLK 224.png
NX2 034.png
RLK 029.png
RLK 816.png
VAN EX1 002.png
TOY 829.png
TOY 829t2.png
AT 128.png
NX2 034t2.png
RLK 706.png
RLK 551.png
RLK 539.png
TRL 528.png
ICC 832.png
RLK 657.png
ULD 215.png
GIL 526.png
AT 036.png
WON 076.png
RLK 659.png
RLK 506.png
RLK 651.png
LEG RLK 085.png
RLK 085.png
BAR 547.png
ICC 834.png
ICC 830.png
ICC 019t.png
CORE RLK 741.png
RLK 741.png
ICC 314.png
ICC 833.png
SCH 621.png
ICC 829.png
ICC 827.png
ICC 831.png

Undead art[edit | edit source]

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PVPDR RLK Passive02.png
PVPDR RLK Passive04.png
BG28 631t.png
PVPDR SCH Passive12.png
AV 258t3.png
PVPDR SCH Active58.png
SCH 514.png
YOP 024t.png
RLK 823.png
RLK 812.png
CORE FP1 020.png
WE1 025.png
FP1 020.png
ETC 424.png
ULD 265.png
RLK 923.png
RLK 034.png
LEG RLK 034.png
CS1 130.png
VAN CS1 130.png
CORE CS1 130.png
RLK 038.png
RLK 601.png
NX2 011t.png
EX1 238.png
VAN EX1 238.png
CORE EX1 238.png
ULD 431.png
NX2 019.png
LEG RLK 715.png
RLK 715.png
YOG 511.png
NX2 029.png
RLK 061.png
CORE RLK 712.png
RLK 712.png
REV 931.png
RLK 951.png
UPCOMING 107775.png
RLK 057.png
ICC 091.png
LEG RLK 101.png
RLK 101.png
TTN 454.png
BG25 008 Battlegrounds.png
RLK 025.png
TTN 744.png
TOY 829t.png
NX2 013t2.png
PVPDR SCH Active57.png
LEG RLK 125.png
RLK 125.png
TTN 078.png
RLK 018.png
GIL 203.png
REV 939.png
TOY 827.png
BG23 HERO 201 Buddy Battlegrounds.png
CORE RLK 051.png
RLK 051.png
NX2 013.png
NX2 036.png
BG28 882.png
UPCOMING 101265.png
DRG 250.png
LEG RLK 705.png
RLK 705.png
MAW 002.png
EX1 137.png
VAN EX1 137.png
RLK 015.png
NX2 021.png
NX2 017.png
REV 924.png
PVPDR Scarlet T2.png
RLK 533.png
RLK 816t3.png
NX2 020.png
REV 505.png
RLK 916.png
RLK 024.png
RLK 829.png
BG TTN 078.png
RLK 709.png
YOG 512.png
YOG 513.png
RLK 118.png
BG26 172 Battlegrounds.png
EX1 320.png
WON 323.png
VAN EX1 320.png
RLK 730.png
CORE RLK 504.png
RLK 504.png
CORE RLK 035.png
RLK 035.png
EX1 365.png
VAN EX1 365.png
RLK 531.png
PVPDR SCH Active61.png
TTN 855.png
TTN 855t.png
TTN 085.png
RLK 927.png
REV 840.png
LOE 104.png
BG25 009 Battlegrounds.png
NX2 026.png
NX2 011.png
PVPDR Sai T3.png
BG25 020 Battlegrounds.png
RLK 816.png
RLK 652.png
RLK 539.png
CORE RLK 063.png
RLK 063.png
TTN 470.png
VAN EX1 312.png
EX1 312.png
CORE EX1 312.png
ICC 214.png
CORE RLK 122.png
RLK 122.png