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Ghost MG.png

This page lists cards with card art depicting ghosts, including banshees, shades, and wisps.

For general undead, see Undead art.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Warcraft Wiki icon.pngThis section uses content from the Warcraft Wiki.
Ghosts are tortured spirits who writhe in the agony of undeath. Mortal souls usually go to the Shadowlands, but ghosts roam the trackless wastes between the Shadowlands and the physical world, trapped between the realms of the living and the dead, seeking release from their eternal suffering.
Usually unable to realize that they are no longer alive, they are not necessarily evil, but their hunger for physical contact often causes great harm to any living beings they touch. Spirits do not usually become ghosts, the normal death process is the soul's release to the Shadowlands. However, following a traumatic event, or suffering from a magical spell, or a curse, or else, it is possible for spirits to return as ghosts.

Ghosts[edit | edit source]

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CS2 231.png
GIL 553t.png
OG 195c.png
VAN CS2 231.png
RLK 957.png
ETC 522t.png
REV 943t.png
REV 360t.png
ETC 382.png
REV 750t2.png
BT 407t.png
BG29 875t Battlegrounds.png
REV 373t.png
REV 952.png
FP1 002t.png
TRL 502.png
PVPDR SCH Active28m3.png
PVPDR SCH Active28m1.png
PVPDR SCH Active28m2.png
TRL 501.png
REV 360t1.png
AT 003.png
CORE AT 003.png
RLK 553t.png
GIL 678.png
LOOT 091t.png
RLK 117.png
GIL 513.png
SCH 708t.png
TOY 028.png
EX1 tk11.png
DRG 217t.png
RLK 822.png
GIL 207.png
SCH 703t.png
FP1 005.png
CFM 636.png
LEG CS3 013.png
CS3 013.png
NX2 002.png
SCH 253t.png
REV 360t2.png
TSC 912t2.png
ULD 207.png
LOE 110.png
ICC 854.png
LOOT 233t.png
AV 657t.png
REV 901.png
LOOT 091t1t.png
ICC 911.png
GIL 510.png
BG25 004 Battlegrounds.png
OG 335.png
SCH 707t.png
SW 026.png
BG28 306 Battlegrounds.png
BAR 328.png
FP1 016.png
CORE RLK 504.png
RLK 504.png
LOOT 209t.png
ETC 088.png
GIL 545.png
GIL 694.png
ETC 522.png
REV 251.png
ICC 910.png
AV 328.png
REV 372t.png
GIL 557.png
BOT 433.png
LOOT 091t2t.png
GIL 840.png
BG24 005 Battlegrounds.png
SCH 709t.png
BG29 875 Battlegrounds.png
GIL 198.png
BT 703t.png
BG BT 703t.png
BG26 055 Battlegrounds.png
BT 024t.png
CFM 308.png
WE1 022.png

Ghost art[edit | edit source]

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ICC 827p.png
RLK 567.png
ICC 827t.png
SCH 307t.png
RLK 214t.png
ETC 522t.png
WC 022.png
RLK 573.png
OG 072.png
TOT 345.png
CS2 038.png
VAN CS2 038.png
JAM 008.png
MAW 019.png
TRL 097.png
DAL 710.png
SCH 701.png
REV 360.png
CORE EX1 275.png
EX1 275.png
TSC 956.png
SCH 307.png
RLK 910.png
LOE 110t.png
DMF 186a.png
DMF 186.png
VAN EX1 275.png
RLK 554t.png
ICC 213.png
ETC 413.png
UPCOMING 104999.png
AV 317.png
PVPDR Sai T4.png
GIL 553.png
REV 363.png
REV 372.png
RLK 815.png
TSC 912t.png
GVG 041.png
GVG 041b.png
SCH 530.png
OG 195b.png
BT 703.png
SCH 253.png
SCH 357.png
OG 195a.png
OG 195.png
VAN EX1 312.png
EX1 312.png
CORE EX1 312.png
RLK 911.png
REV 365.png
CFM 308a.png
CFM 308b.png