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This page lists cards with card art depicting quilboar.

Lore[edit | edit source]

A quilboar from the World of Warcraft RPG sourcebook Lands of Mystery.
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Quilboar (also spelled quillboar and sometimes pluralized as quilboars) are a race of aggressive, primitive boar-like humanoids native to Kalimdor and Kul Tiras. They have razor sharp spines protruding from their muscular, hunched backs. These resilient, fearless creatures inhabit the central Barrens of Kalimdor in the labyrinthine maze of thorns called Razorfen Downs.

In Hearthstone[edit | edit source]

Some of the quilboar of Hearthstone have formed a biker gang located in Gadgetzan.[1] This quilboar biker gang makes up one of the smaller criminal factions, separate to the three main crime families.[2]

Quilboar[edit | edit source]

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BG27 028 Battlegrounds.png
BG23 018 Battlegrounds.png
BG27 013 Battlegrounds.png
BG27 006 Battlegrounds.png
ETC 386t.png
BG20 100 Battlegrounds.png
ETC 355.png
ETC 831.png
BG24 707 Battlegrounds.png
BGDUO 111 Battlegrounds.png
BAR 537.png
BG20 105 Battlegrounds.png
BG20 201 Battlegrounds.png
BAR 916.png
BG20 103 Battlegrounds.png
BG29 160 Battlegrounds.png
BAR 026.png
DAL 090.png
GIL 534.png
BG28 582 Battlegrounds.png
BG26 159 Battlegrounds.png
BG20 202 Battlegrounds.png
BG26 160 Battlegrounds.png
BG25 039 Battlegrounds.png
Story 02 QuilboarHunter.png
BAR 326.png
BG20 101 Battlegrounds.png
ETC 107.png
BG20 301 Battlegrounds.png
BG20 102 Battlegrounds.png
TOY 642.png
TOY 824.png
BG20 207 Battlegrounds.png
DAL 040.png
BG28 584 Battlegrounds.png
BAR 540.png
BG28 585 Battlegrounds.png
CFM 809.png
BG26 531 Battlegrounds.png
BG20 104 Battlegrounds.png
BG20 204 Battlegrounds.png
BG28 633 Battlegrounds.png
BG25 155 Battlegrounds.png
BG28 583 Battlegrounds.png
BAR 020.png
CFM 688.png
BG20 302 G Battlegrounds.png
BG20 302 Battlegrounds.png
BG26 157 Battlegrounds.png
BG20 206 Battlegrounds.png
BG20 303 Battlegrounds.png
BG20 106 Battlegrounds.png
CFM 810.png
BG29 708 Battlegrounds.png
BG25 045 Battlegrounds.png
ETC 386.png
BAR 329.png
BG23 017 Battlegrounds.png

Quilboar art[edit | edit source]

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BG24 017 Battlegrounds.png
BG27 028 Battlegrounds.png
BAR 309.png
VAC 419.png
BG28 698.png
DAL 769.png
DRG 030.png
BAR 044.png
BAR 044t.png
BAR 044t2.png
Story 02 QuilboarHP.png
BAR 914.png
BAR 914t.png
BAR 914t2.png
BAR 721t.png
ETC 387b.png
ETC 387c.png
ETC 387.png
BAR 021.png
ETC 373.png
ETC 373a.png
ETC 373b.png

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