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This page contains card art depicting naga.

Lore[edit | edit source]

 Lord Slitherspear, a male naga
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"The naga are cursed Highborne night elves. Ten thousand years ago, Queen Azshara made a pact of desperation with the Old Gods to save her surviving people from a watery grave. The naga are the result of that pact."
— Shindrell Swiftfire
The serpentine naga are some of the most formidable villains of Azeroth. Masters of sorcery, the naga were formerly night elves, members of Queen Azshara's court in the War of the Ancients. They were transformed into naga by the Old Gods, and now haunt the seas of Azeroth, building a great civilization on the ocean floor.
In general, naga are scaled humanoids with the lower bodies of large serpents. Naga can breathe water or air, and some naga have recently emerged from the ocean's depths. Yet most naga have continued to dwell in the ocean's depths, beneath the site of the original Well of Eternity. Thus, although the Well itself no longer exists, the naga have experienced a wide range of mutations due to the Well's residual energies.
As former Highborne, the naga's past abuse of the Well has not been without additional consequences. The Highborne were obsessed with the Well, and the naga have been exposed to the Well's residual magics for millennia. Consequently modern naga are addicted to magic.
Naga tend to be long-lived, much like the night elves, blood elves, and high elves. Some naga have even gained immortality as part of their mutations. However, most immortal naga are women rather than men.
Naga women are tall and slender, with fine scales and angular features, and often have at least four arms. For some reason naga women have proven better than naga men at maintaining pre-Sundering memories and personalities. As a result, naga women are intellectually and magically superior to their male counterparts, and naga society is matriarchal.
Bigger and physically stronger than naga women, naga men are relatively bestial in appearance. A male naga's head resembles that of a dragon, and he has a muscular humanoid torso. The scales that cover his body are larger and thicker than those that cover the body of a naga woman.

Naga[edit | edit source]

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BG27 024 Battlegrounds.png
BG27 012 Battlegrounds.png
BG27 004 Battlegrounds.png
BG27 025 Battlegrounds.png
BG28 631 Battlegrounds.png
BG23 012 Battlegrounds.png
BG23 004 Battlegrounds.png
TSC 657.png
BG23 006 Battlegrounds.png
ETC 359.png
BG23 008 Battlegrounds.png
BG23 009 Battlegrounds.png
BG23 000 Battlegrounds.png
TU4e 003.png
TSC 052t.png
BG23 014 Battlegrounds.png
TSC 828.png
BG23 002 Battlegrounds.png
BG23 001 Battlegrounds.png
BG23 005 Battlegrounds.png
VAC 304.png
TSC 827.png
ETC 833.png
BG23 HERO 304 Buddy Battlegrounds.png
ETC 332.png
WW 383.png
TID 080.png
TSC 823.png
TSC 941t.png
UPCOMING 100365.png
TSC 213.png
TSC 053.png
TSC 073.png
BG26 501 Battlegrounds.png
BG23 011 Battlegrounds.png
ETC 410.png
TSC 643.png
TSC 217.png
TID 074.png
TOY 054.png
TSC 826.png
BG26 502 Battlegrounds.png
TSC 212.png
TID 706.png
TID 085.png
TID 002.png
TID 717.png
TSC 218.png
BT 109.png
TID 098.png
BG25 039 Battlegrounds.png
NX2 035.png
BG26 045 Battlegrounds.png
TSC 955.png
WW 400.png
TSC 938.png
BG23 007 Battlegrounds.png
NX2 003.png
BT 355.png
LOOT 516.png
TSC 017.png
REV 925.png
WW 402.png
VAC 954.png
TSC 087.png
BG29 870 Battlegrounds.png
BG22 HERO 007 Buddy Battlegrounds.png
ETC 029.png
ETC 111.png
CFM 651.png
TSC 052.png
BG26 171 Battlegrounds.png
WW 332.png
BG26 590 Battlegrounds.png
TSC 620.png
BGDUO 122 Battlegrounds.png
TSC 057t.png
TSC 936.png
TSC 071.png
BGS 200 Battlegrounds.png
BG26 505 Battlegrounds.png
VAC 449t.png
VAC 449.png
TSC 648.png
BG23 003 Battlegrounds.png
DS1 055.png
BG23 010 Battlegrounds.png
TID 709.png
TID 709t.png
TID 709t2.png
TID 709t3.png
DEEP 004.png
ULD 435.png
TSC 641.png
BG29 879 Battlegrounds.png
TSC 020.png
TSC 609.png
NX2 026.png
TSC 652.png
BG25 044 Battlegrounds.png
BG28 405 Battlegrounds.png
BG27 083 Battlegrounds.png
BG23 013 Battlegrounds.png
TSC 917.png
TSC 917t.png
TSC 658.png
VAC 301.png
BG27 514 Battlegrounds.png
TSC 064.png
BT 109t.png
TSC 630.png
BT 761.png
BT 761t.png
LOE 038.png
TSC 829.png

Naga art[edit | edit source]

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BG24 017 Battlegrounds.png
BG26 502t.png
BG28 631t.png
TSC 032t.png
BG27 012t.png
BG29 879t.png
BG26 501t.png
BG27 514t.png
BG28 405t.png
BG29 870 Gt.png
TSC 023.png
TSC 952.png
TID 001.png
WW 404.png
BG23 015 Battlegrounds.png
TSC 215.png
UPCOMING 105559.png
TSC 927t.png
TSC 946.png
TSC 948.png
TSC 941.png
TSC 006.png
TSC 058.png
VAC 308.png
BG28 606.png
TSC 944.png
TSC 056.png
TSC 072.png
BG28 GIL 836.png
UPCOMING 100369.png
ETC 335.png
TSC 947.png
VAC 329.png
TID 708.png
REV 924.png
TID 075.png
TSC 926.png
VAC 324.png
TSC 775t.png
TSC 945t.png
TID 703.png
BT 110.png
TSC 943.png
BG23 013 Battlegrounds.png
TSC 656.png
TID 949.png