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This page lists cards with card art depicting ancients.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Ancients are demigod-like trees. The wisps act in unison with the night elves and serve to strengthen the demigod-like trees known as the Ancients. The ancients were among the first creatures of Azeroth, the first guardians of its life.
The ancients are giant, sentient trees that sometimes serve as advisers and protectors of the night elves. They lack apparent independent construction of settlements, but are otherwise highly intelligent. They can also root into the ground to become more of a tree. Able to live for thousands of years, the lifespan of an ancient makes those of night elves look very short. As such, they see time differently from the mortal races, and often times years are seen as akin to seconds.

Ancients[edit | edit source]

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OG 051.png
AV 142t.png
LOOT 048.png
TRL 341t.png
REV 336t3.png
ETC 387bt.png
REV 310.png
DMF 734.png
GIL 667.png
TTN 903t4.png
TOT 116.png
CFM 854.png
ULD 135at.png
TTN 926.png
NEW1 008.png
EX1 178.png
DRG 319.png
PVPDR YOP DruidT1.png
ETC 387ct.png
CS2 232.png
DAL 357.png
BRM 009.png
DAL 357t.png

Ancient art[edit | edit source]

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TTN 950.png
SCH 182.png
ETC 387b.png
ETC 387c.png
ETC 387.png
TRL 341.png
ULD 135a.png
ULD 135.png
TTN 926b.png
TTN 926a.png
EX1 178b.png
TTN 954.png
GVG 033.png