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Book of Heroes is a single-player game mode first released on September 15, 2020.

It uses a classic linear adventure format with an appearance similar to Dungeon Run screen. Book of Heroes is about telling the journeys and stories of heroes, such as the ones who represent the classes in Hearthstone, like  Jaina Proudmoore. Most of the stories told in this game mode are based on canonical stories of World of Warcraft.

Book of Heroes features a chapter for each of the ten classes before Patch, as well as  Ambassador Faelin, for a total of 100 unique missions or bosses. It is completely free to play and available to everyone. Additionally, completing a story rewards the player with a corresponding class pack, a special card back, or another type of card pack.

The card back rewarded is Ghost Ship and the Player must complete the entire Book of Heroes in order to unlock.

Mage was the first class and  Jaina Proudmoore's story was the first story to be introduced.[1]

Structure[edit | edit source]

Book of Heroes's Choose Hero menu

For general information on adventures, see Adventure.

  • Book of Heroes comprises 100 boss encounters in total.
    • The encounters are split into different classes' stories, making each consist of 8 (or 20 in the case of Faelin) encounters.
      • (Faelin's chapter contains 17 bosses per run, but the bosses change depending on the character chosen at the start of the run, totaling in 20 unique bosses for the entire chapter)
  • The player is given pre-made deck for each boss encounter, controls a special hero with their corresponding Hero Power, and gets special interactions between their hero and boss.
  • During a class' story, the player must encounter the bosses in order and cannot choose the specific ones.
    • However, if the player loses an encounter, the player can try again without being reset to the first encounter, unlike Dungeon Run or similar modes.
      • The player can press the "Retire" button, which is under the player's hero portrait, to be reset willingly.

Boss encounters and characters[edit | edit source]

Below are the current lists of boss encounters and lists of player characters of Book of Heroes. Note that the lists will be updated when there is a new class story to be released over the following months.

Release schedule[edit | edit source]

Hero Date of release
Icon Mage 32.png Jaina September 15th, 2020
Icon Hunter 32.png Rexxar October 13th, 2020
Icon Warrior 32.png Garrosh December 16th, 2020
Icon Paladin 32.png Uther January 5th, 2021
Icon Priest 32.png Anduin February 2nd, 2021
Icon Rogue 32.png Valeera March 2nd, 2021
Icon Shaman 32.png Thrall May 25th, 2021
Icon Druid 32.png Malfurion June 22th, 2021
Icon Warlock 32.png Gul'dan July 20th, 2021
Icon Demon Hunter 32.png Illidan August 10th, 2021
Icon Druid 32.png Faelin June 1st, 2022

Rewards[edit | edit source]

A hero's Book of Heroes has been completed

Upon completing a class' story, the player can claim a corresponding class pack. As soon as the player defeats the final boss of a story, a following note, titled <Hero name>'s Book of Heroes, appears:

<Hero name>'s Book of Heroes has been completed. Celebrate with a new card pack!

Boss cards[edit | edit source]

Main article: Book of Heroes boss cards

In addition to the collectible cards from card sets, Book of Heroes brings many unique cards, Playable Heroes, Hero Powers and many more available only during the boss encounters.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Faelin is the first non-base hero character to get a chapter in the Book of Heroes.
    • Due to this, the Book of Heroes is no longer limited to strictly Warcraft-original characters, and future chapters may also include Hearthstone-original characters.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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