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Patch is a Hearthstone patch released July 1, 2019. It is a medium-sized patch, adding the pre-purchase for the upcoming Saviors of Uldum expansion (including an alternate hero and a card back), new Hall of Fame rotations, several new Basic and Classic cards, card art changes, and reduced Tavern Brawl downtime.

Patch notes[edit | edit source]

In this update we’re slathering on sunscreen, refueling our lanterns, and preparing for a trip to dusty tombs and scorching deserts – Hearthstone’s newest expansion, Saviors of Uldum, launches August 6! Read on to find out what changes and additions were just added to the game - including Hall of Fame additions, new Classic and Basic cards, card art updates, and much more!

Pre-Purchase Saviors of Uldum![edit | edit source]

Be ready to encounter restless mummies, unleash powerful plagues, and discover ancient secrets when Saviors of Uldum, Hearthstone’s newest expansion, launches on August 6!

  • Saviors of Uldum Bundle - Get 50 Saviors of Uldum card packs, the Elise’s Journal card back, and a golden Legendary minion from Saviors of Uldum.
  • Saviors of Uldum Mega Bundle - Get 80 Saviors of Uldum card packs, the Elise’s Journal card back, a golden Legendary minion from Saviors of Uldum, and the new Druid Hero Elise Starseeker!

Upcoming events[edit | edit source]

  • Things are heating up as we lead up to the launch of Saviors of Uldum. Stay tuned for more information on an exciting upcoming event!

Hall of Fame Additions[edit | edit source]

 Vanish (Rogue) and  Mind Blast (Priest) have been moved to the Hall of Fame.

New Basic & Classic Cards[edit | edit source]

We’ve added the following new cards to the Basic & Classic sets. Players who have unlocked the Basic cards will receive the new additions automatically, while the new Classic cards can be obtained by opening Classic card packs, or by crafting them with Arcane Dust.

All players who have the old Basic cards (Vanish and Mind Blast) will receive the new Basic cards (Plaguebringer and Radiance).

  • If you have Wild unlocked, you’ll keep Vanish and Mind Blast as Hall of Fame Commons. If not, you’ll receive an equivalent amount of dust.
  • Standard decks will have Vanish and Mind Blast replaced with Plaguebringer and Radiance.

For more information on Classic card additions, Hearthstone Class Identities, and the new additions to the Hall of Fame, check out our Dev Insights blog here.

Card Art Updates[edit | edit source]

The following cards have received new card art:

Card Consistency Updates[edit | edit source]

 Pilfer: We’ve updated the card text and functionality for Pilfer to match the recent changes to other “ Burgle” cards currently available in Standard.

  • Pilfer Old Text: Add a random card to your hand (from your opponent's class).
  • Pilfer Updated Text: Add a random card from another class to your hand.

Multi-Target Cards: We’ve updated the following multi-target cards to function even if there is only one viable target on the board. These cards will now also properly trigger when played by random effects such as Yogg’Saron[sic].

The Tavern’s (almost) Always Open[edit | edit source]

Downtime for Tavern Brawls has been reduced to 1 hour per week. Tavern Brawls will now begin every week on Wednesday at 9:00 AM PDT and end the following Wednesday at 8:00 AM PDT (times and dates will vary by region)

Card Backs[edit | edit source]

  • Elise's Journal

Game Improvements and Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

Dalaran Heist Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

We’ve made a number of balance adjustments to The Dalaran Heist. For details, see our forums post here.

  • Elise's Journal – Acquired from purchasing one of the Saviors of Uldum bundles.
  • Matchmaking has been improved for players who are new to Arena mode. These players will be matched against other new players with the same number of wins.
  • Fixed an issue where  Summoning Portal and  Reckless Experimenter's effects were being applied at different timings than other similar cost modification effects.
  •  Rafaam's Scheme and  Dreamway Guardians can no longer be played if your board is full.
  •  Shrink Ray and  Equality will now behave in a way that's consistent with  Sunkeeper Tarim in regards to stat-buffing aura effects, such as  Stormwind Champion.
  •  Hunting Party will now generate golden cards if it is copying a golden minion.
  • Cards generated by  Shadowcaster and  Sonya Shadowdancer will now receive the bonuses from  Magic Carpet.
  •  Duel! can no longer be cast if both sides of the board are full.
  •  Wilfred Fizzlebang's cost reduction now works with all card-drawing hero powers.
  •  Shudderwock now randomly resolves any Discover spells cast by  Drustvar Horror.
  • Fixed an issue where losing your internet connection while in the middle of editing a deck would sometimes not save the deck changes after you reconnected to the internet.
  • Creating Zayle and Whizbang decks should now properly show the card's deck header art instead of the class art.
  • [Mobile] Fixed an issue that could cause a blank page to appear if you changed regions while on the sign-in page..
  • [Dalaran Heist]  Spirit of the Tiger now summons tigers with correct attack and health values while fighting in the Underbelly.
  • [Dalaran Heist]  Cursed! cards from  The Hand of Rafaam will now trigger their visual effects properly.
  • [Dalaran Heist] Hero cards that are transformed by  Golden Candle will no longer retain their hero power tooltip.
  • [Dalaran Heist] Fixed an animation issue related to replaying minions affected by  Bribery after they were destroyed.