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Patch is a Hearthstone patch released February 5, 2019. It is a medium patch, containing various balance changes and the start of the Lunar New Year event.

Patch notes[edit | edit source]

This Hearthstone update kicks off Lunar New Year with a bang and sets the stage for the upcoming Season of Rastakhan Tavern Brawl event. We also made some mobile optimizations and fixed some bugs.

Read on for details!

Events[edit | edit source]

Lunar New Year[edit | edit source]

Celebrate Lunar New Year 2019 from February 5 through February 12!

Season of Rastakhan[edit | edit source]

February 13 through March 3 earn glory for the Loa—and card packs!—over three weeks of Tavern Brawls during the Brawl of Champions.

  • The Brawl of Champions – A series of three special Tavern Brawls. Choose a rumble Champion and harness the power of each Loa's Shrine to prove which Loa is the mightiest!
    • Each Champion will have a new deck and Shrine each week!
  • New repeatable Quest: For the Glory of Rastakhan – Play a Tavern Brawl 3 times to earn a Rastakhan’s Rumble card pack. Available each Wednesday when the Tavern Brawl starts.
    • Earn up to three Rastakhan's Rumble card packs over the course of the Season of Rastakhan!

Card Changes[edit | edit source]

Be sure to read the Upcoming Balance Update – February 2019 blog for details:

Non-Basic cards can be disenchanted for their full Arcane Dust value for two weeks.

Card backs[edit | edit source]

Added the following card backs:

  • Mark of Hakkar Reward from a match with another player using card back "Mark of Hakkar " in any mode.
  • Kul Tiras

Game Improvements[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue that could cause cards that copy and set minion Health to a specific value to incorrectly activate "while damaged" effects.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause  Augmented Elekk to shuffle a copy of a card drawn by  Tracking into the deck.
  •  Corrupted Blood no longer benefits from Spell Damage.
  •  Spellbender can no longer attack itself when activated by  The Beast Within.
  •  Corrupting Mist and  Reckless Experimenter can no longer incorrectly cause  Immortal Prelate to be removed from the hand or deck.
  • Fixed an instability issue that could occur when  Book of Specters drew multiple copies of  Corrupted Blood.
  • Fixed an instability issue that could occur when attempting to view an enemy minion as it's being returned to an opponent's hand.
  •  Gral, the Shark now works properly when executing its battlecry more times than there are minions left in your deck.
  •  Mecha'thun that has been transformed will no longer incorrectly play its original effects when destroyed.
  •  Astral Raptor Overkill animations will no longer play multiple times.
  • Copied Zombeasts now correctly keep their Zombeast visual aura.
  • The enchantments from  Clutchmother Zavas now collapse into a single enchantment banner.
  • [Rumble Run] Fixed a bug where damage from healing due to  Bwonsamdi's Covenant was not properly being credited to the source of the damage.
  • [Rumble Run]  Fireslinger now stops casting Fireballs if there are no valid targets.
  • [Rumble Run] Fixed an issue with  Tribute from the Tides not granting extra battlecries if it was damaged while buffed.
  • [Rumble Run] Casting an Overload spell while affected by  Electra Stormsurge now triggers  Overcharged Totem once for each cast.
  • [Rumble Run] Fixed an instability issue that could occur when playing  Bouncing Blade while the  Pirate's Mark Shrine is in play.
  • [Mobile] To reduce the initial size of the Hearthstone mobile app, some sound files are now an optional download.
  • [Mobile] Hand and mana are now moved aside when Choose One cards are displayed.
  • [Android] Background downloads are now displayed as a notification.

Undocumented changes[edit | edit source]