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Patch is a Hearthstone patch released October 20, 2016. It brought several card changes specifically to Murlocs, added the returning player experience, made a number of critical bug fixes, and added a large number of new quests.

The official patch notes announcement can be found [ here]. An extended version including additional notes on bug fixes was posted in the official forums here.[citation needed]

Patch notes[edit | edit source]

  •  Ethereal Peddler now reads “Battlecry: If you’re holding any non-Rogue class cards, reduce their Cost by (2).” This was done to make it more clear, especially with upcoming releases.
  • The following Murlocs that affected ALL Murlocs now only affect friendly ones, to improve the Murloc mirror-match. These cards are not eligible for a full dust refund.
  • One Night in Karazhan cards will now show up with the same frequency as other card sets in the Arena
  • The following bugs have been squashed:
  • The following card back has been added:
    • Welcome Inn – Acquired by attending BlizzCon 2016 or purchasing a Virtual Ticket for BlizzCon 2016.
  • Many new daily quests have been added. [Murlocalypse, Cry Havoc, all [class] Mastery quests, Overpowered, Stable Master, Beyond the Dark Portal, Mrgrgrglrr, Swashbuckler, For Azeroth!, Death to the Living!, Tiny Bubbles Make Me Happy, Rampage, You Shall Not Pass!, Elemental Overload, Combo Meal, It's a Secret to Everyone, Weaponmaster, Inspiring, Emerald Dream, Welcome to the Jungle, Arcane Brilliance, Righteousness, Shadow and Light, They Came From Behind. The Maelstrom, Dark Soul, Tactician]

Forum post[edit | edit source]

The following patch notes were not included in the main patch notes blog, but were included in a separate linked post in the official forums:

  •  Terestian Illhoof will no longer use Icky Imps (Heroic) to attack certain minions if it will cause Terestian Illhoof to take fatal damage.
  • The curtains on the Karazhan board are now affected by the  Nozdormu sandstorm.
  • Hitting the Escape key while on the Main Hub once again opens the game menu.
  • Illidan will once again play  Darkscale Healer during the Tutorial.
  • Spending and gaining Mana Crystals in rapid succession should no longer cause display issues.
  • Cards should no longer rearrange themselves at random after playing several cards quickly.
  • Casting  Silvermoon Portal or  Moonglade Portal with certain other cards will no longer cause summoned minions to float.
  • Golden Heroes are now animated during Arena matches.
  • Spectators should no longer experience graphical glitches when cards are returned to the hand.
  • Golden Heroes will now appear golden in game again for all players.
  •  Malchezaar's Imp will no longer be triggered by cards that do not get discarded.
  • Non-targeted Hero powers will no longer remain flipped if used just before the rope timer forces the end of turn.
  • Resolved an issue where an intended card played from the hand would occasionally be swapped with an adjacent card.
  • Increased Spell Damage animations should no longer persist after minions with Spell Damage are removed from the battlefield.
  • Quickly targeting a minion with Divine Shield with a second attack that would kill it now correctly displays the skull icon.
  • Addressed a text inconsistency with “Choose One” cards.
  • Heroes should no longer give a second warning that the turn is nearly over.
  •  Yogg-Saron, Hope's End will no longer cast spells after being Silenced.
  • “Win 5 Tavern Brawls” quest will no longer be given during days that Tavern Brawls are not active.
  • Resolved an issue where players that didn’t cycle quests after a certain period of time then cleared all quests at once could acquire multiple quests in a single day.

Undocumented changes[edit | edit source]

  • The documented change whereby spells cast by  Yogg-Saron, Hope's End now apply Overload to the minion's owner also applies to  Servant of Yogg-Saron (presumed patch)
  • A new returning player experience has been added, including the Return of the Hero challenge.
  • Several hidden quests have been added:
    • Return of the Hero, Ready for Action, Back in the Game!, Hail, Champion! [1 pack], Hail, Champion! [2 packs], Hail, Champion! [3 packs], Hail, Champion! [4 packs], Hail, Champion! [5 packs], Hail, Champion! [6 packs]
  • The innkeeper has some new welcome quotes.
  • All of  Tyrande Whisperwind's emotes for upcoming events and features have been removed. Good game emote has also been removed.
  • Typo in Tyrande's emote corrected from "I am almost out of card." to "I am almost out of cards."