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Patch is a Hearthstone patch released on January 21, 2021. It is a large patch, adding the data for Darkmoon Races and the Lunar New Year event. It also contains Battlegrounds and Duels updates.

Patch notes[edit | edit source]

The 19.4 patch, releasing on January 21, includes the new Darkmoon Races Mini-Set, new Heroes and Minions for Battlegrounds, a Mid-Season Update for Duels, an Arena rotation, bug fixes, and more!

Battlegrounds Updates[edit | edit source]

Players with Battlegrounds Perks will have early access to these new Heroes before they're formally released on February 4.
  •  Soul Devourer
    • [Tier 3, Demon] 3 Attack, 3 Health
    • Battlecry: Choose a friendly Demon. Remove it to gain its stats and 3 Gold.
  •  Ring Matron
    • [Tier 4, Demon] 6 Attack, 4 Health
    • Taunt. Deathrattle: Summon two 3/2 Imps.

Darkmoon Races Mini-Set[edit | edit source]

Hearthstone's first ever Mini-Set, The Darkmoon Races, features 35 unique cards—4 Legendary, 1 Epic (x2), 14 Rare (x2), and 16 Common (x2) for a total of 66 new cards that draw on familiar card mechanics from throughout the Year of the Phoenix! Collectible Darkmoon Races Mini-Set cards can be found in Madness at the Darkmoon Faire card packs, and the entire set is available for purchase from the in-game or web shop for $14.99 or 2000 Gold. Read more about the Darkmoon Races Mini-Set here!

Duels Updates[edit | edit source]

The Duels Mid-Season Update will add 10 new Hero Powers, 25 new Signature Treasures (5 of which are Dual-Class), 4 new Passive Treasures, and 2 new Active Treasures on January 21! Heroic and Casual ratings will reset with the 19.4 patch, and new Achievements will become available for you to complete. Read more about the Duels Mid-Season Update here!

Dev Comment: There is a known issue where the countdown timer at the bottom of the Duels start screen is incorrect. Duels ratings will reset with the 19.4 patch on January 21.

Arena Rotation[edit | edit source]

When the 19.4 patch is released on January 21, the Arena will include cards from the following sets:

Bug Fixes & Game Improvements[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a Battlegrounds bug where  Argent Braggart would not retain stat buffs when tripled.
  • Fixed a bug where  Malevolent Strike would not discount itself when created by  Deck of Lunacy.
  • Fixed a bug where losing control of a minion immediately when it comes into play (such as playing  Silas Darkmoon on an empty board) would not correctly Corrupt cards in hand.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'created by' tag on generated cards was showing up as 'UNKNOWN ENTITY' when played.
  • Fixed a bug where  Glinda Crowskin would not grant Echo to cards modified by  Deck of Chaos.
  • Fixed a visual bug where transforming a Dormant minion could make it appear to retain buffs while Dormant.
  • Fixed a visual bug where Corrupted minions appeared to respawn on the board after being destroyed.
  • Fixed a visual bug where viewing progress for quests such as  Open the Waygate would no longer highlight cards in hand that did not start in your deck.
  • Fixed a visual bug where Zombeasts in play only displayed card text for the first beast selection when using the  Build-A-Beast Hero Power.
  • Passive Treasures offered between matches in Duels should now present more options that are better suited for the class you're playing.

Coming February 2 - Book of Heroes Anduin[edit | edit source]

Raised with the expectation he would follow in his father's footsteps, Prince Anduin has instead forged his own way through the grace of the Light. He learned to wield holy magic as well as a sword, making him a unique figure among the royalty of Azeroth. Thus armed, Anduin has embarked on numerous adventures as far away as the storied realm of Pandaria and as close as the decaying ruins of Lordaeron.

Follow Anduin's journey in the next installment of Hearthstone Book of Heroes, releasing on February 2! Defeating all 8 bosses in this linear adventure will reward 1 Priest Pack, containing only Priest cards from Standard!