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Patch is a Hearthstone patch released August 8th, 2017. It is a large patch, adding all data for the upcoming Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion.

Patch notes[edit | edit source]

In this Hearthstone update we’re laying a path of frost for Knights of the Frozen Throne, Hearthstone’s newest expansion! We’re also making Arena rewards more consistent, changing Dreadsteed, and fixing several bugs.

Read on for details!

Knights of the Frozen Throne arrives on August 10!

  • Witness as Hearthstone’s heroes embrace the Lich King’s power to become Death Knights in Hearthstone’s latest expansion: Knights of the Frozen Throne. Knights of the Frozen Throne introduces 135 all-new cards -- including a crypt-full of undead monstrosities, a new health-draining keyword in Lifesteal, and an all-new card type: Hero cards!
  • Death Knight Hero cards – Each of Hearthstone’s nine Heroes can wield the chilling power of a Death Knight. Hero cards are an all-new card type, neither spell nor minion, that allow you to transform your existing hero into a new one, complete with a powerful Battlecry, armor, and a potent new hero power!
  • Knights of the Frozen Throne introduces free single-player Missions.
    • A new section of Missions unlocks each week until all the Missions are unlocked.
    • The Prologue and The Lower Citadel are available with the launch of Knights of the Frozen Throne.
    • Earn a free random Death Knight hero card just for facing the Lich King in the Prologue. Earn a Knights of the Frozen Throne card pack after completing each Mission section, for a total of 3.
    • Defeat the final Mission with all nine classes to earn a new Paladin hero!
  • Arena Rewards: Reduced variance of rewards in Arena. In particular, reward bags will no longer contain single, non-Golden Common cards.
The patch nodes are not completely correct here; single- non-Golden Common cards can still be in reward bags for Arena runs ending with 0, 1, or 2 wins.[1]
  • Arena Draft Change – The first two sets of cards in a draft are now more likely to include synergy-based cards.
  • Added the following card backs:
    • Blood Knight – Acquired from achieving Rank 20 in Ranked Play, August 2017.
    • Frost Knight – Acquired from achieving Rank 20 in Ranked Play, September 2017.
    • Call of the Light – Acquired from a special promotion.
    • Call of the Void – Acquired from a special promotion.
  • Card Change:  Dreadsteed.
    • Dreadsteed’s text now reads: Deathrattle: At the end of the turn, summon a Dreadsteed.
  • Mistress of Pain and  Wickerflame Burnbristle now use the Lifesteal keyword.
  •  Fandral Staghelm’s text has been updated to reflect that he will interact with powers as well: Your Choose One cards and powers have both effects combined.
  • Changing your Hero will no longer 'refresh' your weapon swing.
  •  Auchenai Soulpriest and similar effects will only trigger once when combined with Lifesteal.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • The deck recipe "replace missing cards" UI no longer closes after every card is selected.
  • Devices with no Wifi capability will now correctly receive a no wifi error message during Fireside Gatherings.
  • Adventure bosses now correctly respond to the 'Wow' emote.
  • Several cards that interact with cards of a specific type now glow when those cards are on the board.
  •  Anub'ar Ambusher no longer shows a Poisonous Keyword on mouse-over.

Undocumented changes[edit | edit source]

Known bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Graphical corruption tied to using the DK Priest Hero Power  Voidform, fast usage of the it can make the Hearthstone client unresponsive
  • Bugged friendlist - sometimes it's impossible to add new friends
  • Significantly increased delay between playing certain cards and processing their effect ( Shifting Shade,  Mimic Pod)
  •  Sword of Justice /  Atiesh combined with  Leeching Poison seems to heal your hero for one HP each time you summon a minion
  • Hovering over DK Paladin Hero power in history shows bugged animation
  • When achieving 500 wins with a Death Knight hero, the congratulatory screen shows low-res portrait of the Death Knight hero

References[edit | edit source]