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Patch is a Hearthstone patch made available on 29 January 2015. The patch added a new card back, made a balance change to  Undertaker, and made various minor adjustments.

Patch notes[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • The following card backs have been added to Hearthstone:
    • Maraad Card Back: Acquired by reaching Rank 20 or higher in Ranked Play mode during the month of January.
  • (zhCN/koKR/zhTW) Celebrate the Lunar New Year in Hearthstone! Heroes will say “Happy New Year” instead of “Hello” when emotes are used.
  • Card packs in the in-game Shop no longer default to Classic card packs. Players must now manually choose which card packs they would like to buy before making a purchase the first time the Shop is used or with each release of new card sets in the Shop. Once a card pack is purchased, the Shop will default to the last purchased card pack until the next time a new card set is released in the Shop.

Card Changes[edit | edit source]

  •  Undertaker now reads: Whenever you summon a minion with Deathrattle, gain +1 Attack.
    • Undertaker was frustrating to play against. It often gained both attack and health stats significantly above those of other inexpensive minions very early in the game. With this change, we expect Undertaker will still be better than other 1-mana minions when played in a deck with a Deathrattle theme, but more likely to die from combat with other minions.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Secrets no longer have a delay between their trigger and animation. Poor  Noble Sacrifice – it just wants to get down!
  • Addressed an issue that sometimes resulted in player names showing up as Unknown in-game. You’re a player, not a Secret!
  • (esMX) Updated  Malorne’s text to now be correct.
  • (ptBR) Updated  Scarlet Purifier’s text to now be correct.

Undocumented changes[edit | edit source]

The following changes were made either with this patch or with Patch, with the former appearing more likely.