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Patch is a Hearthstone patch released November 29, 2016. It is a large patch, adding all data for the upcoming Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion, as well as four card backs and numerous Tavern Brawl cards. The patch also saw changes to some previous Tavern Brawl cards.

Patch notes[edit | edit source]

The Tavern’s never been more rough and tumble! This Hearthstone update paves the way for the arrival of The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, Hearthstone’s latest expansion. Join three crime families as they vie for power in the back alleys of Gadgetzan with all-new Tri-Class cards, and a gritty game board featuring each of the city’s districts. This update also adds several swanky new card backs and fixes some bugs.

Read on for details!

The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan[edit | edit source]

  • Grab your shiniest brass knuckles and get ready to rumble on The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. Hearthstone’s latest expansion will be available beginning December 1st and includes:
    • 132 all-new cards.
    • Tri-Class cards - special neutral minions that break the rules to be included in the decks of all three classes associated with each family:
    • A new game board featuring each district of Gadgetzan that’ll have you calling your friends to come out to play.
  • The following card backs have been added.
    • Jade Lotus – Acquired by achieving Rank 20 in Ranked Play, December 2016.
    • Grimy Goons – Acquired by achieving Rank 20 in Ranked Play, January 2017.
    • Kabal – Acquired by achieving Rank 20 in Ranked Play, February 2017.
    • And perhaps one more card back to come, should the stars align. . .
  • A search for missing in the Collection Manager will now automatically switch you to Crafting Mode and find any cards that you are missing or don’t already own two or more copies of.
  • Several cards now properly generate a history tile when played.
  • We’ve implemented numerous AI improvements and bug fixes.
  • We fixed a client issue that could occur when playing multiple spells while  Archmage Antonidas is in play.
  • We fixed a Spectator Mode issue that could occur when  Raven Idol is played.
  • Various UI & text issues have been resolved.

Undocumented changes[edit | edit source]

  •  Reno Jackson now reads “Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, fully heal your hero.”
  •  Lord Jaraxxus's Hero Power  INFERNO! now has a suitably impressive visual effect.
  • New promotional quests: Join the Goons, Join the Jade Lotus, Join the Kabal, Wrong side of Town, Wise Beyond Your Years, A Job for Ya'
  • Several new Deck Recipes have been added replacing older lists:
    • Added: The Lotus’ Golems (Druid), Band of Beasts (Hunter), Kabalist Mixology (Mage), The Mean Market (Paladin), Hidden Dragon (Priest), Gadgetzan Dockside (Rogue), Murloc Association (Shaman), Demons of the Kabal (Warlock), The Goons’ Empire (Warrior)
    • Removed: Overwhelming Numbers (Druid), Whispers of Death (Hunter), Dragonfire (Mage), Shields Up! (Paladin), Strike With the Shadows (Priest), Empowered Spells (Rogue), Minion Evolution (Shaman), Handlock (Warlock), Reno Jackson (Warrior)
  • The Tavern Brawl button on the main menu now lights up whenever there is a Brawl available that the player has not yet played.
  • Numerous Tavern Brawl cards have been added: Shredder Blade, Dr. Boom Boom Boom Boom, Boom Bot Brood, Boom Bot Brood, Annoy-o-p-Tron, Weapon Rack, Discarded Armor, Chest of Gold!, Diabolical Powers, So Many..., Hell Bovine, Guardian, Hell Bovine Champion, Visions of the Assassin, Visions of the Barbarian, Visions of Hate, Visions of the Crusader, Visions of Valor, Visions of Fate, Visions of the Amazon, Visions of the Sorcerer, Visions of the Necromancer, Visions of Knowledge, Lightning, Summon Guardians, Moo.., The Portal Opens, Stampede, The Cow King, Twisting Nether?, Enigmatic Portal, Peruse
  • Changes were made to cards from several previous Tavern Brawls, including Boom Bot vs. Annoy-o-Tron!, Return of Mechazod!, Nefarian Rises! and Party Portals!.[1] A possibly incomplete list of cards changed: Party Elemental, Party Elemental(42076), Mime, Romulo. Minor changes to card text phrasing only: Shieldsman, Boom Bot Jr..
  • The innkeeper has learned some new quotes to prepare players for the mean streets of Gadgetzan.
  • Three "score labels" have been added: Bovines Killed, Kings Killed, Secrets Revealed
  • New debug cards added: Death No Rattle, Destroy Played Cards
  • When the target dummy on the Grand Tournament battlefield is struck, it will now occasionally spin off the battlefield, sometimes returning, sometimes not. [Presumed patch, first documented Jan 18]

References[edit | edit source]