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Patch is a Hearthstone patch released on September 27, 2022. It's a major patch, releasing card data for Maw and Disorder mini-set, new cosmetic for Battlegrounds boards, huge content updates for Mercenaries, Arena rotation, and techincal changes to the Ranked system for New player experience.

Patch Notes[edit | edit source]

Patch 24.4.1[edit | edit source]

Patch 24.4.1 is a server-side hotfix scheduled for this afternoon that includes the following game updates and bug fixes:

Battlegrounds Changes
Armor Updates

Quest Reward Updates

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements

  • [Hearthstone] Updated  Theft Accusation's effect timing to match the text of the card (“after” instead of “whenever”).
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where  Theotar, the Mad Duke would cause crashes if the card swapped was a “Choose One” card.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where  Parrrley would not enter the opponent's deck if the card swapped was a hero card.

Update: This patch has now been deployed to all servers. All new logins will be playing on servers with this patch.

Patch 24.4.0[edit | edit source]

Patch 24.4, launching on September 27, includes the new Murder at Castle Nathria Mini-Set, a returning Battlegrounds Hero, several Mercenaries updates, and more!

Maw and Disorder Mini-Set Commences on September 27

Sylvanas has been accused and must stand trial before the Jailer! Get all the Accusations, new synergies, and courtroom characters in this Mini-Set of 35 all-new cards to add to your collection. Get them in Murder at Castle Nathria packs, or as a complete 66-card* Mini-Set. Get the Normal version in-game for 1500 Runestones or 2000 Gold, or get the all-Golden version for $69.99 or 7000 Runestones.

* 4 Legendary cards (x1), 1 Epic card (x2), 14 Rare cards (x2), and 16 Common cards (x2)

Battlegrounds Updates

General Updates

  •  Another Hidden Body has been returned to the Quest Reward pool. Its animation has also been sped up.
  • Another Hidden Body has been made more difficult to earn.
  • When creating a private lobby, players can now invite friends of their invited friends.

Returning Hero

 Sylvanas Windrunner (Armor Tier 1)

  •  Reclaimed Souls
    • [1 Gold] Give +2/+1 to your minions that died last combat.

This new hero will be available in all lobbies for two weeks after patch launch.


New Cosmetic: Legendary Battlegrounds Boards

Introducing Legendary Battlegrounds Boards! Legendary Boards have six different visuals one for during the recruit phase and one for the combat phase, as well as special modifiers for when you are in the Top 4, when you are on a winstreak, when you are at low Health, and when you land a big hit! Experience the whole range of Legendary animations with the new Murloc Hideaway Legendary Battlegrounds Board, available starting October 11.

<figure class="center-block">


Mercenaries Updates

General Updates

  • {{Ml|C'Thun can now be earned through all normal methods.
  • New Keyword: Mercenaries/Charge! Characters with Charge immediately Attack a chosen target when summoned. This is like Rush except that Rush characters Attack a random enemy character when summoned while Charge lets you choose.

New Mercenaries

 Murloc Holmes (Legendary Protector)

  • Murloc – 13/87 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Hot on the Case 5: (Fire - Speed 9) Gain +5 Attack and Attack an enemy. It takes Critical Damage after it acts next turn.
    • Elementary! 5: (Nature - Speed 3, Cooldown 1) Give a friendly character Divine Shield. If they lose it this turn, they gain +5/+10 and Attack the enemies opposite them.
    • And the Killer Is! 5: (Speed 4, Cooldown 1) Deal 16 damage to an enemy. Make a prediction for a bonus.
      • First to Arrive 5: Deal 16 damage to an enemy. If it acted first this turn, deal 16 more and they act last next turn.
      • Last on the Scene 5: Deal 16 damage to an enemy. If it acts last in combat, deal 10 damage to all enemies.
      • Obviously the Murderer 5: Deal 16 damage to an enemy. After it destroys two Mercs, it takes 80 damage.
  • Equipment:
    • Trusty Sidekick 4: Battlecry: Summon a 12/30 Watfin (Beast) who Attacks enemies who damage your Murloc Holmes.
    • Paid Up Front 4: Battlecry: Gain +4/+4 and this Merc's Abilities Refresh (1).
    • Suspect Everyone 4: Passive: After an enemy casts a 4, 5, or 6 Speed Ability, deal 8 damage to them.

 Ysera (Legendary Fighter)

  • Dragon – 8/84 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Verdant Breath 5: (Nature - Speed 5) Deal 12 damage to an enemy. Restore that much Health to another friendly Dragon.
    • Emerald Dream 5: (Nature - Speed 5, Cooldown 1) Choose a Dream card to cast.
      • Emerald Drake 5: (Dragon) 25/20. Rush.
      • Ysera Awakens 5: (Nature) Deal 20 damage to all enemies and 5 damage to all other friendly characters.
      • Nightmare 5: (Shadow) Give a character +30 Attack, at the end of each turn they take 20 damage.
    • Emerald Oracle 5: (Speed 4, Cooldown 1) Choose One:
      • Restore 20 Health to a character. Your Mercs' abilities are (5) Speed faster this turn.
      • Restore 20 Health to a friendly Merc and return it to the bench.
  • Equipment:
    • Ysera's Vengeance 4: Verdant Breath deals 5 more damage.
    • Dream Infusion 4: Passive: After one of your characters dies, restore 7 Health to your Dragons.
    • Emerald Majesty 4: Ysera Awakens also restores 15 Health to this Merc.

 Bwonsamdi (Epic Fighter)

  • Troll – 3/89 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Soul Subjugation 5: (Shadow - Speed 9) Deal 28 damage. Deals 3 less damage for each time this was damaged this turn.
    • Irrefusable Offer 5: (Shadow - Speed 1) Choose one of Bwonsamdi's Deals. Increase the Cooldown of this ability by 1.
      • Deal of Time: All abilities with initial Speeds of (5) or faster are (5) Speed slower next turn. All others are (5) Speed faster.
      • Deal of Vanity: Gain +5 Health. All enemy abilities this turn target this (if possible).
      • Deal of Fear: This takes no damage this turn. Return all Mercs to the Bench at the end of the turn.
    • Binding Contract 5: (Shadow - Speed 2, Cooldown 2) Deal 12 damage to an enemy. If this Merc dies this turn, deal 90 more.
  • Equipment:
    • Arena Contender 4: Battlecry: This Merc's abilities Refresh (2). Deathrattle: Your abilities Refresh (2).
    • New Client 4: Resurrect one of your Mercs that died this game, with 24 Health remaining.
    • Spirit of the Dead 4: Passive: After one of your characters dies, restore 7 Health to your Trolls.

  Korrak the Bloodrager (Legendary Caster)

  • Troll – 11/60 Maxed Stats
  • Deathrattle: Destroy a random Minion. This Merc returns to life with their Health.
  • Abilities:
    • Mounting Anger 5: (Speed 5) Gain +5 Attack this turn and Attack an enemy. (Increases by +3 after use).
    • Eat the Dead 5: (Speed 4) Gain +8 Health. Health gain increases by +8 each time a character dies. Resets after use.
    • Blood Rage 5: (Speed 6, Cooldown 2) Distribute 20 damage to random enemies. (Increased by this Merc's missing Health).
  • Equipment:
    • Winterax Strong 4: Mounting Anger increases by an additional +4 Attack after use.
    • Honor Bound 4: Eat the Dead only increases when a friendly character dies, but increases by an extra +12.
    • The Everliving 4: Blood Rage gains: “Deathblow: Restore 20 Health.”

 Archimonde (Epic Caster)

  • Demon – 10/86 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Finger of Death 5: (Fel - Speed 4) Deal 12 damage. Gain +3 Fel Damage.
    • Rain of Chaos 5: (Fel - Speed 6, Cooldown 1) Deal 18 to all enemies. Your Fel abilities are (3) Speed faster next turn.
    • Doomfire 5: (Fel - Speed 3, Cooldown 1) Give all enemies +5 Fel Weakness this turn. Deal 10 damage to them after they act.
  • Equipment:
    • Edict of Argus 4: Doomfire's Fel Weakness is permanent.
    • Archimonde's Gold Coin 4: After a Demon dies, restore 10 Health to all friendly Demons.
    • The Infernal Codex 4: Finger of Death gains “Deathblow: Gain +4 Fel Damage.”

 Prince Malchezaar (Rare Protector)

  • Demon – 12/79 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Party Crasher 5: (Speed 3) Attack an enemy. If it is a Protector, it takes 10 more damage this turn.
    • Check Your Weapons 5: (Fel - Speed 5) Deal 18 damage to the highest Attack enemy. If it is a Fighter, its Attack is permanently halved, rounded up.
    • All Realities 5: (Shadow - Speed 3, Cooldown 2) Deal 25 damage to the next enemy who acts this turn. If it's a Caster, set its remaining Health to 5, instead.
  • Equipment:
    • Flying Axes 4: Passive: +15 Health. Battlecry: Change a random enemy Merc's Role to Protector.
    • Parrying Blade 4: Battlecry: Permanently reduce enemy Protectors' and Casters' Attack by 10.
    • Three Moves Ahead 4: Passive: Enemy Casters' Abilities are (2) Speed slower.

 Neeru Fireblade (Rare Caster)

  • Orc – 9/84 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Command Demon 5: (Fel - Speed 5) Summon a Wild Imp 5. Deal 10 damage to an enemy. Your Imps will target it this turn, if able.
      • Wild Imp 5: (Demon) 5/15. At the end of the turn, deal 12 Fel damage to a random enemy.
    • Burning Blade Portal 5: (Fel - Speed 5, Cooldown 2) At the end of your turn, fill your board with Wild Imps 5.
    • Imp-losion 5: (Fel - Speed 6, Cooldown 2) Destroy a friendly Imp. Deal 10 damage plus its Attack and Health to a random enemy 3 times.
  • Equipment:
    • Jumbo Imps 4: Wild Imp has +15 Health.
    • Combustible Imps 4: Wild Imp has “Deathrattle: Deal 12 Fel damage to a random enemy.”
    • Demon Armor 4: Passive: Your Demons have “Immune while Attacking.”

 Nemsy Necrofizzle (Rare Caster)

  • Gnome – 9/70 Maxed Stats
  • Battlecry: Summon a 10/25 Boggy Elemental with Taunt.
  • Abilities:
    • Boggy Blast 5: (Nature - Speed 7) Deal 15 damage. Summon a 10/25 Boggy with Taunt. If you already have Boggy, give it +15 Health instead.
    • Erupting Fungus 5: (Nature - Speed 4) Choose a friendly character. After it survives damage this turn, it deals 18 damage to a random enemy.
    • Bogonomics 5: (Nature - Speed 3) Give a friendly character +5/+10 and Taunt. If you have Boggy, give it +5/+5.
  • Equipment:
    • Bog Moss 4: Boggy gains “Adjacent characters take 7 less damage.”
    • Fishing Lure 4: Boggy gains +10 Health and “After this is attacked, Attack a random enemy.”
    • “Fresh” Peaches 4: Boggy gains “At the end of the turn, give your Taunt characters +12 Health.”

 Garona Halforcen (Rare Fighter)

  • Half-Orc – 10/84 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Smoke and Knives 5: (Shadow - Speed 8) Attack an enemy and deal 20 damage to an adjacent one. If this isn't already a Fighter, become one and deal 26 instead.
    • Shimmering Toxin 5: (Nature – Speed 1) Gain +10 Attack. Take 12 less damage this turn. Become a Protector. (Starts off Cooldown)
    • One and the Same 5: (Cooldown 1) Discover a Lineage Ability. Combo: Become a Caster first.
      • Dev comment: When Abilities Discover an Ability, that includes the Discovered Ability's Speed. A “Lineage Ability” is a selection from several classic Orc Abilities.
  • Equipment:
    • Shadowstep 4: End of Turn: If you control another Merc, gain +4/+5 and return to the bench.
    • Halforcen Legacy 4: Battlecry: If you control another Orc, gain +3/+10. Repeat for Dranei and Human.
    • Knife of Indecision 4: Battlecry: Gain +15 Health and become Neutral.

 Khadgar (Epic Caster)

  • Human – 10/82 Maxed Stats
  • At the end of the turn, if all three of your basic Abilities are upgraded, transform into Archmage Khadgar.
  • Abilities:
    • Arcane Surge 5: (Arcane - Speed 6) Deal 16 damage. Upgrade Blizzard to Root all enemies.
    • Blizzard 5: (Frost - Speed 5, Cooldown 1) Deal 14 damage. Upgrade Hearthfire to grant +5 Attack.
    • Hearthfire 5: (Fire - Speed 2) Give your characters +12 Health. Upgrade Arcane Surge to be (2) Speed.
  • Equipment:
    • Bakin' Bacon 4: Start of Game: Upgrade Hearthfire. Khadgar gains +8 Health.
    • Bitter Chill 4: Start of Game: Upgrade Blizzard and it Refreshes (1).
    • Boon of Atiesh 4: Archmage Khadgar has an extra +3 Fire, Frost, and Arcane Damage.

 Archmage Khadgar (Transformed Form)

  • Human – 10/82 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Prismatic Bolt 5: (Speed 2) Deal 16 damage. Gain +1 Fire, Frost, and Arcane Damage.
    • Archmage Nova 5: (Speed 5, Cooldown 1) Cast all of Khadgar's upgraded abilities.
    • Triune Supremacy 5: Discover one of Khadgar's upgraded abilities.

 Medivh (Legendary Protector)

  • Human – 11/86 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Arcane Rift 5: (Arcane - Speed 5) Deal 12 damage. Your next Arcane ability this turn deals Critical Damage.
    • Mage Guard 5: (Arcane - Speed 3) Give a friendly character +15 Health and Taunt this turn. After it is Attacked this turn, it gains +3 Arcane Damage.
    • Summon Raven Familiar 5: (Speed 6, Cooldown 1) Summon a Raven Familiar with “Spell Resistance +10” and the “Birds of a Feather 5” Ability.
      • Raven Familiar: (Beast) 10/20. Spell Resistance +10.
        • Birds of a Feather 5: (Arcane - Speed 6) Deal 8 damage. (Increases by 5 when you use another Arcane ability.)
  • Equipment:
    • Unstable Rune 4: Battlecry: Summon a 0/10 Arcane Ward with “Counter the first Ability used each turn.”
    • Medivh's Locket 4: After you summon a minion, give it +4 Arcane Damage.
    • Staff of Atiesh 4: Start of Game: Give friendly Casters +5/+10.

 Tess Greymane (Rare Protector)

  • Human – 16/92 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Yoink! 5: (Shadow - Speed 4) Deal 15 damage. Transform into a one-time copy of the ability the target cast this turn. (if possible)
    • Moonlight Resolve! 5: (Arcane - Speed 3) Restore 25 Health. Transform into a one-time copy of the last enemy ability cast this turn. (if possible)
    • Princess Power! 5: (Cooldown 1) Discover an enemy ability. Cast 12 unique abilities this game to transform into What I'm Capable Of!
      • What I'm Capable Of!: Cast 5 random abilities you've cast this game at an enemy. (if possible)
  • Equipment:
    • Cloak of Shadows 4: Yoink! And Moonlight Resolve! Transform permanently. Their initial effects are improved by 6.
    • Steadfast Convictions 4: Passive: +4/+8. After this deals damage to a Merc, gain Role advantage.
    • Tools of the Trade 4: Start of Game: Transform Yoink! and Moonlight Resolve! Into random single use enemy abilities. Gain +15 Health.

 Genn Greymane (Epic Protector)

  • Human – 12/89 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Blistering Bullet 5: (Fire - Speed 2) Deal 12 damage. Transform into a Worgen.
    • Spacemaker 5: (Fire - Speed 6) Deal 18 damage. Gain +3 Attack.
    • Beastly Beauty 5: (Speed 4, Cooldown 1) 15/20 Human. Taunt. Battlecry: Give your other Humans and Worgen +4/+6.
  • Equipment:
    • Blood Moon 4: Battlecry: Gain +7 Attack. Transform into Genn's Other Form.
    • Smooth Transformation 4: End of Turn: Transform into Genn's Other Form and gain +8 Health.
    • Gilnean Strength 4: After one of your characters casts an even-Speed ability, restore 10 Health to them.

 Genn Greymane (Fighter)

  • Worgen – 12/89 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Moonlight Strike 5: Deal damage equal to this Merc's attack. Transform into a Human.
    • Ankle Breaker 5: Attack an enemy. It's (5) Speed slower while this is a Human.
    • Beautiful Beast 5: (Speed 4, Cooldown 1) 20/15 Worgen. Charge. Battlecry: Give your other Humans and Worgen +6/+4.

 Aranna Starseeker (Rare Caster)

  • Night Elf – 9/81 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Edge Cancel 5: (Speed 6) Gain +7 Attack this turn and Attack an enemy. If it has less Attack, return this to the bench.
    • Felodic Intonement 5: (Fel - Speed 9) Deal 22 damage to an enemy. Set its Attack to 0 until next turn.
    • Aggrobatics 5: (Fel - Speed 2, Cooldown 1) Deal 10 damage to an enemy and swap with an ally across from it. Enemy abilities targeting the Mercs swap targets (if possible).
  • Equipment:
    • Unbreakable Backpack 4: Battlecry: Gain +2 Fel, Arcane, and Nature Damage. Gain +1 more for each of your other Night Elves and Demons.
    • Iambic Pentameter 4: Passive: Enemies across from this have -8 Attack.
    • Glaive Land 4: Battlecry: Gain +5 Health and Role advantage against this Merc's current Role.

Merc Updates

Some existing mercs have been updated to incorporate the new Charge mechanic.


  • Spawn of N'Zoth 5
    • Old: Rush. Immune while Attacking.
    • New: Charge. Immune while Attacking.

 Zar'jira, the Sea Witch

  • Wavethrasher 5
    • Old: Rush. Passive: Has +10 Attack for each Frozen character.
    • New: Charge. Passive: Has +10 Attack for each Frozen character.


  • Tentacle of C'Thun 5
    • Old: Rush. Whenever this attacks, give your C'Thun +5 Attack and Old Gods' abilities Refresh (1).
    • New: Charge. Whenever this attacks, give your C'Thun +5 Attack and Old Gods' abilities Refresh (1).
  • Heart of C'Thun 4
    • Old: Summon a 5/15 Tentacle of C'Thun. It gains Taunt but loses Rush.
    • New: Summon a 5/15 Tentacle of C'Thun. It gains Taunt but loses Charge.

 War Master Voone

  • Evasive Wurm 5
    • Old: Divine Shield, Rush.
    • New: Divine Shield, Charge.

 King Krush

  • Devilsaur 5
    • Old: Rush.
    • New: Charge.

 Old Murk-Eye

  • Gigantfin
    • Old: Rush.
    • New: Charge.

New Zone and Bounties

We are welcoming the Darkmoon Troupe to Mercenaries in a brand-new Zone, spanning 11 new Bounties. We are also adding five new Bounties to the Felwood Zone, and 3 more new Bounties to the Blackrock Mountain Zone.

Duels Updates

  • Maw and Disorder Mini-Set cards can now be used in building a starting deck.
  • Card buckets were added and adjusted to incorporate Maw and Disorder Mini-Set cards.
  •  Sire Denathrius has been removed from all card buckets.

Arena Updates

On September 27, when Maw and Disorder launches, all current Arena runs will end and a new Arena season will begin. The eligible card sets will rotate so that the following sets will make up the Arena card pool:

Early Progression and Milestone Offer Updates

Apprentice (new player ranks) and low internal-rating players (colloquially called “MMR”) may now face up against AI opponents when playing on the ranked Standard ladder. This will help said players have a more fun experience while learning the game. Experienced players will not face these AI opponents, and they will have no impact on MMR, leaderboards, or legend ranks. Most players advance beyond the affected MMR range upon leaving Silver or Gold ranks.

Additionally, milestone shop offers are returning to celebrate Standard ladder progression in October. This time, some players will be offered Battle-Ready Decks as part of those offers. Upon reaching Bronze, those players will be offered a Battle-Ready Deck for their most-played class. Upon reaching Platinum, they will be offered a second Battle-Ready Deck for their second most-played class.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements

  • [Hearthstone]  Necrolord Draka's  Maldraxxus Dagger now caps out at 10 mana.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where players could not play minions onto a full board, even if space was being cleared, until after animations and effects resolved.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where playing  Gone Fishin' with an empty deck did not draw a fatigue card.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where  The Leviathan would sometimes summon a blank space instead of its appendage.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where  Deathborne did not summon a Volatile Skeleton if the minion went Dormant when killed.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where  Bibliomite revealed the card returned to its owner's deck.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where if a card selected by a “Suspicious” card was transformed, opponents would be offered the new transformed card instead of the original card chosen.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug that resulted in a  Flightmaster Dungar copied from an opponent getting extra effect activations.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where if the last minion to die was a Golden Summoned minion,  Victim's Specter would give a copy of that minion that granted a triple reward.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where  Reborn Rites persisted for an extra turn if the target was tripled by Victim's Specter.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug that in certain edge cases could prevent minions from properly tripling.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a visual bug where Battlegrounds Rating did not appear correctly on mobile.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where  Training Session did not function properly with  Sire Denathrius.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where the notification would not show when new Battlegrounds rewards were able to be claimed on the Battlegrounds Track.
  • [Mercenaries] Fixed a bug where players were sometimes unable to edit their Party on mobile.
  • [Solo Content] Fixed a bug that prevented players from entering certain solo content if they owned some portion of the solo content, but not all of it.
  • [Achievements] Fixed a bug in tracking the Flower Power achievement.
  • [Achievements] Fixed a bug causing the Journal notification to persist even if there were no notifications to clear.
  • Misc. other bug fixes and game improvements.

References[edit | edit source]

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