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This page lists all legendary cards available in Standard format.

For information on the legendary rarity itself, see Legendary.

For lists of other card rarities, see Free card list, Common card list, Rare card list and Epic card list.

Collectible[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Legendary card list/Wild format.

The list of cards here is quite extensive, and so is not listed visually, but can be explored through the tables below. Click "Expand" to see the table. The table will list only the first 200 cards; to see more, click "Customize this list" and change the number of cards presented.

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 Zilliax Deluxe 3000NeutralMinion - MechLegendaryWhile building your deck, customize your very own Zilliax Deluxe 3000!
 Patches the PilotDemon HunterMinion - Demon/PirateLegendary111Battlecry: Shuffle six Parachutes into your deck that summon a 1/1 Pirate with Charge when drawn.
 Bloodmage ThalnosNeutralMinion - UndeadLegendary211Spell Damage +1 Deathrattle: Draw a card.
 Flint FirearmNeutralMinion Legendary223Battlecry: Get a random Quickdraw card. If you play it this turn, repeat this.
 Infinitize the MaxitudeMageSpell Legendary2Discover a spell. Reduce its Cost by (1). Finale: Return this to your hand at end of turn.
 Bounce Around (ft. Garona)RogueSpell Legendary3Return all friendly minions to your hand. They cost (1) this turn.
 Carefree CookieShamanMinion - Murloc/PirateLegendary322Demon Hunter Tourist After a friendly minion dies, summon a random minion that costs (1) more.
 Chillin' Vol'jinPriestMinion Legendary333Hunter Tourist Battlecry: Choose 2 minions. Swap their stats.
 GorgonzormuNeutralMinion - DragonLegendary333Battlecry: Get a 2-Cost Cheese that summons three 1-Cost minions. It upgrades each turn.
 Love EverlastingPriestSpell - HolyLegendary3Your first spell each turn costs (2) less. Lasts until you don't play a spell on your turn.
 Madame LazulPriestMinion Legendary332Battlecry: Discover a copy of a card in your opponent's hand.
 Mimiron, the MastermindRogueMinion - MechLegendary325After you play a Mech, get a random one of Mimiron's Gadgets.
 Photographer FizzleNeutralMinion Legendary333Battlecry: Take a Snapshot of your current hand and shuffle it into your deck.
 Pip the PotentPriestMinion Legendary333Battlecry: Copy each 1-Cost card in your hand.
 Rock Master VooneWarriorMinion Legendary343Battlecry: Copy each minion of a different type in your hand.
 Sir Finley, the IntrepidPaladinShamanMinion - MurlocLegendary323Battlecry: If you've Excavated twice, transform all enemy minions into 1/1 Murlocs.
 Snake EyesDemon HunterMinion - NagaLegendary324Battlecry: Roll two dice, then Discover two cards of those Costs. (Doubles get an extra Discover!)
 Soulburner VariaPriestMinion - UndeadLegendary315After a friendly Undead dies, deal 2 damage to the enemy hero and get a random Shadow Priest spell.
 Spirit of the BadlandsPaladinMinion - Undead/BeastLegendary334Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, get a permanent Mirage.
 Stargazer LunaMageMinion Legendary324After you play the right-most card in your hand, draw a card.
 Starlight GroovePaladinSpell - HolyLegendary3Give your hero Divine Shield. For the rest of the game, playing a Holy spell refreshes it.
 Thorim, StormlordShamanMinion Legendary334Battlecry: Unlock your Overloaded Mana Crystals. Draw that many cards.
 Velarok WindbladeRogueMinion Legendary333While this is in your hand, play a card from another class to reveal Velarok's true form!
 Zola the GorgonNeutralMinion - NagaLegendary322Battlecry: Choose a friendly minion. Add a Golden copy of it to your hand.
 Algalon the ObserverNeutralMinion Legendary444Battlecry: Replace your Hero Power with Algalon's Vision.
 Ci'CigiDemon HunterMinion Legendary443Deathrattle: Get 3 random first-edition Demon Hunter cards (in mint condition).
 DragonbaneHunterMinion - MechLegendary435After you use your Hero Power, deal 5 damage to a random enemy.
 Drilly the KidRogueMinion - MechLegendary443Battlecry, Quickdraw, and Deathrattle: Excavate a treasure.
 E.T.C., Band ManagerNeutralMinion Legendary444While building your deck, assemble a band of 3 cards. Battlecry: Discover one!
 Eliza GorebladeDeath KnightMinion - Pirate/UndeadLegendary443Deathrattle: For the rest of the game, your minions have +1 Attack.
 Going Down SwingingDemon HunterSpell Legendary4Give your hero +2 Attack and Immune this turn, then attack each enemy minion.
 Griftah, Trusted VendorNeutralMinion Legendary445Battlecry: Discover an amazing Amulet to give to both players. (The enemy's is a phony version!)
 Hagatha the FabledShamanMinion Legendary443Battlecry: Draw 2 spells that cost (5) or more. Transform them into Slimes that cast the spells.
 Halveria DarkravenDemon HunterMinion Legendary443Rush After a friendly Rush minion attacks, give your minions +1 Attack.
 Heartbreaker HedanisPriestMinion Legendary448Battlecry: Deal 4 damage to this minion. Overheal: Deal 5 damage to a random enemy.
 HelyaDeath KnightMinion Legendary444Battlecry: Shuffle all three Plagues into your opponent's deck. Plagues they draw this game are unending.
 Ignis, the Eternal FlameNeutralMinion Legendary424Battlecry: If you've Forged a card this game, craft a custom weapon.
 Kayn SunfuryDemon HunterMinion Legendary435Charge All friendly attacks ignore Taunt.
 King TideMageMinion Legendary444Battlecry: Both players' spells cost (5) until the end of your next turn.
 Maw and PawDeath KnightMinion - UndeadLegendary428At the end of your turn, gain 5 Corpses. At the start of your turn, spend 5 Corpses to give your hero +5 Health.
 MetamorphosisDemon HunterSpell - FelLegendary4Swap your Hero Power to "Deal 4 damage." After 2 uses, swap it back.
 Narain SoothfancyPriestMinion Legendary444Battlecry: Get two Fortunes that are copies of the top card of your deck.
 Pop'gar the PutridWarlockMinion Legendary426Your Fel spells cost (1) less and have Lifesteal. Battlecry: Get two Barrels of Sludge.
 Pozzik, Audio EngineerNeutralMinion Legendary444Battlecry: Add two 3/3 Bots to your opponent's hand. Deathrattle: Summon them for yourself.
 Puppetmaster DorianNeutralMinion Legendary426After you draw a minion, get a 1/1 copy of it that costs (1).
 Raylla, Sand SculptorMageMinion Legendary425Paladin Tourist After you cast a spell, summon a random 2-Cost minion and give it Divine Shield.
 Rhythm and RootsDruidSpell - NatureLegendary4Choose One (Secretly) - Summon three 5/5 Ancients in 2 turns; or 8/8 Giants in 4 turns.
 Rhythmdancer RisaDemon HunterRogueMinion Legendary435Rush After your hero attacks, return this to your hand and set its Cost to (1).
 Sheriff BarrelbrimNeutralMinion Legendary444Battlecry: If you have 20 or less Health, open the Badlands Jail.
 Slagmaw the SlumberingWarriorMinion - Beast/ElementalLegendary41616Rush, Taunt Dormant for 8 turns. (Excavate to awaken 2 turns sooner!)
 Sonya WaterdancerRogueMinion Legendary433After you play a 1-Cost card, get a copy of it that costs (0).
 Splendiferous WhizbangNeutralMinion Legendary445You start the game with one of Whizbang's Experimental Decks!
 Summoner DarkmarrowWarlockMinion - UndeadLegendary444Death Knight Tourist Your Deathrattles trigger twice. After you play a Deathrattle minion, destroy it.
 Tae'thelan BloodwatcherMageMinion Legendary425Cards that didn't start in your deck cost (4) less (but not less than 1).
 ThassarianDeath KnightMinion - UndeadLegendary433Reborn Battlecry and Deathrattle: Deal 2 damage to a random enemy.
 Theldurin the LostHunterMinion Legendary434Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, gain Immune this turn and attack all enemies.
 A. F. KayNeutralMinion Legendary505At the end of your turn, give all other friendly minions that didn't attack +2/+2.
 Aranna, Thrill SeekerDemon HunterMinion Legendary556Priest Tourist Damage your hero takes on your turn is redirected to a random enemy.
 Barak KodobaneHunterMinion Legendary535Battlecry: Draw a 1, 2, and 3-Cost spell.
 Blackrock 'n' RollWarriorSpell - FireLegendary5Give all minions in your deck Attack and Health equal to their Cost.
 ButtonsDeath KnightMinion - UndeadLegendary555Shaman Tourist Battlecry: Draw a spell of each spell school.
 Carress, Cabaret StarShamanMinion - NagaLegendary555While in your hand, play two different spell schools to transform. ( left!) (Ready!)
 Deathbringer SaurfangDeath KnightMinion - UndeadLegendary536Taunt Deathrattle: Return this to your hand. It costs Health instead of Mana.
 Doctor Holli'daeShamanMinion Legendary545Battlecry: If your deck started with no duplicates, equip the Staff of the Nine Frogs.
 Elite Tauren ChampionNeutralMinion Legendary555Finale: Start a ROCK DUEL! Players must spend all their Mana each turn or else they take 8 (or more) damage!
 Game Master NemsyWarlockMinion Legendary536Battlecry: Draw a Demon. Deathrattle: Swap places with it.
 GreyboughDruidMinion Legendary546Taunt Deathrattle: Give a random friendly minion "Deathrattle: Summon Greybough."
 Gunslinger KurtrusDemon HunterMinion Legendary546Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, fire 6 random 2 damage shots at minions in the enemy's hand.
 Hemet, Foam MarksmanHunterMinion Legendary536After a friendly Beast dies, get a random Legendary Beast from the past. It costs (2) less.
 InzahShamanMinion Legendary555Battlecry: For the rest of the game, your Overload cards cost (1) less.
 JIVE, INSECT!ShamanSpell - FireLegendary5Transform a minion into Ragnaros the Firelord. Overload: (2)
 Jotun, the EternalDemon HunterMinion Legendary545Battlecry: For the rest of the game, cast a copy of the first spell you draw each turn at enemies.
 Justicar TrueheartNeutralMinion Legendary564Battlecry: Replace your starting Hero Power with a better one.
 Kangor, Dancing KingPaladinMinion Legendary533Lifesteal Deathrattle: Swap this with a minion from your hand and give it Lifesteal.
 Leeroy JenkinsNeutralMinion Legendary562Charge. Battlecry: Summon two 1/1 Whelps for your opponent.
 Magatha, Bane of MusicNeutralMinion Legendary555Battlecry: Draw 5 cards. Give any spells drawn to your opponent.
 MC BlingtronRogueMinion - MechLegendary555Battlecry: Both players equip 1/2 Microphones. Your opponent's increases all damage they take by 1!
 Mes'Adune the FracturedMageMinion - ElementalLegendary565Battlecry: Draw an Elemental. Split it into two halves.
 Mistah VistahDruidMinion Legendary555Mage Tourist Battlecry: In 3 turns, replay every spell you've cast between now and then.
 Overlord RunthakNeutralMinion Legendary536Rush. Whenever this attacks, give +1/+1 to all minions in your hand.
 Product 9HunterMinion - Beast/MechLegendary544Battlecry: Recast every friendly Secret that triggered this game.
 Raza the ResealedPriestMinion Legendary555Battlecry: For the rest of the game, your Hero Power refreshes whenever you play a card.
 Rin, Orchestrator of DoomWarlockMinion Legendary536Taunt. Deathrattle: Both players draw 2 cards, discard 2 cards, and destroy the top 2 cards of their deck.
 Sanc'AzelPaladinMinion - ElementalLegendary538Rush After this attacks, turn into a location.
 Shoplifter GoldbeardRogueMinion - PirateLegendary555After you summon a Pirate, summon a copy of it that attacks a random enemy, then dies.
 Sky Mother AvianaDruidMinion Legendary555Battlecry: Shuffle 10 random Legendary minions into your deck. They cost (1).
 SpurfangHunterMinion - BeastLegendary525Battlecry and Deathrattle: Summon a random Beast with Cost equal to this minion's Attack.
 Sunsapper LynessaPaladinMinion Legendary526Rogue Tourist Your spells that cost (2) or less cast twice.
 Symphony of SinsWarlockSpell Legendary5Discover and play a Movement. Shuffle the other 6 into your deck.
 Taelan FordringNeutralMinion Legendary533Taunt, Divine Shield Deathrattle: Draw your highest Cost minion.
 The Replicator-inatorNeutralMinion - MechLegendary555Miniaturize, Gigantify After you play a minion with the same Attack as this, summon a copy of it.
 Timewinder ZarimiPriestMinion - DragonLegendary546Battlecry: Once per game, if you've summoned 5 other Dragons, take an extra turn.
 Toy Captain TarimPaladinMinion Legendary537Miniaturize Taunt. Battlecry: Set a minion's Attack and Health to this minion's.
 Aggramar, the AvengerHunterMinion Legendary637Titan Battlecry: Equip a 3/3 Taeshalach.
 Cho'gall, Twilight ChieftainNeutralMinion Legendary667Taunt, Lifesteal Start of Game: 50% chance to corrupt the game with a random anomaly.
 Dr. StitchensewDeath KnightMinion - UndeadLegendary664Battlecry: Discover a 5, 3, and 1-Cost minion to stitch to this. Deathrattle: Summon the 5-Cost minion.
 Flame BehemothNeutralMinion - MechLegendary645Battlecry: Get two random Magnetic Mechs. They cost (2) less.
 Flik SkyshivRogueMinion Legendary644Battlecry: Destroy a minion and all copies of it (wherever they are).
 FrostmourneDeath KnightWeapon Legendary643Deathrattle: Summon every minion killed by this weapon.
 Genn GreymaneNeutralMinion Legendary665Start of Game: If your deck has only even- Cost cards, your starting Hero Power costs (1).
 Gnomelia, S.A.F.E. PilotNeutralMinion Legendary642Rush. Also damages minions next to whomever this attacks. Deathrattle: Deal 2 damage to all enemies.
 Golganneth, the ThundererShamanMinion Legendary657Titan Your first spell each turn costs (3) less.
 Hamm, the HungryWarriorMinion Legendary633Druid Tourist Taunt. At the end of your turn, eat a minion in the enemy's deck to gain +2/+2.
 Harth StonebrewNeutralMinion Legendary655Battlecry: Replace your hand with an iconic one from Hearthstone's past. (Once per game)
 IncindiusNeutralMinion - ElementalLegendary6210At the end of your turn, upgrade your Eruptions. Battlecry: Shuffle 5 Eruptions in your deck.
 Khaz'gorothWarriorMinion Legendary645Titan After this uses an ability, gain Immune this turn and attack a random enemy minion.
 Kingpin PudNeutralMinion Legendary667Battlecry: Resurrect your Ogre-Gang. Give them Windfury.
 Li'Na, Shop ManagerNeutralMinion Legendary633Whenever you cast a spell, fill your board with random minions of that Cost.
 Loken, Jailer of Yogg-SaronWarlockMinion Legendary633Battlecry: Discover a minion from your deck. Summon a Tentacle with its stats and Taunt.
 Maestra, Mask MerchantRogueMinion Legendary665Warlock Tourist Battlecry: Discover a Hero card from the past (from another class).
 Mister MuklaHunterMinion - BeastLegendary61010Rush. Battlecry: Fill your opponent's hand with Bananas.
 NorgannonMageMinion Legendary638Titan After this uses an ability, double the power of the other abilities.
 Party Planner VonaWarlockMinion Legendary644Battlecry: If you've taken 8 damage on your turns, summon Ourobos. ( left!) (Ready!)
 Puzzlemaster KhadgarMageMinion Legendary655Battlecry: Equip a 0/6 Wisdomball that casts helpful Mage spells!
 Ra-denPriestMinion Legendary655Taunt. Deathrattle: Summon each other minion you've played this game that didn't start in your deck.
 Ranger GillyHunterMinion Legendary646Warrior Tourist. At the end of your turn, get a 2/3 Crocolisk. Deathrattle: Give all minions in your hand +2/+3.
 ShudderblockShamanMinion Legendary655Miniaturize Battlecry: Your next Battlecry triggers 3 times, but can't damage the enemy hero.
 SifMageMinion Legendary646Spell Damage +1 (Improved by each spell school you've cast this game!)
 Sylvanas WindrunnerNeutralMinion - UndeadLegendary655Deathrattle: Take control of a random enemy minion.
 The Badlands BanditsPaladinSpell Legendary6Get eight 3/2 Bandits with bonus effects. Any that can't fit in your hand are summoned instead.
 The Headless HorsemanDeath KnightHero Legendary6305Battlecry: Destroy the enemy minion with the most Attack! Shuffle my Head into your deck, you must get it back!
 ToyrantusDruidMinion - BeastLegendary677Taunt, Elusive Battlecry: If you have 10 Mana Crystals, gain +7/+7.
 Treasure Hunter EudoraRogueMinion - PirateLegendary645Battlecry: Go on a Sidequest to Discover amazing loot! Play 3 cards from other classes to complete it.
 TyrPaladinMinion Legendary645Battlecry: Resurrect a 2, 3, and 4-Attack minion from your class.
 V-07-TR-0N PrimeRogueMinion - MechLegendary635T1T4N This minion's abilities repeat on another random friendly minion.
 Zok FogsnoutDruidMinion - QuilboarLegendary666Battlecry: Summon two 1/1 Quilboar with Taunt. (Improved by your hero Attack & Armor gained this turn!)
 Aman'ThulPriestMinion Legendary7310Titan After this uses an ability, Discover any Legendary minion.
 Amitus, the PeacekeeperPaladinMinion Legendary718Titan Taunt. Your minions can't take more than 2 damage at a time.
 Arch-Villain RafaamWarlockMinion Legendary778Taunt Battlecry: Replace your hand and deck with Legendary minions.
 Argus, the Emerald StarDemon HunterMinion Legendary759Titan Minions to the left of this have Rush, and ones to the right have Lifesteal.
 Baron GeddonNeutralMinion - ElementalLegendary777At the end of your turn, deal 2 damage to ALL other characters.
 Catrina MuertePriestMinion - UndeadLegendary768At the end of your turn, resurrect another friendly Undead minion.
 Cruise Captain LoraDruidMinion - PirateLegendary745Battlecry: Summon 2 random locations.
 General VezaxWarriorMinion Legendary776Rush Battlecry: Gain 4 Armor. Deathrattle: Lose 4 Armor to resummon this.
 Kalimos, Primal LordShamanMinion - ElementalLegendary777Battlecry: If you played an Elemental last turn, cast an Elemental Invocation.
 Lady LiadrinPaladinMinion Legendary746Battlecry: Add a copy of each spell you cast on friendly characters this game to your hand.
 Marin the ManagerNeutralMinion - PirateLegendary766Battlecry: Choose a fantastic treasure. Shuffle the other 3 into your deck.
 Maruut StonebinderNeutralMinion Legendary756Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, Discover an Elemental to summon. Add the others to your hand.
 Nozdormu the EternalNeutralMinion - DragonLegendary788Start of Game: If this is in BOTH players' decks, turns are only 15 seconds long.
 OwloniusDruidMinion Legendary766Spell Damage +1 Your spells get double bonus from Spell Damage.
 Pipsi PainthoofPaladinMinion Legendary744Deathrattle: Summon a random Divine Shield, Rush, and Taunt minion from your deck.
 Prison of Yogg-SaronNeutralLocation Legendary73Choose a character. Cast 4 random spells (targeting it if possible).
 SasquawkHunterMinion - BeastLegendary745Battlecry: Repeat each card you played last turn.
 SiamatNeutralMinion - ElementalLegendary777Battlecry: Gain 2 of Rush, Taunt, Divine Shield, or Windfury (your choice).
 Skarr, the CatastropheShamanMinion - ElementalLegendary777Battlecry: Deal 1 damage to all enemies (improved by each turn in a row you've played an Elemental).
 Tess GreymaneRogueMinion Legendary766Battlecry: Replay every card from another class you've played this game (targets chosen randomly).
 The One-Amalgam BandNeutralMinion - AllLegendary766Battlecry: Gain a random bonus effect for each minion of a different type you've played this game.
 The RyecleaverWarriorWeapon Legendary742Battlecry and Deathrattle: Get a Slice of Bread. (Get 2 to Sandwich any minions in between!)
 TherazaneNeutralMinion - ElementalLegendary775Taunt Deathrattle: Double the stats of all Elementals in your hand and deck.
 Tony, King of PiracyNeutralMinion - PirateLegendary746Battlecry: Replace your deck with a copy of your opponent's. Finale: Draw a card.
 Tram Conductor GerryWarlockMinion Legendary744Battlecry: If you've Excavated twice, summon six 3/3 Tram Cars with Rush.
 Al'Akir the WindlordShamanMinion - ElementalLegendary836Charge, Divine Shield, Taunt, Windfury
 Boomboss Tho'grunWarriorMinion Legendary877Battlecry: Shuffle 3 T.N.T. into your opponent's deck. When drawn, blow up a card in their hand, deck, and board.
 Cage HeadDeath KnightMinion - UndeadLegendary851Deathrattle: Summon a 9/9 Blight Boar with Charge and Taunt.
 CenariusDruidMinion Legendary858Choose One - Give your other minions +2/+2; or Summon two 2/2 Treants with Taunt.
 Colifero the ArtistNeutralMinion - ElementalLegendary865Battlecry: Draw a minion. Transform all other friendly minions into copies of it.
 Deathwing, Mad AspectWarriorMinion - DragonLegendary81212Battlecry: Attack ALL other minions.
 Deepminer BrannWarriorMinion Legendary824Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, your Battlecries trigger twice for the rest of the game.
 Elise, Badlands SaviorPriestMinion Legendary855Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, summon 5/5 copies of 4 random minions in your deck.
 Freya, Keeper of NatureDruidMinion Legendary846Choose One - Duplicate your hand; or Summon copies of all other friendly minions.
 Grommash HellscreamWarriorMinion Legendary849Charge Has +6 Attack while damaged.
 Hodir, Father of GiantsHunterMinion Legendary888Battlecry: Set the stats of the next three minions you play to 8/8.
 Inventor BoomWarriorMinion Legendary877Battlecry: Resurrect two friendly Mechs that cost (5) or more. They immediately attack random enemies.
 Joymancer JepettoNeutralMinion Legendary866Battlecry: Get copies of every 1-Attack or 1-Health minion you've played this game.
 KologarnNeutralMinion Legendary8610Rush. Whenever this attacks a minion, put it in your hand. Deathrattle: Move any in your hand to your opponent's.
 Lord JaraxxusWarlockHero Legendary8305Battlecry: Equip a 3/8 Blood Fury.
 Magtheridon, UnreleasedDemon HunterMinion - Demon/MechLegendary81212Dormant for 2 turns. While Dormant, deal 3 damage to all enemies at the end of your turn.
 Ragnaros the FirelordNeutralMinion - ElementalLegendary888Can't attack. At the end of your turn, deal 8 damage to a random enemy.
 RheastraszaDruidMinion - DragonLegendary888Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, summon the Purified Dragon Nest.
 Stranglethorn HeartHunterSpell Legendary8Tradeable Resurrect all friendly Beasts that cost (5) or more.
 The PrimusDeath KnightMinion Legendary879Titan After this uses an ability, Discover a card with that Rune.
 ThunderbringerNeutralMinion - Elemental/BeastLegendary866Taunt Deathrattle: Summon an Elemental and Beast from your deck.
 Tirion FordringPaladinMinion Legendary888Divine Shield, Taunt Deathrattle: Equip a 5/3 Ashbringer.
 Wheel of DEATH!!!WarlockSpell - ShadowLegendary8Destroy your deck. In 5 turns, destroy the enemy hero.
 AlexstraszaNeutralMinion - DragonLegendary988Battlecry: Set a hero's remaining Health to 15.
 Baku the MooneaterNeutralMinion - BeastLegendary978Start of Game: If your deck has only odd- Cost cards, upgrade your Hero Power.
 BotfaceWarriorMinion - MechLegendary9412Taunt After this takes damage, get two random Minis.
 Fye, the Setting SunDruidMinion - DragonLegendary9412Rush, Lifesteal, Taunt Costs (1) less for each Dragon you've summoned this game.
 King PlushHunterMinion - BeastLegendary966Charge Battlecry: Return all minions with less Attack than this to their owner's decks.
 Malygos the SpellweaverNeutralMinion - DragonLegendary9412Battlecry: Draw spells until your hand is full.
 Odyn, Prime DesignateWarriorMinion Legendary988Battlecry: For the rest of the game, after your hero gains Armor, they gain that much Attack for that turn.
 Onyxia the BroodmotherNeutralMinion - DragonLegendary988At the end of each turn, fill your board with 1/1 Whelps.
 Sargeras, the DestroyerWarlockMinion - DemonLegendary9612Titan Battlecry: Open a portal that summons two 3/2 Imps each turn.
 The ScourgeDeath KnightSpell - ShadowLegendary9Fill your board with random Undead.
 Yogg-Saron, UnleashedNeutralMinion Legendary975Titan After this uses an ability, cast two random spells.
 YseraNeutralMinion - DragonLegendary9412At the end of your turn, get two random Dream cards.
 Climactic Necrotic ExplosionDeath KnightSpell Legendary10Lifesteal. Deal 6 damage. Summon 3 2/2 Souls. (Randomly improved by Corpses you've spent)
 Deathwing the DestroyerNeutralMinion - DragonLegendary101212Battlecry: Destroy all other minions. Discard a card for each destroyed.
 DJ ManastormMageMinion Legendary1088Battlecry: Set the Cost of spells in your hand to (0). After you cast one, the others cost (1) more.
 Eonar, the Life-BinderDruidMinion Legendary1057Titan After this uses an ability, summon a 5/5 Ancient with Taunt.
 Reno, Lone RangerNeutralHero Legendary10305Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, empty the enemy board and limit it to 1 space for a turn. It's high noon!
 The Galactic Projection OrbMageSpell - ArcaneLegendary10Recast a random spell of each Cost you've cast this game (targets enemies if possible).
 Reska, the Pit BossDeath KnightMinion - UndeadLegendary2063Rush. Costs (1) less for each minion that died this game. Deathrattle: Take control of a random enemy minion.
 Fanottem, Lord of the OperaWarlockMinion Legendary301515Taunt, Lifesteal This card's Cost is equal to the amount of cards in your deck.

Uncollectible[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Legendary card list/Wild format.

The following cards are uncollectible.

Customize this list
 Quest Accepted!ShamanSpell Legendary1Begin 3 Shaman Quests. Draw a Murloc and an Overload card.
 ShudderblockShamanMinion Legendary111Mini Battlecry: Your next Battlecry triggers 3 times, but can't damage the enemy hero.
 The Replicator-inatorNeutralMinion - MechLegendary111Mini After you play a minion with the same Attack as this, summon a copy of it.
 Toy Captain TarimPaladinMinion Legendary111Mini Taunt. Battlecry: Set a minion's Attack and Health to this minion's.
 Altruis the OutcastDemon HunterMinion Legendary332After you play the left- or right-most card in your hand, deal 1 damage to all enemies.
 The Azerite DragonPaladinMinion - Elemental/DragonLegendary455Battlecry: Give all other minions in your hand, deck, and battlefield +3/+3.
 The Azerite HawkMageMinion - Elemental/BeastLegendary455Battlecry: Get a random Titan. It costs (1).
 The Azerite MurlocShamanMinion - Elemental/MurlocLegendary455Battlecry: Transform ALL your other minions into ones that cost (3) more (keeping their original Costs).
 The Azerite OxWarriorMinion - Elemental/BeastLegendary455Battlecry: Discover two 8-Cost minions. Summon them.
 The Azerite RatDeath KnightMinion - Elemental/BeastLegendary455Battlecry: Resurrect your highest Cost minion. Give it +2/+2, Reborn, and Lifesteal.
 The Azerite ScorpionRogueMinion - Elemental/BeastLegendary455Battlecry: Get 4 random spells. They cost (1) less for each time you've Excavated this game (but not less than 1).
 The Azerite SnakeWarlockMinion - Elemental/BeastLegendary455Battlecry: Your hero steals 7 Health from the enemy hero.
 Sanc'AzelPaladinLocation Legendary58Give a friendly minion + Attack and Rush. Turn back into a minion.
 The Headless HorsemanDeath KnightHero Legendary630Battlecry: Destroy the enemy minion with the most Attack! Shuffle my Head into your deck, you must get it back!
 Huntsman AltimorHunterMinion Legendary754Infused Battlecry: Summon all 3 Gargon Companions.
 The Replicator-inatorNeutralMinion - MechLegendary888Gigantic After you play a minion with the same Attack as this, summon a copy of it.