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A lists of all Gameplay - Darkmoon Faire achievements can be found here.

Completing all of these rewards the player a total of 1450 Achievement Point.pngachievement points. Before Patch, these achievements used to reward 18400 Rewards Track - XP.pngReward XP.

Darkmoon Faire

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Demon Hunter

(Total: 110 Achievement Point.png)
IdNameDescriptionRewardsRelated cards
517Good ArmDestroy 5 minions in a single turn with Throw Glaive.20 Achievement Point.png
518Not So LonelyEnd your turn with a Redeemed Pariah with 10 Attack or higher in play.20 Achievement Point.png
519Feeling Ill… gynothDeal 10 damage with Il'gynoth's effect.10 Achievement Point.png
520Feeling Ill… gynothDeal 30 damage with Il'gynoth's effect.10 Achievement Point.png
521Feeling Ill… gynothDeal 100 damage with Il'gynoth's effect.20 Achievement Point.png
2555Highway to FelCast Illidari Studies 10 times.10 Achievement Point.png
2556Highway to FelCast Illidari Studies 30 times.20 Achievement Point.png


(Total: 110 Achievement Point.png)
IdNameDescriptionRewardsRelated cards
522RIGGED!Guess the Weight correctly 10 times.20 Achievement Point.png
523Sun and Moon to MeCast 6 Lunar or Solar Eclipses in a single game.20 Achievement Point.png
524Leaf Us AloneSummon 20 Greyboughs.10 Achievement Point.png
525Leaf Us AloneSummon 100 Greyboughs.10 Achievement Point.png
526Leaf Us AloneSummon 200 Greyboughs.20 Achievement Point.png
2563Forest Fights BackSummon 40 Darkmoon Treants.10 Achievement Point.png
2564Forest Fights BackSummon 120 Darkmoon Treants.20 Achievement Point.png


(Total: 110 Achievement Point.png)
IdNameDescriptionRewardsRelated cards
527Ride Together, Die TogetherEnd your turn with 3 identical Deathrattle minions in play.20 Achievement Point.png
528Toss Me!Launch a minion at your opponent for lethal damage.20 Achievement Point.png
529Tonk CommanderDeal 50 damage with Darkmoon Tonk.10 Achievement Point.png
530Tonk CommanderDeal 150 damage with Darkmoon Tonk.10 Achievement Point.png
531Tonk CommanderDeal 500 damage with Darkmoon Tonk.20 Achievement Point.png
2569Three for One SaleDestroy 20 minions with Bola Shots.10 Achievement Point.png
2570Three for One SaleDestroy 60 minions with Bola Shots.20 Achievement Point.png


(Total: 110 Achievement Point.png)
IdNameDescriptionRewardsRelated cards
532You Can't Take it OffDeal lethal damage with Mask of C'Thun.20 Achievement Point.png
533Hall of MirrorsEnd your turn with 4 Occult Conjurers in play.20 Achievement Point.png
534Your Future is CloudedDraw 5 cards with Sayge.10 Achievement Point.png
535Your Future is CloudedDraw 20 cards with Sayge.10 Achievement Point.png
536Your Future is CloudedDraw 50 cards with Sayge.20 Achievement Point.png
2561Hard TackEat 10 Mana Biscuits.10 Achievement Point.png
2562Hard TackEat 30 Mana Biscuits.20 Achievement Point.png


(Total: 110 Achievement Point.png)
IdNameDescriptionRewardsRelated cards
537Yrang?Restore 100 Health with High Exarch Yrel.20 Achievement Point.png
538YoggChampDeal lethal damage with Oh My Yogg!20 Achievement Point.png
539Lothraxion's Balloon ShopGive 10 Silver Hand Recruits Divine Shield.10 Achievement Point.png
540Lothraxion's Balloon ShopGive 30 Silver Hand Recruits Divine Shield.10 Achievement Point.png
541Lothraxion's Balloon ShopGive 100 Silver Hand Recruits Divine Shield.20 Achievement Point.png
2559So Judgey…Restore 60 Health with Lifesteal weapons.10 Achievement Point.png
2560So Judgey…Restore 180 Health with Lifesteal weapons.20 Achievement Point.png


(Total: 110 Achievement Point.png)
IdNameDescriptionRewardsRelated cards
542Spoilers!Summon a Fortune Teller with 10 Attack or higher.20 Achievement Point.png
543One Has No NameSteal 3 or more enchantments at once with The Nameless One.20 Achievement Point.png
544You're G'huunna Be SorrySpend 10 Health to play cards as a Priest.10 Achievement Point.png
545You're G'huunna Be SorrySpend 30 Health to play cards as a Priest.10 Achievement Point.png
546You're G'huunna Be SorrySpend 100 Health to play cards as a Priest.20 Achievement Point.png
2567Darkmoon ExpressGive minions 30 Health with Lightsteed’s effect.10 Achievement Point.png
2568Darkmoon ExpressGive minions 90 Health with Lightsteed’s effect.20 Achievement Point.png


(Total: 110 Achievement Point.png)
IdNameDescriptionRewardsRelated cards
547Forbidden JutsuSummon a 10+ Cost minion with Shadow Clone.20 Achievement Point.png
548Myra's Unstable EmpressDraw 5 cards with a single Grand Empress Shek'zara.20 Achievement Point.png
549IT'S SO FLUFFYDeal 10 damage with Prize Plunderer's Combo effect.10 Achievement Point.png
550IT'S SO FLUFFYDeal 30 damage with Prize Plunderer's Combo effect.10 Achievement Point.png
551IT'S SO FLUFFYDeal 100 damage with Prize Plunderer's Combo effect.20 Achievement Point.png
2575Monkey BusinessForce your opponent to draw 10 Bananas.10 Achievement Point.png
2576Monkey BusinessForce your opponent to draw 30 Bananas.20 Achievement Point.png


(Total: 110 Achievement Point.png)
IdNameDescriptionRewardsRelated cards
552Scary-Go-RoundTransform 14 minions at once with Revolve.20 Achievement Point.png
553Two Punch ManDeal 16 damage from Hero Attacks in a single turn.20 Achievement Point.png
554Darkmoon WoodshopBuff 10 Totems with Grand Totem Eys'or.10 Achievement Point.png
555Darkmoon WoodshopBuff 30 Totems with Grand Totem Eys'or.10 Achievement Point.png
556Darkmoon WoodshopBuff 100 Totems with Grand Totem Eys'or.20 Achievement Point.png
2573Win by a LandslideTrigger 20 Landslides.10 Achievement Point.png
2574Win by a LandslideTrigger 60 Landslides.20 Achievement Point.png


(Total: 110 Achievement Point.png)
IdNameDescriptionRewardsRelated cards
557Missing: Holy Hand GrenadePlay a Darkmoon Rabbit for 1 Mana.20 Achievement Point.png
558My Friend is at the FrontDraw two Demons with Free Admission, and reduce the Cost of both to (0).20 Achievement Point.png
559Escalating AnticsDestroy 5 minions with Cascading Disaster.10 Achievement Point.png
560Escalating AnticsDestroy 15 minions with Cascading Disaster.10 Achievement Point.png
561Escalating AnticsDestroy 50 minions with Cascading Disaster.20 Achievement Point.png
2557Cannot Run, Cannot HidePlay 6 Primes as Warlock.10 Achievement Point.png
2558Cannot Run, Cannot HidePlay 18 Primes as Warlock.20 Achievement Point.png


(Total: 110 Achievement Point.png)
IdNameDescriptionRewardsRelated cards
562Mine! Mine! Mine!Destroy 5 minions with a single Minefield.20 Achievement Point.png
563Tent of out TentPlay a 0-Cost Tent Trasher.20 Achievement Point.png
564Bass In Your FaceTrigger 5 Drum Solos with E.T.C., God of Metal.10 Achievement Point.png
565Bass In Your FaceTrigger 15 Drum Solos with E.T.C., God of Metal.10 Achievement Point.png
566Bass In Your FaceTrigger 50 Drum Solos with E.T.C., God of Metal.20 Achievement Point.png
2571The Best Defense...Attack with your hero while you have Armor, 10 times.10 Achievement Point.png
2572The Best Defense...Attack with your hero while you have Armor, 30 times.20 Achievement Point.png


(Total: 350 Achievement Point.png)
IdNameDescriptionRewardsRelated cards
569CoulrophobiaEnd your turn with a board full of Carnival Clowns.20 Achievement Point.png
570DermatologyPlay a Horrendous Growth with 7 Attack or higher.10 Achievement Point.png
571DermatologyPlay a Horrendous Growth with 15 Attack or higher.20 Achievement Point.png
572Embrace the VoidPlay 15 Corrupted Cards.10 Achievement Point.png
573Embrace the VoidPlay 50 Corrupted Cards.10 Achievement Point.png
574Embrace the VoidPlay 150 Corrupted Cards.10 Achievement Point.png
575Embrace the VoidPlay 500 Corrupted Cards.20 Achievement Point.png
584Harmless Little BunnyDestroy 5 minions with a Darkmoon Rabbit.10 Achievement Point.png
585Harmless Little BunnyDestroy 10 minions with a Darkmoon Rabbit.10 Achievement Point.png
586Harmless Little BunnyDestroy 25 minions with a Darkmoon Rabbit.20 Achievement Point.png
567No Pathetic CardsKill your opponent from full health with C'Thun, the Shattered.20 Achievement Point.png
568It's N'Zothing, ReallyResurrect 6 minions at once with N'Zoth, God of the Deep.20 Achievement Point.png
576F2PBTWPlay a 0-Cost Corrupted card.10 Achievement Point.png
577F2PBTWPlay a 0-Cost Corrupted card, 10 times.10 Achievement Point.png
578F2PBTWPlay a 0-Cost Corrupted card, 30 times.10 Achievement Point.png
579F2PBTWPlay a 0-Cost Corrupted card, 100 times.20 Achievement Point.png
580Yogg Take the WheelSpin the Wheel of Yogg-Saron.10 Achievement Point.png
581Yogg Take the WheelSpin the Wheel of Yogg-Saron to win the game.20 Achievement Point.png
582Wheel of MisfortuneGet 3 different outcomes from the Wheel of Yogg-Saron.10 Achievement Point.png
583Wheel of MisfortuneGet all outcomes from the Wheel of Yogg-Saron.20 Achievement Point.png
2565Can't Touch ThisHave Moonfang survive damage 10 times.10 Achievement Point.png
2566Can't Touch ThisHave Moonfang survive damage 30 times.20 Achievement Point.png
2577Who Let the Dragon Out?Destroy 10 minions with Runaway Blackwing.10 Achievement Point.png
2578Who Let the Dragon Out?Destroy 30 minions with Runaway Blackwing.20 Achievement Point.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Not So Lonely: Redeemed Pariah must have 10 attack after "this turn" effects wear off.
  • Both players get the achievement YoggChamp. Spells generated by the new spell, like Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron, do not count.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Demon Hunter[edit | edit source]

  • Good Arm

To get this achievement by playing against token decks (primarily DH, Druid, or Hunter), put  Throw Glaive in any DH deck and, and if possible, do not let the opponents buff their minions.

An alternative simplier way is to kill the own minions. This is most easily done using such cards as  Command the Illidari,  Coordinated Strike, or  Desert Hare.

  • Not So Lonely

Play  Redeemed Pariah as early as possible and to make it clear to the opponent you aim to get an achievement only, do not attack the enemy hero. This does not guarantee the opponent will understand this hint, but nevertheless increases the chances of success.

An alternative easier way is to use the following combination:  Redeemed Pariah +  Brann Bronzebeard + two Lance Carriers. It is also acceptable to use  Costumed Entertainer, although this is a less reliable method.

Note that temporary buffs like  Abusive Sergeant will only help if you finish the game immediately after reaching 10+ Attack. Thus, if the player immediately concede after receiving this number by a temporary buff, then the achievement will be received. But if the turn has ended, the achievement will not be done.

  • Feeling Ill... gynoth

Since the Lifesteal Demon Hunter OTK deck is fully combat-ready, it can be used for getting this achievement eventually without significant deck changes. Play the maximum of  Mo'arg Artificer and  Ethereal Augmerchant /  Bloodmage Thalnos before casting  Eye Beam or  Felscream Blast.

  • Highway to Fel

This card is a quite good tool for any Demon Hunter deck, so there is no need to create a separate deck.  Wandmaker and  Cobalt Spellkin can generate extra copies.

Druid[edit | edit source]


This achievement needs only the deck knowledge. This is done over time, usually when playing as a Clown Druid or Guardian Druid, and also does not require special deckbuilding, but to find additional copies of this card, play Duels, use  Nature Studies,  Guidance,  Raven Idol and so on.

  • Leaf Us Alone

It is advisable to create a separate deck aimed at repeatedly summoning  Greybough to accomplish this achievement. The highest results will be in Wild thanks to such cards as  Hadronox,  N'Zoth, the Corruptor,  Witching Hour, and  Germination. The  Faceless Manipulator may also come in handy.

In Duels, the achievement may become doable after obtaining the  Totem of the Dead passive treasure or Banana Split / Ancient Reflections active treasures.

  • Sun and Moon to Me

To get the achievement, the player has to cast any Eclipse spell six times per game - whether it's six Solar Eclipses or 3 Lunar Eclipses and 3 Solar Eclipses. In this case,  Kiri, Chosen of Elune will help - if only two Solar and Lunar eclipses are in the deck, Kiri will give the exactly required number to achieve. Kiri can be replaced by  Educated Elekk, although this is a less reliable option.

If any of the above cards are not in the deck, the player can try to Discover the missing cards with spells -  Guidance,  Nature Studies,  Resizing Pouch,  Raven Idol, or  Crystalsong Portal.

  • Forest Fights Back

The best card here is  Arbor Up, which is often played in Aggro Druid decks.  Faire Arborist also summons Darkmoon Treants. To speed up progress,  Solar Eclipse or  Archmage Vargoth are may be used.

Hunter[edit | edit source]

  • Ride Together, Die Together

This is one of the easiest achievements to complete since it can be done by turn 4 using  Toxic Reinforcements. Alternative simple ways: - Cast  Jewel of N'Zoth - Having two Deathrattle minions on board, then casting  Gift of Luminance,  Seance, or play  Faceless Manipulator - Play  Bloodreaver Gul'dan or  N'Zoth, the Corruptor in Cubelock deck

  • Toss Me!

To successfully complete the achievement, lower the opponent's health as low as possible, then play  Maxima Blastenheimer. The optimal deck is that has a  Darkmoon Tonk due to high Attack.

  • Tonk Commander

This achievement can be slowly completed over time when playing a deck with  Maxima Blastenheimer. However, to speed up progress, it is preferable to make a special heavy Deathrattle Hunter deck that will use the following cards:  Play Dead,  Feign Death, Master's Call,  Nine Lives,  Barnes; optionally -  Animated Broomstick,  Baron Rivendare /  Necromechanic,  Oblivitron,  Jewel of N'Zoth,  N'Zoth, the Corruptor.

  • Three for One Sale

This spell can be optimally used in any deck and gain progress against any opponent. Killing own minions is allowed; if there is still a need in more targets, try to add  Desert Hare and  Mad Summoner in deck.

Mage[edit | edit source]

  • You Can't Take it Off

This achievement is easier to get in Duels in the starting stages, when the opponents have low Health. Put the  Mask of C'Thun in a combat-ready starting deck and wait for the right moment. In Ranked mode, No Minions Mage and Spell Damage Mage decks have a chance to get the achievement, but unlike Duels, much more burst damage and board clears will be needed there.

Regardless of the selected mode, Spell Damage can be useful here.

  • Hall of Mirrors

This achievement is quite feasible when playing Secret Mage, if to cast a secret like  Rigged Faire Game or  Ice Block, and then play both Occult Conjurers on the turn 8.  Duplicate can increase the chances, but its use is completely optional.

  • Your Future is Clouded

Take the Secret Mage and play as usual. This achievement does not require much effort and will be completed in any case, so there is no need to play too many secrets before playing  Sayge, Seer of Darkmoon to the detriment.

  • Hard Tack

Use a deck that contains Conjure Mana Biscuits. To generate additional copies of this spell, use  Magic Trick,  Evocation,  Primordial Glyph and so on.

Paladin[edit | edit source]

  • Yrang?

Use the Pure Paladin deck with  High Exarch Yrel and don't attack Divine Shield minions with her. Overall, the achievement is not difficult and will be completed in due time.

  • YoggChamp

One of the most difficult achievements since it depends on randomness.  Oh My Yogg! is highly undesirable to cast when either the player or the opponent has a lot of Health - the enemy will immediately reveal it and then deprive a chances to get the achievement. For same reason  Lorewalker Cho is unlikely to be useful; it can only hint to the opponent about the player's intentions if he gets this secret in his hand while having low Health.

Thus, to get the achievement, cast  Oh My Yogg! only if either you or your opponent at low Health; a separate deck in the hope of meeting a friend does not make sense.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the highest chance of success occurs if a spell for 3-4 mana is cast - currently, they are most numerous spells that cause damage to the hero (e.g.,  Backfire,  Cinderstorm,  Headcrack,  Spreading Madness;  Swipe,  Dunk Tank,  Hellfire).

  • Lothraxion's Balloon Shop

Although the name suggests to play  Lothraxion the Redeemed, other Divine Shield-granting cards can also progress the achievement, such as  Balloon Merchant,  Righteousness, or  Steward of Darkshire following with any Recruit-generating cards, like  Day at the Faire,  Stand Against Darkness and so on.

  • So Judgey...

While the achievement suspects that the Lifesteal weapons are Paladin ones like  Grave Vengeance and Libram of Judgment, all Lifesteal weapons work with the achievement, making big weapons like  Spectral Cutlass and  Aldrachi Warblades much more viable to complete it.

Priest[edit | edit source]

  • Spoilers!

Playing a  Fortune Teller in a spell heavy deck is enough. It is also advisable to add Put into hand cards like  Insight or  Witchwood Piper. Additionally,  Costumed Entertainer and  Claw Machine could also be used to buff it.

  • One Has No Name

For this achievement, it is advisable to create a special deck of low-cost buffs, which will then be stealed by  The Nameless One. Examples -  Inner Fire,  Power Word: Shield,  Topsy Turvy,  Wave of Apathy, or  Divine Spirit.

  • You're G'huunna Be Sorry

Despite the name, it is not necessary to craft or use  G'huun the Blood God for this achievement. It is doable with  Seadevil Stinger ( Bloodbloom and  Cho'gall are not confirmed), it will only delay the process a bit.

G'huun will fit in heavy priest control deck, where it is desirable to play it after  Lorekeeper Polkelt.

  • Darkmoon Express

This achievement does not take too long thanks to the effect also involves enemy minions. The best card to help is  Circle of Healing - use it when the opponent has a lot of minions. To generate additional targets,  Desert Hare or  Mad Summoner may be used.

Rogue[edit | edit source]


 Prize Plunderer plays in Kingsbane Rogue, Aggro Stealth Rogue, and sometimes in Odd Rogue. There is no much need to rebuild these decks, but if the player is interested in getting the achievement only,  Brann Bronzebeard or  Spirit of the Shark may be added to the decks.

  • Forbidden Jutsu

Modify cost the 10+ Mana minions with  Jepetto Joybuzz,  Anka, the Buried,  Deck of Chaos, or something else, and then giving them to the opponent is not the only way. It is enough to give the enemy a giant (they are much easier to reach a 0 Mana cost) like  Frost Giant,  Arcane Giant,  Mountain Giant, or  Molten Giant, using the battlecry of  Silas Darkmoon, then cast  Shadow Clone and return Silas to hand with  Shadowstep. Before doing this, make sure there are no other minions on the opponent's board before the combination (the best option to make sure is  Vanish).  Emperor Thaurissan is optional, but may be very useful.

  • Myra's Unstable Empress

Draws as many cards as possible from the deck, then shuffle enough copies of the chosen minion with  Togwaggle's Scheme,  Gang Up, or  Lab Recruiter.

  • Monkey Business

Add this secret to any Rogue deck. the most preferred choice is Secret Rogue. Additionally,  Dancing Swords may be used guaranteed draw during the opponent's turn. Since almost all decks have a draw, the player will eventually take this achievement.

Shaman[edit | edit source]

  • Two Punch Man

This achievement is easily obtained by combining  Doomhammer + two  Rockbiter Weapon /  Rockbiter Weapon +  Stormstrike. However, it does not require to play specifically the Shaman class. It can also be obtained by playing Demon Hunter (usually Soul decks or Duels mode with Outlander hero power), or Kingsbane Rogue.

  • Scary-Go-Round

This achievement can be easily done earliest at turn 7 with  Mad Summoner, which allows to fill the board with 14 minions at the cost of 6 mana. The only complication is the achievement will not be obtained if there are dormant minions after transformation, so it is very desirable to have minions of the different mana cost on the board before casting  Revolve.

  • Darkmoon Woodshop

A simple achievement, requiring only a Totem Deck. In Duels, the additional copies can be found in "Totems" loot bucket. To speed up progress, use  Totemic Reflection,  Splitting Axe, or  Drakkari Enchanter.

  • Win by a Landslide

To advance, it is enough to cast this spell and not necessarily kill the minions. If the player us not overloaded, then one trigger will be counted, whereas if the player is overloaded, two triggers will be counted. To get additional copies of this spell, use  Diligent Notetaker,  Archmage Vargoth, or  Guidance.

Warlock[edit | edit source]

  • Missing: Holy Hand Grenade

This achievement does not require playing a Warlock, so not only  Deck of Chaos may be used, but also  Jepetto Joybuzz,  Luna's Pocket Galaxy, or  Aviana to complete it.

  • My Friend is at the Front

For guaranteed completion build a deck of cheap demons and spells. Trying a luck is possible while playing Zoo or Discard Warlock.

  • Escalating Antics

Any Warlock control deck will do here. Try to use it for the maximum number of targets, and to get additional copies, take  Y'Shaarj, the Defiler.

  • Cannot Run, Cannot Hide

Unlike Priest's "You're G'huunna Be Sorry" achievement this one can be completed only by Warlock. For maximum progression speed, use both  Kanrethad Ebonlocke and  Envoy Rustwix. If desired, copy the last one using  Felosophy,  Faceless Manipulator, or  Carnivorous Cube.

Warrior[edit | edit source]

  • Mine! Mine! Mine!

Easy completion will be provided by  Lord Barov who will receive 1 damage before casting  Minefield (with  Inner Rage,  Elven Archer, etc.). Two  Desert Hare can also be used to create the enough targets.

  • Tent of out Tent

It is not necessary to add two  Hench-Clan Hag cards to the deck or try to achieve the result in Menagerie Warrior. It is enough to draw  Tent Trasher with  Jepetto Joybuzz or get it by  Dragonqueen Alexstrasza, and then reduce the cost by any means except playing the type minions. For example,  Emperor Thaurissan, or  Athletic Studies.

  • Bass In Your Face

This achievement does not require much deckbuilding and is easily performed on any deck with E.T.C. and Rush minions, especially OTK ETC Warrior. The additional copies of E.T.C. and many Rush minions can be found in Duels mode.

  • The Best Defense...

This achievement does not require playing Warrior, so for an easier solution, play Druid, whose basic Hero Power always gives the opportunity to attack while having armor.

Neutral[edit | edit source]

  • Embrace the Void

The fastest results in obtaining this achievement are shown by heavy Druid and Warlock decks thanks to a variety of playable cards with Corrupt ability.  Y'Shaarj, the Defiler significantly speeds up progress regardless of the deck.

  • Dermatology

Since  Horrendous Growth is a low-cost card, it does not make sense to significantly change the deck and add various buffs to it. It is enough to put this card in any control deck and the necessary 15 Attack will be easily got even before fatigue.

  • F2PBTW

Repeated playing of Corrupted version of  Strongman is a good option here. Priest and Rogue also have a lot of Copy and Return to hand effects, both of which can speed up the progress.

This can also be done with  Y'Shaarj, the Defiler if the player have it in the collection or in the Duels deck.

  • Coulrophobia

It is enough to play a card for 10 Mana (for example,  Survival of the Fittest), while having a  Carnival Clown in hand. Then filling the board will not cause difficulties.

  • Harmless Little Bunny

Since  Darkmoon Rabbit is not a good minion to include in a combat-ready deck, it is advisable to create a separate deck in order to kill as many enemies as possible with Darkmoon Rabbit per game and thus complete the achievement faster. The examples of cards to achieve this objective:  Jepetto Joybuzz,  Germination,  Dire Frenzy,  Psyche Split,  Witching Hour.

  • No Pathetic Cards

This achievement is almost impossible to get against opponents whose heroes can constantly attack or gain armor (for example, Demon Hutner, Druid, Paladin, Warrior), but has a high chances against Mage or Priest.

The best class to complete this achievement is Warlock due to the huge number of board clears and the ability to play C'Thun for 0 Mana with  Tome of Origination (this makes it possible to clear the board and immediately play C'Thun at the same time). An alternative, but less reliable method, is to completely heal the enemy hero before C'Thun by  Tree of Life or  Nozari.

Using the battlecry doubling cards ( Brann Bronzebeard,  Heart of Vir'naal) does not make sense, since the second trigger of C'Thun's battlecry will be a separate event that starts when the enemy hero has less than 30 HP, while it is necessary to kill the enemy during the first event.

There is also a high chance to complete the achievement in Duels in the first stages against the control decks.

  • It's N'Zothing, Really

Despite the description, it is not necessary to resurrect 6 minions at the same time. Progress is made even if a smaller number is resurrected.

Regardless of the conditions, the best classes to perform are Menagerie Paladin or Warrior.

  • Yogg Take the Wheel

Winning the game after playing  Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate is possible with the  Mysterybox or Rod of Roasting variants. Since it is impossible to affect the chances of such outcomes, be patient and use a large number of spells. If desired, protect the hero with armor and  Blur.

  • Wheel of Misfortune

It may take 10 to 30 games to get all the outcomes from the Yogg-Saron wheel. To optionally reduce this amount, add  Brann Bronzebeard or  Heart of Vir'naal in the deck.

  • Who Let the Dragon Out?

Not a very difficult achievement, as  Runaway Blackwing will almost always kill enemy minions thanks to the high damage. Overall, the corresponding Paladin and Warrior decks are most suitable for completion.

  • Can't Touch This

Since the opponent will probably ignore  Moonfang, the player will need to force him to damage the beast so that the process does not take too long. In this case, such cards as  Animated Broomstick,  Germination,  Psyche Split and any other cards that give Health or Taunt (e.g.,  Barkskin,  Divine Spirit,  Titanic Lackey,  Mark of Nature, any healing) will help.

If the player is not focused on winning, then he can damage Moonfang himself with such minions as  Risky Skipper or  Wild Pyromancer, as well as with cheap spells.

Patch changes[edit | edit source]

  • Forged in the Barrens logo.pngPatch (2021-03-25): No longer rewards XP.
  • Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Mini-set logo.pngPatch (2021-01-21): New achievements: Highway to Fel; Forest Fights Back; Three for One Sale; Hard Tack; So Judgey...; Darkmoon Express; Monkey Business; Win by a Landslide; Cannot Run, Cannot Hide; The Best Defense; Who Let the Dragon Out?; Can't Touch This.
  • Madness at the Darkmoon Faire logo.pngPatch (2020-11-12): Added.