Mi'da, Pure Void (boss)

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Mi'da, Pure Void is the final boss in Dawngrasp's Book of Mercenaries chapter.

Second phase[edit | edit source]

Mi'da, Pure Light

Hero Power[edit | edit source]

Void Nightmare

Player's hero[edit | edit source]

Varden Dawngrasp
Arcane Burst

Special cards[edit | edit source]


BOM 10 ShardOfTheNaaru 008s.png
BOM 02 BlazingTentacle 07t.png
BOM 03 DeviateNightmare 06t.png
BOM 02 EarthenTentacle 07t.png
BOM 02 FrostbittenTentacle 07t.png
BOM 02 MysticalTentacle 07t.png
BOM 01 PerplexedTrogg 07t.png
BOM 10 Tavish 001t.png


Wand Thief

Decks[edit | edit source]

The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Mi'da, Pure Void Dawngrasp
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Shard of the Naaru 20 Boss Wand Thief 2
Mage  Shivering Sorceress 2
 Amplified Snowflurry 2
 Celestial Ink Set 2
 Arcane Brilliance 1
 Deepwater Evoker 2
 Fire Sale 2
 Balinda Stonehearth 1
 Clumsy Courier 2
 Flamestrike 1
 Mass Polymorph 1
 Deep Freeze 2
 Haleh, Matron Protectorate 1
 Iceblood Tower 1
Mage, Rogue  Potion of Illusion 1
 Jandice Barov 1
Neutral  Armor Vendor 2
 Wandmaker 2
 Whelp Bonker 1
 Gear Grubber 1


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  • Starting from turn 5 the boss automatically uses the hero power for summoning the certain minions. The player has to clear the board to win this encounter.
    • Tentacles, and Kazakus with Lady Prestor will be transformed into Perplexed Troggs if they are alive at the start of turn 7.
    • In other cases, the previous minions disappear from the board in the amount necessary for the appearance of new minions.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Before match

Dawngrasp (present)
▶️We reached the Exodar, the vessel that had brought Xyrella's people to Azeroth. Deep inside, we carefully laid out the shards of naaru into the shape of its being.
▶️The shards still burned with void energy, but my studies of the naaru had prepared me for this moment.
▶️Look, Dawngrasp! The naaru reforms...


Mi'da, Pure Void
▶️I am Mi'da... Pure Void... I... destroy.
▶️We will restore you to the Light!

Emote Response

Mi'da, Pure Void
▶️I am breaking apart.

Hero Power

Mi'da, Pure Void
▶️The dragons found my core...gathered me up... (summons  Kazakus, Golem Shaper and  Lady Prestor)
▶️The goblins took me to the iron tower on the black lake. (four tentacles)
▶️That fearful dwarf corrupted me... ( Perplexed Trogg)
▶️The dreaming elf made me a nightmare. (two Deviate Nightmares and  Archdruid Naralex)
▶️I opened the way to the demon. ( Anetheron)
▶️There was still good in that warlock who broke my shard. Barely, but I felt it. ( Blightborn Tamsin)
▶️The pirates stole me. ( Goliath, Sneed's Masterpiece,  Edwin, Defias Kingpin,  Mr. Smite)
▶️The orcs and dwarves fought over me. ( Rokara, Horde Defender,  Drek'Thar,  Vanndar Stormpike,  Tavish, Stormpike Marshal)
▶️The broodmother used me. She nearly tore me apart. ( Raid Boss Onyxia,  Kazakusan, five Onyxian Whelps)
▶️And now, I am here, with one final task.
▶️I will give you my light if I can. (fully heals Dawngrasp)


Mi'da, Pure Void
▶️Matters of the naaru are beyond your comprehension.
▶️I soon will be no more.
▶️I share your memories...

Turn 2

Mi'da, Pure Void
▶️I cannot reform. My pieces -- destroyed. The demon's portal. The lich's birth. I... am... unstable.
▶️Echoes of memory... I was strewn across the world... I remember all I have seen.

Turn 3

▶️We have made such sacrifices to reach this point. Some have given everything for me to save Runi. Please.

Turn 4

Mi'da, Pure Void
▶️It is impossible. I am unwhole. I wither.
▶️No, please! I had a vision. You spoke to me.
Mi'da, Pure Void
▶️It is too late.

Boss at 49 Health

▶️The purification -- I think it's working!


Mi'da, Pure Void transforms into Mi'da, Pure Light
All minions disappear from the board
▶️The light returns!
Mi'da, Pure Light
▶️I am Mi'da... Pure Light...
▶️With the last flicker of my being, I... reforge your child... in Light...
The boss is detroyed
Runi appears on the player's board
▶️Mother... It's me. Where am I?
▶️I see you, my child. You are here. You are awake. At last. It is over.
Dawngrasp (present)
▶️My racing heart slowed as mother and daughter embraced. The naaru was gone, but the draenei, at last, were together once again.
▶️I returned to Silvermoon and accepted the rank of Magister. The others had their own rewards, their own adventures, that carried them to the edges of our world and home to their hearths.
▶️We ten mercenaries would never all be together again, yet the falling stars forever connected us in a constellation of heroes. And though our book was closed, another was about to open.


Mi'da, Pure Void
▶️The Void claims us all...


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