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For the Tavern Brawl of the same name, see Doom in the Tomb (Tavern Brawl).

Doom in the Tomb is a Hearthstone event lasting from October 8th to October 30th, 2019.[1] Based on previous years' Hallow's End event, Doom in the Tomb loosely ties into the ongoing narrative of the Year of the Dragon and features new Tavern Brawls, legendary quests rewarding gold and card packs, and temporary event versions of 23 Wild format cards added to Standard format and given out for free.

The Wild event cards added during the event lasted beyond the event's time and were available until Hearthstone's next major content patch, which was on December 5, 2019.[2]

The official patch notes announcement can be found here.

Features[edit | edit source]

Doom in the Tomb shares the following features with the regular Hallow's End event:

  • Heroes use alternate Hallow's End Greetings emotes (see individual hero pages for listings)
  • Dual-class arena is available.

Hex & Flex bundles[edit | edit source]

Hex and Flex.jpg

Two limited-time bundles were added with the event. Each bundle featured 20 packs and a random Legendary from their respective sets, for $19.99 USD. The Hex Bundle contained Rise of Shadows cards while the Flex Bundle contained Saviors of Uldum cards.

Tavern Brawls[edit | edit source]

Doom in the Tomb, Week 1 (October 9th - 16th)[edit | edit source]

Main article: Doom in the Tomb (Tavern Brawl)

A Dungeon Run-style PvE Tavern Brawl in which the player must defeat eight Tombs of Terror bosses as one of the members of the League of E.V.I.L.. Completing a run in under 1 hour awards one Rastakhan's Rumble pack. Completing a run under 40 minutes awards a Golden  Ancient Mysteries.

Doom in the Tomb, Week 2 (October 16th - 23rd)[edit | edit source]

Main article: Doom in the Tomb (Tavern Brawl)

The second week saw the addition of Reno, Sir Finley, Brann, and Elise as playable heroes. Completing a run in under 1 hour awards a Golden  Temple Berserker. Completing a run in under 40 minutes awards a Golden  Generous Mummy.

The Haunted Carousel (October 23rd - 30th)[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Haunted Carousel

A tavern brawl with similar mechanics to the  Carousel Gryphon's  Merry Go Round Hero Power. Two Timeshift: Dreadsteeds are summoned for each player at the start of the game. Summoning 100 Dreadsteeds across all games awarded one Rise of Shadows card pack.

Legendary quests[edit | edit source]

Doom in the Tomb featured several legendary quests that rewarded either a card pack from one of the current Standard card sets, or a significant amount of gold. A new quest was unlocked once a week for the duration of the event.

Name Requirements Reward
Happy Hallow's End Play a game in arena mode. 200 gold
Happy Hallow's End Play 50 cards. 1 Witchwood pack and 1 Uldum pack.
Happy Hallow's End Play the tavern brawl 3 times 200 gold

Treasures from the Tomb![edit | edit source]

Treasures from the Tomb.jpg

Event versions of 23 noteworthy Wild format cards were added to the game. These cards were playable in Standard format. To ensure that all players could enjoy the event, the cards were given away for free to everyone. They also could not be crafted or disenchanted. Note that only these special versions were Standard legal - even players who already owned the cards were given temporary event copies.

Unlike the rest of Doom in the Tomb, the Treasures from the Tomb cards were available until December 5th.

Class Cards
Neutral Emperor Thaurissan - Sylvanas Windrunner - The Curator - Ragnaros the Firelord - N'Zoth, the Corruptor
Druid Astral Communion - Kun the Forgotten King
Hunter Lock and Load - Call of the Wild
Mage Babbling Book - Flamewaker
Paladin Avenge - Mysterious Challenger
Priest Vol'jin - Lightbomb
Rogue Swashburglar - Shaku, the Collector
Shaman Evolve - Thing from Below
Warlock Renounce Darkness - Imp Gang Boss
Warrior Bloodhoof Brave - Varian Wrynn

Lore[edit | edit source]

Reno: Not so fast riff-raff, the treasure is mine!
Rafaam: That's what you think, but I'll have to decline.
(lighting strikes)
Headless Horseman: Your endless prattling fills me with gloom. It's time you both met your doom in the tomb! HAHAHAHA! Now I'll unleash powers most wild! Terrors return, no longer exiled.
Rafaam: No rhymes can bring me grief. Not I, the world's greatest thief!
Reno: Onwards for glory, and things to... explore-y?
Headless Horseman: You're too late dear heroes, the Horseman is here. It's Hallow's End, and the dark night draws near!
Rafaam: This Horseman seems so medieval. I'll have to show him TRUE EVIL!
Reno: You can't win with a plan so feeble! The Explorers won't let you, you... weeble? Hmm.
Headless Horseman: The night is still young, so let us proceed! You'll be no match for my trusty death steeds! Round and round your minions will spin. Don't lose your head, and you just might win! HAHAHAHA! On Hallow's End, great powers are mine. In the Arena, two classes now combine! You'll need more than that to defeat us tonight, so pick your bundle and prepare for a fight.
Rafaam: Cast a hex!
Reno: Defeat with a flex!
Headless Horseman: If that's not enough, then play another round. Quests and rewards and challenges abound! Once the sun rises, my terrible night is done. Good luck heroes, I hope you have fun!
Rafaam: Did he call me... a HERO?!
Reno: I think he said "zero" - ho, yes!
Legends have told of dangers lurking within the Haunted Temple of Uldum and the grand ancient treasures they conceal. Of course, “treasure” was all anyone had to mention to get Reno and Rafaam on board, and now their sights are set on acquiring the temple’s powerful artifacts for their own campaigns!
It won’t be an easy task, though. While our Heroes and Villains battle to push deeper through the Haunted Temple, the Headless Horseman has resorted to a nefarious contingency and opened a sealed sarcophagus full of WILD terrors. Now it will be up to you to aid the conquests of good, or E.V.I.L, in a race to uncover the tomb’s precious secrets and escape the doom in the tomb!

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Treasures from the Tomb!

References[edit | edit source]

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