Feast of Winter Veil

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Feast of Winter Veil was an Event Track that occured between 17:00 November 3, 2023 and 18:00 November 10, 2023.

This is a new event track based on the annual Winter Veil event.

Features[edit | edit source]

Event Track - Feast of Winter Veil.png

This Event Track had these features:[1]

Blog description[edit | edit source]

Greatfather Winter is here for the season, bringing toys to everyone in the tavern. Ring in the new year with cheer! From December 12 to January 2, complete event quests to earn Event XP on the special event rewards track. Complete the rewards track to earn 1 Showdown in the Badlands Pack, 2 Standard Packs, 2 Ravenous Kraken Signature Common cards, 2 Angry Helhound Signature Rare cards, and Greathfather Thorim Battlegrounds Hero Skin!
Then, keep the Winter Veil festivities rolling with Winter Veil themed Tavern Brawls starting on December 13, and Winter Veil themed shop offerings starting December 19!


Event Track rewards
LvXP for
next lvl
1 100 100
    2 400 500
    • CardPack713.pngStandard
    3 500 1000
    4 1250 2250
    5 750 3000
    6 1000 4000
    • CardPack713.pngStandard
    • CardPack922.pngShowdown in the Badlands


    The player could receive one of these rerollable quests daily, as long as they had 1 slot available.

    710Play 2 games.175 Event XP.pngNo
    711Deal 20 damage to enemy heroes.175 Event XP.pngNo
    712Play 4 excavate cards.250 Event XP.pngNo
    713Play 4 quickdraw cards.250 Event XP.pngNo

    Legendary quests

    All players received this series of legendary quests once the event was live.

    IdNameDescriptionRewardsNext quest
    698 Jolly Holiday Greetings! Play 1 game of Battlegrounds. 100 Event XP.png Jolly Holiday Greetings!
    703 Happy Winter Veil! Play 1 game of Traditional Hearthstone. 100 Event XP.png Happy Winter Veil!
    699 Jolly Holiday Greetings! Upgrade your Tavern 5 times in Battlegrounds. 150 Event XP.png Jolly Holiday Greetings!
    700 Jolly Holiday Greetings! Win 20 combats in Battlegrounds. 200 Event XP.png Jolly Holiday Greetings!
    704 Happy Winter Veil! Play 25 cards. 200 Event XP.png Happy Winter Veil!
    701 Jolly Holiday Greetings! Play 7 Golden minions in Battlegrounds. 250 Event XP.png Jolly Holiday Greetings!
    702 Jolly Holiday Greetings! Finish Top 4 in 2 games of Battlegrounds. 300 Event XP.png
    705 Happy Winter Veil! Destroy 30 minions. 300 Event XP.png Happy Winter Veil!
    706 Happy Winter Veil! Deal 100 damage. 400 Event XP.png Happy Winter Veil!
    707 Happy Winter Veil! Play 10 minions. 500 Event XP.png Happy Winter Veil!
    708 Happy Winter Veil! Draw 30 cards. 600 Event XP.png Happy Winter Veil!
    709 Happy Winter Veil! Win 3 games of Hearthstone's Ranked mode. 700 Event XP.png


    • Short description: Gather Around the Hearth,
      Friends, New and Old!
    • Long description: Winter Veil has come once again to the tavern! Complete Quests to collect Event XP, earn rewards, and celebrate the holiday, merry and bright!
    • Short conclusion: Happy Winter Veil!
    • Long conclusion: Although the winter is long and dreary, joyful games and the warmth of camaradarie shall see us through the coming season!


    References[edit | edit source]

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