The Lich King's Call

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The Lich King's Call was an Event Track that occured between 08:00 February 15, 2023 and 08:00 February 16, 2023.

This event celebrates the launch of March of the Lich King with many death knight-themed event quests.

Features[edit | edit source]

Event Track - The Lich King's Call.jpg

This Event Track had these features:[1]

Main menu[edit | edit source]

For the duration of the event:

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The Lich King greeted the player with the following lines during the course of the event:


Tavern Brawl: A Lich King Recipe![edit | edit source]

Main article: A Lich King Recipe!

The Lich King Recipe tavern brawl lasted from December 7 to December 14, 2022.

The deck recipe brawl is back for March of the Lich King! Choose one of Hearthstone’s now 11 classes and play with a battle-ready Standard deck. But this time, there’s a twist! When you choose Death Knight, you will randomly play with one of three decks, each highlighting a different rune.


Event Track rewards
LvXP for
next lvl
1 100 100
    2 200 300
    3 200 500
    4 200 700
    • CardPack821.pngMarch of the Lich King
    5 300 1000
    6 1000 2000
    • Card back: The Lich King


    The player could receive one of these rerollable quests daily, as long as they had 1 slot available.

    456Play 2 games.30 Event XP.pngNo
    465Play 2 games as Demon Hunter, Hunter, or Mage.50 Event XP.pngNo
    469Play 2 games as Demon Hunter, Hunter, or Warrior.50 Event XP.pngNo
    468Play 2 games as Demon Hunter, Paladin, or Warrior.50 Event XP.pngNo
    460Play 2 games as Druid, Priest, or Shaman.50 Event XP.pngNo
    464Play 2 games as Druid, Priest, or Warlock.50 Event XP.pngNo
    463Play 2 games as Druid, Rogue, or Warlock.50 Event XP.pngNo
    466Play 2 games as Hunter, Mage, or Paladin.50 Event XP.pngNo
    467Play 2 games as Mage, Paladin, or Warrior.50 Event XP.pngNo
    461Play 2 games as Priest, Shaman, or Rogue.50 Event XP.pngNo
    462Play 2 games as Shaman, Rogue, or Warlock.50 Event XP.pngNo
    474Play 3 Manathirst cards.50 Event XP.pngNo
    473Play any triple-Runed card.50 Event XP.pngNo
    470Play 10 Blood-Runed cards.50 Event XP.pngNo
    471Play 10 Frost-Runed cards.50 Event XP.pngNo
    472Play 10 Unholy-Runed cards.50 Event XP.pngNo

    Legendary quests

    All players received this series of legendary quests once the event was live.

    IdNameDescriptionRewardsNext quest
    452 Death's Advance Complete the Death Knight Prologue. 100 Event XP.png Endless Thirst
    453 Endless Thirst Lifesteal 20 Health using Death Knight cards. 100 Event XP.png Gales of Scorn
    454 Gales of Scorn Deal damage with Death Knight spells 10 times. 110 Event XP.png Commander of the Dead
    455 Commander of the Dead Summon 15 Undead as a Death Knight. 125 Event XP.png Runic Mastery
    475 Runic Mastery Play 3 triple-Runed cards. 140 Event XP.png


    • Short description: Heed your summons, and serve the Frozen Throne!
    • Long description: The Lich King is here, and the Scourgewar has begun! Complete quests to collect Event XP, earn rewards, and become the foremost champion of the Frozen Throne.
    • Short conclusion: For Northrend!
    • Long conclusion: You have served the Scourge well, but a Death's Knight's duties are never done. The Lich King's call echoes ever on, and the war has just begun.


    References[edit | edit source]

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