Epic Duels of Rock Legends

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Epic Duels of Rock Legends was an Event Track that occured between 17:00 June 6, 2023 and 17:00 June 20, 2023.

This event track celebrated the launch of the Audiopocalypse mini-set.

Features[edit | edit source]

Event Track - Epic Duels of Rock Legends.png

This Event Track had these features:[1]

Special Returning Tavern Brawl: The Dark Wanderer[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Dark Wanderer
On June 7 and June 14, we’re bringing back a special Diablo-themed Tavern Brawl! Face off against the mysterious Dark Wanderer in this epic boss battle where progression is saved after a loss and the stakes are raised each fight!* The first time you Defeat Diablo, you’ll earn a special Lilith card back!

New Tavern Brawl: Battle of the Bands[edit | edit source]

Main article: Battle of the Bands
On June 21, with a second encore performance on June 28, we’re running a new, special dungeon-run style Tavern Brawl! You play as a fan turned musician, trying to win their way onto the main stage! Face off against 7 randomized musical acts on your way to the final battle against E.T.C. himself.

Blog description[edit | edit source]

You’ve been challenged to an Epic Rock Duel! Will you step up to the stage? From June 6 to June 20, complete Event Quests to earn Event XP on a special event rewards track. Complete the rewards track for one Standard Pack, one March of the Lich King Pack, and one Festival of Legends Packs!


Event Track rewards
LvXP for
next lvl
1 200 200
    2 450 650
    • CardPack713.pngStandard
    3 350 1000
    • CardPack821.pngMarch of the Lich King
    4 1000 2000
    • CardPack854.pngFestival of Legends


    The player could receive one of these rerollable quests daily, as long as they had 1 slot available.

    580Play 2 games.75 Event XP.pngNo
    587Deal 45 damage to enemy heroes.75 Event XP.pngNo
    585Play 2 games as Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Hunter, or Warrior.100 Event XP.pngNo
    584Play 2 games as Druid, Shaman, or Warlock.100 Event XP.pngNo
    583Play 2 games as Mage, Paladin, Priest, or Rogue.100 Event XP.pngNo
    586Play 6 Finale cards.100 Event XP.pngNo
    581Trigger your Deathrattle effects 7 times.100 Event XP.pngNo
    582Play 12 Battlecry cards.100 Event XP.pngNo

    Legendary quests

    All players received this series of legendary quests once the event was live.

    IdNameDescriptionRewardsNext quest
    576 Axe's & Oh's Play 4 Weapons or minions with Divine Shield. 100 Event XP.png Come On, Heal the Boyz
    577 Come On, Heal the Boyz Heal 6 characters or play Overheal cards. 125 Event XP.png Doin' Somethin' Unholy
    578 Doin' Somethin' Unholy Play 5 Fel, Shadow, or Unholy-Rune cards. 150 Event XP.png Molten Pick of ROCK
    579 Molten Pick of ROCK Engage 3 players in a Rock Duel!
    Elite Tauren Champion begins this challenge.
    225 Event XP.png


    • Short description: Musicians Unite and Turn Up the Noise!
    • Long description: E.T.C. has had enough of the Grimtotem rabble. Set aside your musical rivalries, complete quests to collect Event XP, earn rewards, and forge new legends on the stage!
    • Short conclusion: Epic Legends. Rockin' Duels.
    • Long conclusion: You gave it all on that stage, played epic duels, and forged melodies unheard in this or any era. Rock on, musician.


    References[edit | edit source]

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