Legends Take the Stage

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Legends Take the Stage was an Event Track that occured between 08:00 December 15, 2023 and 08:00 December 16, 2023.

This event track celebrates the launch of Festival of Legends.

Features[edit | edit source]

Event Track - Legends Take the Stage.jpg

This Event Track had these features:[1]

Tavern Brawl: A Festival of Legends Recipe![edit | edit source]

Main article: A Festival of Legends Recipe!

The Festival of Legends Recipe was available from April 12 to April 19, 2023. This Brawl sees players competing with pre-made decks, matching Festival of Legends-themed Deck Recipes. Before each game the player chooses a class, which also determines their deck.

Blog description[edit | edit source]

On April 18, after you’ve hashed out your setlist and tuned up your instruments, an expansion celebration event will take place using the in-game Event system. From April 18 to May 2, complete Event Quests to earn Event XP on a special event rewards track! Complete the rewards track for four Signature cards (2 copies each of two non-Legendary cards), a Standard Pack, and a Festival of Legends Pack.


Event Track rewards
LvXP for
next lvl
1 100 100
    2 300 400
    3 250 650
    • CardPack713.pngStandard
    4 350 1000
    • CardPack854.pngFestival of Legends
    5 400 1400


    The player could receive one of these rerollable quests daily, as long as they had 1 slot available.

    558Play 2 games.40 Event XP.pngNo
    557Play 2 games as Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Hunter, or Warrior.75 Event XP.pngNo
    556Play 2 games as Druid, Shaman, or Warlock.75 Event XP.pngNo
    555Play 2 games as Mage, Paladin, Priest, or Rogue.75 Event XP.pngNo
    559Play 12 Battlecry cards.75 Event XP.pngNo

    Legendary quests

    All players received this series of legendary quests once the event was live.

    IdNameDescriptionRewardsNext quest
    551 Limelight Play 4 minions with Rush. 100 Event XP.png More Cowbell
    552 More Cowbell Deal 3 damage with Cowbell Soloist. 150 Event XP.png Once More with Feeling
    553 Once More with Feeling Play 2 minions with Reborn. 200 Event XP.png A Final Countdown
    554 A Final Countdown Play 1 Finale card. 250 Event XP.png


    • Short description: When the sun sets, the lights come up in Thousand Needles!
    • Long description: Heroes of music are here to rock the stage! Complete quests to collect Event XP, earn rewards, and give Azeroth a performance it will always remember.
    • Short conclusion: The Festival of Legends continues...
    • Long conclusion: The last notes of this concert might have been played, but the music lives on forever!


    References[edit | edit source]

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