Aisle of Mischievous Toys

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Aisle of Mischievous Toys was an Event Track that occured between 18:00 March 4, 2024 and 17:00 April 29, 2024.

This event track celebrates the launch of Dr. Boom's Incredible Inventions.

Features[edit | edit source]

Event Track - Aisle of Mischievous Toys.png

This Event Track had these features:[1]

Blog description[edit | edit source]

Dr. Boom’s inventions are, of course, incredible, but one or two of them have been known to... have a little extra boom. From May 21 to June 11, complete Event Quests to earn Event XP on the special event rewards track. Complete the rewards track to earn 6 Whizbang’s Workshop packs and the Thunder Ape Shaman Hero Skin.


Event Track rewards
LvXP for
next lvl
1 750 750
    2 1250 2000
    • CardPack933.pngWhizbang's Workshop
    3 1500 3500
    • CardPack933.pngWhizbang's Workshop
    • CardPack933.pngWhizbang's Workshop
    4 500 4000
    • CardPack933.pngWhizbang's Workshop
    • CardPack933.pngWhizbang's Workshop
    • CardPack933.pngWhizbang's Workshop
    5 1000 5000


    The player could receive one of these rerollable quests daily, as long as they had 1 slot available.

    829Play 1 game as a Druid, Shaman, or Warlock.200 Event XP.pngNo
    828Play 1 game as a Mage, Priest, Paladin, or Rogue.200 Event XP.pngNo
    830Play 1 game as a Warrior, Death Knight, Demon Hunter, or Hunter.200 Event XP.pngNo
    833Forge 3 cards.200 Event XP.pngNo
    834Play 3 Excavate cards.200 Event XP.pngNo
    831Play 3 Finale cards.200 Event XP.pngNo
    835Play 3 minions with Taunt.200 Event XP.pngNo
    832Play 3 Quickdraw cards.200 Event XP.pngNo
    826Play 5 Battlecry minions.200 Event XP.pngNo
    827Trigger your Deathrattles 5 times.200 Event XP.pngNo
    825Deal 20 damage to enemy heroes.200 Event XP.pngNo
    824Draw 20 cards.200 Event XP.pngNo
    844Play 3 Gigantify or Gigantic cards.600 Event XP.pngNo

    Legendary quests

    All players received this series of legendary quests once the event was live.

    IdNameDescriptionRewardsNext quest
    823 The Reno We Have At Home Play 1 game with a deck that has no duplicates. 350 Event XP.png
    817 SWARMING HAZARD Play or Destroy 1 Replicator-inator. 350 Event XP.png Some Disassembly Required
    822 Semi-Original Packaging Play 3 minions with Divine Shield. 350 Event XP.png The Reno We Have At Home
    820 Windwalker Grip Play 3 weapons. 350 Event XP.png Mana Not Included
    819 Shrink-flation! Play 5 Miniaturize or Mini cards. 350 Event XP.png Windwalker Grip
    818 Some Disassembly Required Destroy 10 minions. 350 Event XP.png Shrink-flation!
    821 Mana Not Included Play 20 cards. 350 Event XP.png Semi-Original Packaging


    • Short description: DETONATE the Competition!
    • Long description: Dr. Boom is not messing around with his new toy line! Complete quests to collect Event XP, earn rewards, and... just don't shoot your eye out!
    • Short conclusion: RECALL ISSUED!
    • Long conclusion: Dr. Boom's Mischievous Toyline has been recalled due to EXTREME safety concerns. We thank you for shopping at Whizbang's!


    References[edit | edit source]

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