Lord Barov

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You might be looking for one of these cards: Lord Barov.
This content is only for Battlegrounds.

Lord Barov is a tavern hero card the player can choose in Battlegrounds.

Hero skins

TB BaconShop HERO 72 SKIN A.png
TB BaconShop HERO 72 SKIN B.png
TB BaconShop HERO 72 SKIN C.png
TB BaconShop HERO 72 SKIN D.png

Related cards

TB BaconShop HP 081 Battlegrounds.png
Tied Hero Power
TB BaconShop HERO 72 Buddy Battlegrounds.png


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  • After pressing a Hero Power, the player "discovers" two other opponents that will be fighting each other on current turn.
  • The player can choose himself or his own opponent only if they are both the last remaining players.
  • It is possible to choose  Kel'Thuzad if there is an odd number of players.
  • If the combat ends in a tie, the player will be refunded with 1  Gold Coin.


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