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You might be looking for one of these cards: Chromaggus (boss), Mercenaries/Chromaggus (81865).

Chromaggus is a legendary neutral minion card, from the Blackrock Mountain set.

How to get

AdventureComplete Blackrock Mountain 4th wing - Blackwing LairRegular1
CraftingCraft a Regular copy for 1600 Dust.pngRegular1
CraftingCraft a Golden copy for 3200 Dust.pngGolden1


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  • Despite its wording, Chromaggus' ability activates after a card is drawn. If drawing the card results in the player's hand being full, Chromaggus will not generate a copy. Similarly, overdrawn cards will not cause Chromaggus to activate.[1]
  • Chromaggus activates before the activation of any on-draw effects. For example, if you draw  Flame Leviathan with Chromaggus in play, Chromaggus triggers before Flame Leviathan deals 2 damage to all characters.[2]
  • Chromaggus' ability will activate whenever the controlling player draws a card, on either player's turn. For example, if a friendly  Loot Hoarder is destroyed on the opponent's turn with a friendly Chromaggus on the board, its effect will activate.[3]
  • Chromaggus' ability will activate from any source of card draw, including spells, minions and hero powers such as  Life Tap.[4]
  • Chromaggus' ability will not activate from cards being generated, only drawn from the deck.[5][6] For example, effects like those of  Nefarian,  Archmage Antonidas,  Ysera and  Echo of Medivh will not activate it. In addition, the card text must specifically use the word 'draw' - for example,  Sense Demons originally said "Put 2 random Demons from your deck into your hand" which meant the cards were not duplicated by Chromaggus.[7] However,  Sense Demons now reads "Draw 2 Demons from your deck" meaning the cards draw should be duplicated by Chromaggus.
  • Chromaggus' ability will not copy modification effects like that of  Far Sight,  Shadowfiend or  Wilfred Fizzlebang.[8][9][10]
  • Chromaggus will not duplicate Fatigue damage, since it does not attempt to draw cards.[11]
  • Chromaggus does not work with  Tracking,[12] despite the cards' text. This is because Tracking moves the chosen card from Setaside to your hand. This behaviour could be considered a bug or not "depending on how you look at it".[13][14][15]
  • If in effect when  Jeeves' end of turn effect activates, Jeeves will first calculate the number of cards the player needs to draw then attempt to draw that many cards. When each card is drawn, Chromaggus will produce a copy. This will result in double the usual number of cards added to the player's hand.[16]
  • If a player with a Chromaggus and a  Gnomish Experimenter draws a minion card, Chromaggus will produce a copy of the original card, and not the Chicken.[17]
  • If Chromaggus is mortally wounded during the Phase a card is drawn, it will duplicate the card. However, if the card is drawn during a later Phase, such as a Deathrattle or an 'on death' trigger triggering on a minion that died simultaneously with Chromaggus, then Chromaggus is considered fully destroyed by this point, and thus cannot duplicate the card. Examples of same-phase draw include  Naturalize,  Mortal Coil and  Acolyte of Pain. Examples of next-phase draw include  Dancing Swords,  Loot Hoarder and  Cult Master.[18][19]
  • Because generate effects do not activate on-draw effects, Chromaggus can create copies of cards which self-destruct when drawn, which will then stay in the player's hand. For example if you draw  Burrowing Mine or Ambush!, Chromaggus will add a copy of the card to your hand. While the original will self-destruct as usual, the additional copy will not.[20] These cards can then be played as regular spells, although they have no effect other than their on-draw effects.[21]


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Blackrock Mountain

What’s worse than a horrible mutant dragon monstrosity that uses magic? A horrible mutant dragon monstrosity that uses five types of magic, obviously! Chromaggus unleashes abilities ripped from the flesh of all five dragon flights. Don’t ask how he got those powers. Viscera are involved. Hey, we told you not to ask! You’ll have to battle the chromatic horror before you can take on Lord Victor Nefarius.[22]

World of Warcraft

Warcraft Wiki icon.pngThis section uses content from the Warcraft Wiki.

Chromaggus is a two-headed dragon beast in  Nefarian's service, who resides in Blackwing Lair, coming after Flamegor and before Nefarian. He drops the Tier 2 shoulders for all classes. One of the most challenging aspects to Chromaggus is the randomness of his abilities. As the name suggests (the word chromatic is derived from "khroma", the Greek word for "color", suggesting Chromaggus takes his powers from dragonflights of all colors), Chromaggus shimmers in a variety of colors, which relate to his current abilities. These abilities are determined upon instance creation, and will only be reset with the instance timer. Despite his canine appearance, he's actually a dragonkin. It is speculated that he was created by Nefarian experimenting on captured Core Hounds, such as  The Beast found in Upper Blackrock Spire, possibly by feeding or injecting dragon blood from various dragons from all dragonflights.


Patch changes

  • Mean Streets of Gadgetzan logo.png Patch (2017-02-28):
  • The League of Explorers logo.png Patch (2016-03-14):
    • Golden card unlock requirement is now: "Crafting unlocked in Blackwing Lair, in the Blackrock Mountain adventure." (previously: "Can be crafted after completing Blackwing Lair.").
  • The League of Explorers logo.png Patch (2015-12-04):
    • Unlock requirement is now: "Unlocked in Blackwing Lair, in the Blackrock Mountain adventure." (previously: "Unlocked by completing Blackwing Lair.").
  • Blackrock Mountain logo.png Patch (2015-03-31):
    • Added.


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