Spawn of N'Zoth

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You might be looking for one of these cards: Battlegrounds/Spawn of N'Zoth (golden), Spawn of N'Zoth.
This content is only for Battlegrounds.

Spawn of N'Zoth is a Tavern Tier 2 minion in Battlegrounds.


  • ▶️ SpawnOfNZoth_OG_256_Play.wav <summon sound>
  • ▶️ SpawnOfNZoth_OG_256_Attack.wav <attack sound>
  • ▶️ SpawnOfNZoth_OG_256_Death.wav <death sound>


Patch changes

Original changes

Due to a technical design change, this is a new, unique card (with a new id) that was migrated from its old entity to let the developers manage game modes better. You can see the patch changes of the original version below.

As  Spawn of N'Zoth:

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