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News #10: Our exclusive Demon Hunter reveal from Showdown in the Badlands!
Author: Hearthstone Wiki team

Who will be the lucky contestant to... ROLL THE DICE!?

You've heard it folks! We couldn't be more excited to show you our very first card reveal that we received for Showdown in the Badlands!

Before we begin, you might be thinking: "Wait, but this isn't the Hearthstone Wiki I remember?" And you would be right! Recently, we migrated our workspace from Fandom, and going forward, this site you're on will be our main, up-to-date wiki (So bookmark it)!

We've been fortunate to receive support from Blizzard Entertainment with this event so that we could promote our new wiki and spread news about the migration to everyone! Huge thanks to Team 5 for making this happen, and to all of you who have been looking forward to our content for nearly 10 years. It has truly been a remarkable journey for Hearthstone and we can't wait to see what events will unfold next for the future.

Enough introduction, we know you're all ready for the Mystery Prize Room, so let's ROLL THE DICE!
Introducing 3 new cards for Demon Hunter:

Snake Eyes is the first card ever in Hearthstone to introduce the dice mechanic. In this case, Snake Eyes essentially rolls two numbers from 1 to 6, then Discovers two cards, each with Cost equal the corresponding number. If those two numbers are equal, Snake Eyes Discovers another card with that Cost as a bonus. Here are the tokens for Snake Eyes:

Rolled a One!
Rolled a Two!
Rolled a Three!

Rolled a Four!
Rolled a Five!
Rolled a Six!

We have already prepared for you Snake Eyes' Discover pools in case you want to deal with the Devil chances:

As is tradition, we put more details about each card in their own articles, which you can visit by clicking or tapping on the image or the link below it. Be sure to check them out!


DieTotal cardsChance for a specific card
(3 / Total cards)
NagaSpellsDiscover Chance for
Showdown in the BadlandsBlindeye Sharpshooter
(Naga + Spells / Total * 3)
  • These are very big numbers and even if you want to specficially look for a certain pool, you need to even randomly roll the right number first, which is 0.33 chance (2/6).
  • Bartend-O-Bot and Midnight Wolf pair up for Outcast synergies. However, does Bartend-O-Bot remind you of a certain cowboy's omnic butler...?

Wiki news

Alongside the card reveal, we want to let you know some cool stuffs we've implemented recently:

  • Card pools is a new page that lists all card pools we have established for card articles, which are meant to reinterpret exactly how they generate cards in actual game.
  • New card section: Tips. Tips is a successor to the archived Strategy section which you may remember, with more curated and maintained texts put in a list, instead of a paragraph. They should focus only on ideas or suggestions (about combos or play styles) that you can use with the cards, or how to deal against them effectively. We hope it provides an useful resource to you. (and you can contribute by creating them as well!)

That's the end for our reveal today! Thank you so much for joining with us and reading up this point. And again, we thank Team 5 for allowing us to join in Reveal Season!

Don't forget to check out our article Showdown in the Badlands for all currently revealed cards so far. The expansion launches on November 14, 2023 with 145 new cards, new keywords Quickdraw and Excavate, and the return of Highlander cards.

Hearthstone Wiki team 19:00, 30 October 2023 (UTC)