Eternal Sentinel

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Eternal Sentinel is an epic Shaman minion card, from the Whispers of the Old Gods set.

How to get

Card packsThe Regular version can be opened from any of these packs:

Whispers of the Old Gods
Regular1~2 (random)
Card packsThe Golden version can be opened from any of these packs:

Whispers of the Old Gods
Golden Wild
Golden1~2 (random)
CraftingCraft a Regular copy for 400 Dust.pngRegular1
CraftingCraft a Golden copy for 1600 Dust.pngGolden1


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  • This minion's Battlecry unlocks (and refills) all your Overloaded Mana Crystals (increasing your current available mana accordingly) and removes any pending Overload for the next turn.
  • This minion's effect only clears Overload which was already in place before Eternal Sentinel was played: any Overload incurred after playing Eternal Sentinel will not be affected.
  • Since Battlecries takes effect only after the card has been played and its mana cost paid, Overloaded mana can prevent a player from playing Eternal Sentinel even if its Battlecry would have freed up enough mana to pay its cost.

Sounds[edit | edit source]

  • ▶️ VO_OG_026_Male_Qiraji_Play_01.wav I can see what is to come.
  • ▶️ VO_OG_026_Male_Qiraji_Attack_01.wav You will see.
  • ▶️ VO_OG_026_Male_Qiraji_Death_01.wav <death sound>

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Eternal Sentinel appears to be a mutated form of qiraji prophet, similar to the  Skeram Cultist.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Eternal Sentinel, full art
Promotional art of Eternal Sentinel in San Francisco, Lower Nob Hill, Mason St/Geary St

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