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This page lists 42 cards in the pool: Summoned 6-Cost minions.

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UPCOMING 100537.png
UPCOMING 101875.png
Core CS2 200.png
YOG 530.png
TOY 380.png
JAM 029.png
TOY 830.png
CORE EX1 165.png
CORE DRG 079.png
CORE CS2 042.png
TTN 716.png
CORE DRG 037.png
RLK 720.png
CORE TOY 100.png
GIFT 01.png
JAM 004.png
WW 421.png
ETC 328.png
TOY 531.png
TTN 487.png
CORE RLK 505.png
WW 406.png
TTN 466.png
ETC 836.png
DEEP 005.png
TOY 896.png
TOY 373.png
TTN 481.png
CORE EX1 534.png
TOY 501.png
TTN 071.png
DEEP 006.png
WW 434.png
CORE EX1 016.png
TOY 606.png
CORE OG 028.png
MIS 712.png
TTN 857.png
ETC 349.png
TOY 880.png
TOY 509.png
ETC 386.png
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Banned cards

These cards are banned from this pool in all circumstances. The data below is taken from these lists:

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TTN 092.png
TTN 800.png
TTN 415.png
TTN 075.png
TTN 721.png
Results from 0 to 5