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This page lists 41 cards in the pool: Discovered Spell cards.

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TTN 476.png
CORE UNG 018.png
GIFT 02.png
CORE BOT 453.png
DEEP 032.png
ETC 535.png
UPCOMING 99221.png
CORE CS2 024.png
WW 377.png
TOY 037.png
UPCOMING 105573.png
CORE UNG 941.png
ETC 532.png
UPCOMING 101874.png
YOG 507.png
CORE CS2 023.png
WW 422.png
UPCOMING 108619.png
CORE EX1 287.png
DEEP 002.png
CORE LOOT 101.png
CORE EX1 289.png
ETC 528.png
TTN 477.png
JAM 031.png
DEEP 000.png
CORE CS2 029.png
TOY 377.png
TOY 374.png
ETC 205.png
TOY 371.png
JAM 002.png
TTN 085.png
CORE CS2 028.png
DEEP 031.png
TTN 480.png
CORE KAR 076.png
CORE CS2 032.png
TOY 372.png
UPCOMING 101876.png
TOY 378.png
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Banned cards

These cards are banned from this pool in all circumstances. The data below is taken from these lists:

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ETC 206.png
Results from 0 to 1