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This page lists 18 cards in the pool: Discovered Frost Rune cards.

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CORE RLK 042.png
JAM 008.png
TTN 744.png
RLK 511.png
TTN 735.png
WW 324.png
ETC 209.png
TOY 821.png
WW 352.png
CORE RLK 740.png
DEEP 016.png
RLK 709.png
UPCOMING 99957.png
RLK 223.png
CORE RLK 505.png
CORE RLK 063.png
UPCOMING 100616.png
WW 373.png
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Banned cards

These cards are banned from this pool in all circumstances. The data below is taken from these lists:

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RLK 025.png
ETC 210.png
Results from 0 to 2