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This template defines the table "CustomAchievement". View table.

CustomAchievement table
MetadataExtra info about Hearthstone achievements
The following documentation is transcluded from Template:CustomAchievement table/doc (edit):

This table allows us to store extra information about Achievements that can't be found in Hearthstone client.

Usage[edit source]

{{CustomAchievement table|achievementId=<achievementId>|relatedCardDbfIds={{subst:Fetch card|<full page name>}}}}
  • You will see it works when you are able to see those achievements in the corresponding card articles.

Examples[edit source]

{{CustomAchievement table|achievementId=5106|relatedCardDbfIds={{safesubst:#lstmap:Thori'belore&&Thori'belore (First revival)|&&|@@|{{{{{|safesubst:}}}Fetch card|@@}}|&&}}}}
{{CustomAchievement table|achievementId=5107|relatedCardDbfIds={{safesubst:#lstmap:Thori'belore&&Thori'belore (First revival)|&&|@@|{{{{{|safesubst:}}}Fetch card|@@}}|&&}}}}
{{CustomAchievement table|achievementId=5108|relatedCardDbfIds={{safesubst:#lstmap:Thori'belore&&Thori'belore (First revival)|&&|@@|{{{{{|safesubst:}}}Fetch card|@@}}|&&}}}}
{{CustomAchievement table|achievementId=5202|relatedCardDbfIds={{subst:Fetch card|Vampiric Blood}}}}
{{CustomAchievement table|achievementId=5203|relatedCardDbfIds={{subst:Fetch card|Acolyte of Death}}}}
{{CustomAchievement table|achievementId=5204|relatedCardDbfIds={{subst:Fetch card|Blightfang}}}}
{{CustomAchievement table|achievementId=5205|relatedCardDbfIds={{subst:Fetch card|Blightfang}}}}
{{CustomAchievement table|achievementId=5206|relatedCardDbfIds={{subst:Fetch card|Blightfang}}}}

Notes[edit source]

  • For relatedCardDbfIds, design-wise:
    • Do not add all cards that can contribute to the achievement's progress, unless its description specifically mentions the card name or says something very "flavorful" or "ambiguous".
    • For example,
      • achievement Cast 200 spells for less than their original Cost as Mage. is in March of the Lich King group. There're also  Energy Shaper,  Prismatic Elemental and  Vast Wisdom that can contribute to this achievement's progress. However, the achievement does not exactly mention any of these cards, not to mention that any mana-reducing cards can help you do this too, so we won't add any cards to this achievement.
      • with achievement Play a 0-Cost Corrupted card, even though we know  Y'Shaarj, the Defiler and  Strongman are the easiest ways to complete this achievement, there are ALSO cards that can reduce mana and allow us to play Corrupted cards with 0 mana (like  Bonelord Frostwhisper), so we won't add any cards to this achievement.
      • achievement Spin the Wheel of Yogg-Saron is a very ambiguous requirement if we only take game mechanics into consideration. This comes to the case where we need to check if a card's animation does something like that or their card text says something similar. Therefore, that card is needed to be added (In this case, we will add  Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate).
      • achievement Revive Thori'belore 20 times specifically mentions  Thori'belore, so we obviously need to add it. There's also a different entity of Thori'belore and can also "revive". Because it and collectible Thori'belore are technically different cards, both of their dbfIds should be added (separated by &&).
        • We also don't need to add every single Fire Warrior spell here.

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