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This page lists all cards rarity-related effects available in Wild format.

For information on card rarity, and card lists for Standard format, see Rarity.

Related cards[edit | edit source]

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VAC 959t05.png
VAC 959t05t.png
DRG 028.png
ICC 838t.png
REV 002.png
TTN 484.png
REV 951t.png
WW 416.png
DRG 092.png
WW 003.png
EX1 189.png
VAC 464t18.png
ONY 005tb7.png
GIL 677.png
LOOT 998k.png
VAC 702t4.png
AV 138.png
DMF 707.png
ETC 326.png
LOOT 998j.png
VAC 702t.png
TOY 388.png
LOE 019t2.png
WON 041t.png
YOD 042.png
BOT 401.png
DRG 096.png
TOY 355.png
GIL 694.png
KAR 096.png
TOY 806.png
UPCOMING 105500.png
WW 415.png
BOT 245.png
GIL 549.png
TTN 429.png
DAL 422.png
CORE DAL 422.png
AT 018.png
WON 063.png
BRM 029.png
ICC 405.png
GVG 114.png